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  1. It only take a 1 min or less to do so per decal. but when you add that in there it jacks the price up to like $2k
  2. That's what i was thinking, but they are like we been doing business for a while now and we are family . but im not sure of any other shop that will print out 200 decals without some form of payment. Even thou it has been done in the past with them, i think i have to change someways of business to ensure that future customers pick their stuff up even if its a $5 decal (they add up at the end of the year) .ive got to have something to cover my cost but i dont want to lose customers at the same time.
  3. If I have quoted correctly it was like $6.81 for the materialsand then my time, I'm trying to get the job estimator on flexi right. But when I go to enter my time it shoots up to $700+
  4. When doing business with customers, And you give them a quote on a job and they accept (150+ decals) Do you require payment upfront or after the job is done? im looking into a better way of doing business and i dont want to have any decals that are left behind and not paid for. Although some past customers are repeat and understand but there is always a few that think they should be exempt . im just trying to tie up loose ends and make it so everyone wins and everyone picks up their stuff.
  5. I see flexi has a job estimator. how does everyone have theirs set up?
  6. i don't think so. or was it that the vinyl calculator i saw? i have flexi and it has a job estimator but im trying on how to set it
  7. First off thanks for everyone's help on this forum. i really appreciate it. I'm looking at a repeat customer that get some decals from me every year for a show. It has occured to me that i may be too cheap because i see some profit from it but i dont think it is much when he may be doubling his price as resale . Saying that these decals are 2 inches tall by 6 inches wide some words with a logo in the middle. say if i sell them for $1.50 each and he's selling them for $5 hes making $3.50 off the decal per one. so im wondering do i need to increase my pricing on this? If my calculations are correct a roll of vinyl 24x50 yard is 87.48 with shipping @.29 square ft and tape is 12 x100 yd $50.37 at .17 square ft. Am i correct on this and if so it would mean it cost me around $5.76 to make these correct at 150 decals? basically im trying to adjust my pricing accordily to the market because i dont know if anyone that would sell a decal that cheap. unless it was a big bulk order Correct me if im wrong or whatnot but im looking into doing good decals and making something off of them because im trying to upgrade my equipment also. but im not sure how to go about this issue
  8. Does anyone happen to have this already?
  9. Well Good evening to all I have got contacted by a church to letter their van. i was told that i had to place a bid on the work that needed to be done. so i went out measured everything made sure i had the vinyl in stock before i done this bid. ( although i needed to order anyway) I've have talked with the gentleman running the "show" as you'd say. needless to say i felt like i got stuck. i told them upfront to do any designing would be a charge upfront because if i didn't get the work i still need to be compensated for my time and efforts. i felt like $35 was good for this because of the mileage and all to do so. Although i am not a sign company i try to price accordingly. my bid was for $225 with 5 year warranty for the vinyl and work, another bid was placed for $1200 one for $1500 but these other bid warranty their work for 10 years because they laminated over their vinyl so that gave them a extra 5 years added on. needless to say i lost the bid due to that nature and felt like i should ask why do you laminate over it? although i let them know that i was still owed for the design time and extras . But looks like i probably will not get paid because they said is wasn't necessarily because they didnt chose my work. We (the director) and i spend 45 mins over the phone in person and sent back pictures of said work to them. to ok with the job that was needed and in the end i though i was gonna get the job. Bad news happened last night. so im frustrated with myself for not getting a upfront payment and would like some advice on maybe a invoice to them to take care of this matter. what would you all do if this were you.
  10. OK I like the answers i have got so far but say Primal Decals said in the first go around it that. I cut a "rainbow" type piece and use that as how the curve goes but im looking something more technical maybe im not sure. when you get the the curve of the windshield because so many are different. A customer wanted a logo but i knew first off it wasnt gonna be straight on so i had to curve it a little so i thought about making a curved "eyebrow" as some say and keep using that over and over but didnt know if there was another way to get the curves without having to do all of this
  11. When doing a windshield banner how do you all get measurements and marking of the curve of the windshield. I use a piece of vinyl with a small curve to it and go like that across. Is there a easier way to do something like this?
  12. ive never used this so im new to perforated on vehicle windows. Have you ever cut a decal out of it? Im trying to cut a motorcycle out for a buddy, How does this hold up as to cutting into it instead of using and printing on it? I do believe this is my first time using this Its kindof of pricey as i might not use it anymore just for this one time. i dont see if i could charge him for the whole roll though
  13. i found it i believe but im guessing some thing smaller that what is sold. Has anyone worked with it before?
  14. Where would a place that carries the perforated window vinyl from? ive looked at us cutter and cant seem to find it
  15. I have a request by a Customer to Do a decal Of a stork carrying a ford truck in a diaper in a diaper bag. Can someone help me please?