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  1. Looking like about $400 on 10mm. If doing 4mm you would be about $330. Includes both sides 1 color.
  2. $1.50 each for 100. Using just over 9 sq feet for 100 of them. Single color.
  3. jmiller

    Magenta in my yellow, Help!

    New dampers on order. So I came in this morning, filled cap tops with fluid and the magenta and yellow drained immediately and the black and cyan cap did not at all. I took the Y connector off and pushed fluid through it to make sure no blockages. Same story with this thing, You do 1 medium cleaning and the contamination is cleared up. Guess it's a work around but why is it crossing over?
  4. jmiller

    Magenta in my yellow, Help!

    I'll be honest, How could I adjust the caps to see? They were pretty straight forward on the replacement I thought.
  5. jmiller

    Magenta in my yellow, Help!

    Yeah as basic as that is I just noticed the black in my magenta also. What can I do to help the suction? Does it mean the caps are sealing right or? I hope I can find a fix to this soon :/
  6. jmiller

    Magenta in my yellow, Help!

    Once I get back to my shop Monday morning I'll see if the pumps working right on a clean. I was thinking of doing a head soak to try and fix some of the black deflections by pouring some cleaning fluid in the caps and letting it set. I'll keep you guys updated!
  7. jmiller

    Magenta in my yellow, Help!

    Hey thanks for the reply! How do I push fluid through the lines? Very novice in opening these machines up. I know you use a syringe but I have no idea what lines are what.
  8. jmiller

    Magenta in my yellow, Help!

    Here's the photos
  9. So I've been having issues for some time now and I just replaced both captops and am STILL having this issue. Problem started by me coming in my shop in the morning, Printing the first job of the day and seeing that yellows come out orange, blue's look pink etc until you get about 2 feet printed then it clears itself up. Yesterday I changed the cap tops and lines to the Y fitting. As you can see, When I came in today and did a test print there was alot of contamination. I did 1 medium cleaning and it cleared it up. What is going on with this thing guys? Another issue is that white line to the right of the test prints but I think that's a media feed calibration adjustment. Dampers were replaced less than a year ago with a new black head. (Yeah I know it's looking bad again hence my black banding and test print :/) Cap tops replaced the other day 100% OEM Inks used Thank you in advance!
  10. Hey guys, I'm trying to fine tune my pricing for the new year and was wondering a few things. For anyone who makes a living doing this, How are you figuring out what to charge for a sign? I know the whole if a sign panel costs me $50, Mark it up 100% and sell it for $100 but what about the material? Doubling vinyl that costs you $.50 PSF isn't enough, You need to put in your cut, weed, mask, apply time in there and that's what I am asking. How do you know what that is without timing each and every job? Thank you!
  11. Hey guys, Doing my first way finding/directory type sign for a local office building. Anybody know roughly what the mark up on jobs like this are or a ballpark? Final size is 24x30" acrylic with anodized aluminum look finish with black vinyl text. It's 13 panels total on the sign. Pretty straight forward. I bought the sign ready to rock and am applying the vinyl in my shop. Im at $690 plus install for the sign with all the names and suite numbers. The company suggested a markup as they do only wholesale and that seemed fair to me once I did so. Thanks!
  12. Quote a new substrate and hope you get the bid. Explain there's more cost to them with cleaning the old signs then getting new. They will appreciate that and if they don't tell them to stop being cheap lol
  13. jmiller

    New compatition in town

    Lol I love it!
  14. jmiller

    Post your backlit signs with regular vinyl

    Regular red for example will look orangish. Black is always black and other colors will look darker than they should be but in a pinch it usually is fine as the customer doesn't know the difference usually.
  15. jmiller

    Tip - Cutting Strip

    You can also replace a bad strip with cut down magnet held by shipping tape. Done it for years in a pinch and works great!