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    Graphtec CE500 Corel Draw X3 WinPC Pro 2007
  1. 09sporty

    Vector image help needed.

    Just what I was looking for thanks.
  2. 09sporty

    Vector image help needed.

    Looking for a Polish Falcon Emblem need to make a tee shirt for a family member Thanks
  3. 09sporty

    Beer Mug needed

    That will work. Thanks alot
  4. 09sporty

    Beer Mug needed

    Looking for a beer mug with foam on it I need it for a T Shirt for a frends class reunion. Just looking for something plain.
  5. 09sporty

    Help Help! Everything I send to cutter is cutting tiny!

    What kind of cutter you using?
  6. It all looks great I like the tire print on the hood would you mind sharing it ?
  7. 09sporty

    Price on Printed signs

    Thank you I will get back to you if the customer goes with it.
  8. 09sporty

    Price on Printed signs

    I have a customer that is looking for some election signs and I just don't find that I can compete with the cost using coraplast and doing them in vinyl. So I am looking for a price on getting them printed. They will be 24" X 18" white coraplast one color printed on both sides just 3 lines looking to get a price on 150 pcs. if anyone is interested in giving me a quote let me know.
  9. 09sporty

    having fun with tiles

    Nice Job
  10. 09sporty

    Great service

    Just bought from US Cutter for the first time and was very happy with the fast shipping just wanted to say thanks 2 day turn around. Shipped the same day as ordered. I will be buying more from them.
  11. 09sporty

    Cutting Master Plug in

    Hi well I just got my new Graphtec CE500 in and I am having a problem. when cutting some words from corell draw, they are cutting much smaler than the designed size. But when you look at it in cutting master it shows up at that correct size but cuts small, has anyone had the same problem or can anyone point me in the right direction. Thanks
  12. 09sporty

    Font size

    Thank you all That give me a starting point . Thank's again
  13. 09sporty

    Font size

    Hi I am fairly new to this I have a customer with a Pizza shop and he asked me to do a storefront window for him the size of the window is 4' wide by 4'9" wide and I am not sure what size font to use can anyone help me out.
  14. 09sporty

    Logo needed

    Was wondering if anyone had a cool Superman Logo I want to make one for my sisters little boy he loves superman I did check on line but nothing that poped
  15. 09sporty


    Super job thank's alot