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  1. dabagman7

    signblazer problem

    ok im tryin to just cut the fire sign i did the select all combin still cuts only half the flame. and please tell me again how to select yall colors im a newbbie.
  2. can anyone please help me getting peed off. i have a goldcut 721 and im using signblazer i have everything set up correct i think but no matter what vector i try and cut even the factory one it wont cut it all. like the details of the pinkpanter logo. i cant figure it out i have been using this thing for hours i just cant get it to cut my whole project can someone help
  3. dabagman7

    Re: Contour Cutting in Flexi 10 Starter with a Laserpoint

    can anyone make a video on how to do contour cutting on goldcut or cutter with no eye
  4. dabagman7


    can anyone tell me if i can do rhinestone templets with a goldcut
  5. dabagman7

    goldcut contour cutting

    so if i buy flexi 10 i will be able to do contour cutting on a transfer, if so could you explain im new to this
  6. could some one please post a video on how to do this im a newbbie and lost
  7. dabagman7

    form photoshop to cutter

    hi its me again i got a dumb question is there any way to go form photshop to a cutter
  8. dabagman7

    goldcut contour cutting

    Hi im new here and i was wondering if aqny of you vets know if there is anyway to do contour cutting on a goldcut and if there is could you please post a video of how to thanks