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    What material does use?

    Thanks. Digging a bit deeper I see that now. Ill contact them to find out about getting larger quantities. In the mean time, anyone know of any similar products so I can compare prices? J
  2. I am wanting to make static cling window decorations. It looks like is using the exact type of material I am looking for. Can someone suggest an equivalent static cling translucent vinyl like this? Where can I get such vinyl? They claim it is 8-mil vinyl. I am just looking for single color translucent vinyl. I don't care so much about the fancy patterns. Thanks! Justin
  3. I am looking at buying a sign and screen printing shop. It is going for $20000 and all of the screen printing and vinyl equipment is probably worth about that. The catch is that they also have a SOLJET PRO III XC-540 that they still owe $25,000 on. From what I have seen these are selling for about $16-$20k so basically I am going to be $5,000 upside down on this printer. They make good money with it, but my big concern is if it breaks. I don't want to be stuck owing $20k on a giant paper weight. So how reliable are these printers? When they go out of warranty, what does it cost to get them repaired when things do go wrong? Thanks!
  4. Thats why I come here first, i adjusted the offset and it seems to be working better now. What does the offset do? I think my understanding of its purpose is wrong.
  5. I have a Laserpoint 24" and I am using it to cut Oracal 631. 90% of the cutting is working fine but, particularly on cuts after corners its not cutting all the way through the vinyl, so I go to weed it and the vinyl is still attached, sometimes for a few inches so I have to go over it with a knife to cut all the way through, otherwise the vinyl rips. I don't think it is offset, because it 'looks' attached, but the cut just isn't all the way through the vinyl. I have fiddled a good bit with the pressure and depth and this is about as good as it seems to get. Would getting on of the Cleancut blades help me here? If this is a very new Lasercut, do I need to get a different blade holder to accommodate the Cleancut blades?
  6. Resilient

    Bread and Butter

    When do you find it better to use vinyl for t-shirts rather than screen printing? I have been thinking about getting a heat press but sort of feel like it would be better to save and eventually get a screen printing setup.
  7. The cutter head is in the middle of the cutter, I have checked the kill switches and they do not seem to be stuck or depressed. I have submitted a ticket.
  8. I got my LaserPoint today. Its all on the stand ready to go. I plug it on, flip the switch and nothing happens. The LCD stays blank. I hear a faint repeated clicking noise coming from the bottom of the cutter in the middle. No signs of physical damage anywhere. What should I do?
  9. i just got my LaserPoint and have the stand all put together except for the two fairly large silver endcap things. My assumption is that they are somehow used with the rollers and vinyl roll somehow, but I am not sure how. Any help would be appreciated.
  10. Resilient

    Entry level contour cutter

    I am wanting to make laptop and cell phone skins. I am going to probably get a Epson Workforce 1100 with CIS. The last thing I am trying to figure out is what cutter I need. Particularly for the cell phones there are going to be fairly complex patterns that I will need cut out. I assume I am going to need to have a contour cutter here because I am going to need to align the printed image with the pattern I want to cut out but I am not sure. If I just want to be close (eg. 1/4" off) just so that the image is roughly centered, can I do that without a contour cutter? I am wondering because it's my understanding that contour cutters are significantly more expensive. What would be a good entry level contour cutter to look at? It seems like people generally agree on the PCUT for non-contour cutting. Thanks, Justin