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    i recently purchased a graphtec plotter, to my knowledge i was basically purchasing a newer version of flexi software. But im trying to trace a photo with multiple colors, when i try to trace it it all comes out black how does one redo it so it will come out the three colors needed? its like flexi a little but not understanding how to trace it like on flexi. i have read some of the instructions but to me its not clear because i can not find the right tools on the software
  2. livinloudgraphics


    Whos does logos on 18 wheeler doors? something simple yet effective. what is your starting price for basic 1 color and 2 color "transport logos" as i call them with all the numbers they need to run their business
  3. livinloudgraphics


    I have a client that would like me to sponsor his racecar. What would be the pros and cons of doing said job. Also what do you think the requirements of him if i did so? how many races he should attend, promotional items, sticker sales and maybe a contract? i have never really done something like this so it would be a first on my part to discuss to him what would be required of him for me to sponsor his car . thanks in advance
  4. livinloudgraphics

    Need an idea for trailers

    try using some greenstar and putting it on some white rectangle then you can pull the entire logo off at once .but most of the time i get that they say its for a short time and they actually are looking for a CHEAP SIGN just to display their business for YEARSSSS!
  5. livinloudgraphics


    sorry ive tried inkscape i just cant get the hang of it
  6. livinloudgraphics


    i really would like to get mine working seeing as i know how to use flexi and its basically the same as graphtec and i just need to find out how to get it so i can color vectorize
  7. livinloudgraphics


    its the one that came with the cutter graphtec pro . im looking at the help menu but on my software it doesn't list color vectorize
  8. hello all, im looking to do a circle in a circle but trying to find a easy way to do said thing. confused on how to get it done, ive tried a little myself as you see in the picture. But looking to get all circles within another and all the spacing correct and the same measurements. Its been awhile since ive done it. can you please point me in the right direction. thanks
  9. livinloudgraphics

    Cant cut any further

    As i bought this new cutter i thought it was pretty decent. But how can i actually use the whole sheet of vinyl? seems to me graphtec should figure this out instead of selling me a machine that i can not use the whole section to cut something. If there is a way how do i do this . when i align it (vinyl) and move it to location it basically tells me to move it to the blue section.
  10. livinloudgraphics

    Cant cut any further

    OH MY GOSH Been having a really bad off day today, SHALL I SAY! thank you very much. i just don't understand why the cant make the blue strip the entire way across, so it wont cause it to not cut and stop.
  11. livinloudgraphics

    need someone to print decals

    Hello I'm looking for someone who is dependable and has a great reputation with printing decals as I need a person who can do this on a regular basis as I do not have a printer. if someone could help me out or lead me in the right direction I thank you very much
  12. livinloudgraphics

    looking into new stuff

    im looking into new cutters and software, i know there is alot of them out. between roland, laserpoint, graphtec. which one would you perfer. and also which software is easiest to use with said cutters?
  13. livinloudgraphics


    Anyone with a ce 6000 that has used the signtracker? if so how have you set it up? i see the different options, but when i do a quote its telling me that is almost $2k for a 20x 54 sign. im learning as i go and my boyfriend is teaching me some. but i would like to explore more and try and figure these flexi quotes out ps the Girlfriend of livinloudgraphics.
  14. Does anyone know why this machine waste so much vinyl. It acts ok the when cutting long signs it gets off track EVEN WHEN
  15. livinloudgraphics

    why does this machine waste vinyl

    there should be a line to follow is a nice plotter. maybe my roll isnt on my rollers correctly it may be off. ill check didnt notice it till it got to the longer part on the sign
  16. livinloudgraphics

    why does this machine waste vinyl

    i load the vinyl in straight as i know of cut the vinyl off at a straight. load it into the plotter what line do you go by when loading it in?? i use the black strip that is closest to the blade. should i be using this?
  17. livinloudgraphics

    why does this machine waste vinyl

    Does anyone know why this machine waste so much vinyl. and also it will hardly accept smaller pieces of cut vinyl it tells me to load media .. It acts ok on the small thing but when cutting long signs it gets off track EVEN WHEN i cut the vinyl straight across and set it correctly in the machine. my old pcut didnt have this much trouble when cutting a sign. it also bunches up on longer signs. I thought this was suppose to be a top of the line machine but yet it gets off track even with the sensors it has . it is being sold as a 24 inch cutter but cant not hardly cut up to 22inch wide because it gets off track so much. someone please help im about to return this thing,
  18. livinloudgraphics

    ce 6000

    hello Everyone i have solved the problem with this issue. If you go to the cutting phase of the decals, you will see that it has a option about the layout. it the right corner you have to make the panel of the work area bigger so that it wont cut into the decal. The vinyl and the sensors were in the correct position the job size was just needed to the panel layout to correct this issue
  19. livinloudgraphics

    ce 6000

    when i go to cut a decal out it cuts into the logo itself. what did i do wrong and what setting do i need to fix?
  20. livinloudgraphics

    ce 6000

    the cutter is cutting the line as shown like its not fitting it its box as shown. seems like when the cutter reads vinyl its showing around 21.5 instead of the full 24. i understand you have the pressure rollers set on cutter to the blue lines but its will cut into the decal. im guessing because of the box. the whole decal is 22 long. also using the graphtec software it came with
  21. livinloudgraphics

    ce 6000

    well dang that stinks what good is thus cutter if i cant cut to its full length? ill try the rollers again and see what it does.
  22. livinloudgraphics

    ce 6000

    i click the color part and (uncut it)if thats how it is done. it also reads media at like 21.5 instead of 23.5 or 24 inches the width of the vinyl. looked at setting and the plotter screen shows the picture in orange
  23. livinloudgraphics

    graphtec training?

    I understand nothing is free, I just couldn't remember the gentleman's name that made the DVD training. Thanks yall for helping me out on this one. i really like his training
  24. livinloudgraphics

    graphtec training?

    i bought a new graphtec and loving it so far. i understand that its like flexi but my question is there a instructional video on how to use their software. i can teach my wife what i know but she would like to see if there is a video
  25. livinloudgraphics


    when i have install signblazer and my cutters driver. i go to setup and the printer says its on com 7 but there isnt one in signblazer what do it do