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  1. OK I like the answers i have got so far but say Primal Decals said in the first go around it that. I cut a "rainbow" type piece and use that as how the curve goes but im looking something more technical maybe im not sure. when you get the the curve of the windshield because so many are different. A customer wanted a logo but i knew first off it wasnt gonna be straight on so i had to curve it a little so i thought about making a curved "eyebrow" as some say and keep using that over and over but didnt know if there was another way to get the curves without having to do all of this
  2. When doing a windshield banner how do you all get measurements and marking of the curve of the windshield. I use a piece of vinyl with a small curve to it and go like that across. Is there a easier way to do something like this?
  3. ive never used this so im new to perforated on vehicle windows. Have you ever cut a decal out of it? Im trying to cut a motorcycle out for a buddy, How does this hold up as to cutting into it instead of using and printing on it? I do believe this is my first time using this Its kindof of pricey as i might not use it anymore just for this one time. i dont see if i could charge him for the whole roll though
  4. i found it i believe but im guessing some thing smaller that what is sold. Has anyone worked with it before?
  5. Where would a place that carries the perforated window vinyl from? ive looked at us cutter and cant seem to find it
  6. I have a request by a Customer to Do a decal Of a stork carrying a ford truck in a diaper in a diaper bag. Can someone help me please?
  7. I do have a computer how do you think. i had them in the first place,( no i didnt search for them on the internet) i have a stack of cds (somewhere) with lots of flames and tribal stuff. i have moved and seem to misplaced them the computer i use for that kind of stuff is 300 miles away, im helping build a model car for my nephew and he wanted them. thanks for your time and effort i understand the copyright issues and all .
  8. I dont have my computer with all my stuff on it with me. And its not taking someones design if i have them on cd. where i purchased from i bet 99.9 % of the stuff up here is copyrighted or someone "owns" them but its ok thanks for not helping someone out> i thought this was suppose to be a help form>
  9. Maybe they did but i didnt get my cd from them. i have them somewhere i just can not find the cd that they are up there.
  10. i have them on a cd but i cant find the cd. just have the pictures of them saved on my computer. i bought a bunch of flames vector cd but in the move somewhere is the cd.
  11. Does anyone have these flames already vectorized? if not can someone vector them please
  12. hey thanks i totally forgot about this
  13. My nephew wants this on his wall, And im having a little bit of time trying to recreate it. Can some help please
  14. it's suppose to be the whole w and the last name. I can't remember the name of the font or the design
  15. there is a font like this i used a while ago but i forgot the name ive searched and can not find it does any one know? it actually comes up with the logo and all