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  1. Hi guys , i have had loads of great usefull tips on here but i have just bought one of the refine 721 cutters to learn the trade before forking out piles of cash on something i dont need yet,Thing is i know these are a budget item but it came with next to no instructions and ive had to play around to get the thing working.I got art cut with the package but i hate the look and feel of this software so downloaded signblazer and have got to grips with it and now feel im ready to do some test cuts but what would be a good speed and cut pressure to get me started ?? i have no idea of what settings to start with and would love some help Cheers guys and galls

    SignBlazer E. and Register pop up form

    use the patch to stop the registration window plus the update that comes with it has added a few new features,mail me if you want the patch