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  1. Hi there Draggin, I appologise for some of the un-helpful posts above. I find the Go google it or go search the forum posts a bit disapointing also.. No i wasn't able to find any swap meet-trade show graphics on UScutter forum either.. If you have a specific graphic design in mind, try Joe from decalization I've thrown a few requests his way and i've only been charged $5 each file. Much better than wasting a week googling !!!
  2. stickies

    Can Anyone Vectorize This For Me Please ...

    "Plus if you posted a preview images, folks would not have to download it just to look at it.... " "Why do folks here help others "steal" art?..." Hi there roxanneupnorth 1. Have you ever heard of the saying 'never look a gift horse in the mouth'?? 2. The great majority of files shared on this forum are royality free/copyright free/forum member created files Roxanne, it's quite rude to advise people who have kindly uploaded their personal collections to share 'thanks for the file, next time post a picture' And even ruder to accuse members who share their own designs, or copyright free files of stealing. in light of the above comments about this forum. Thank you to everyone who posts their collections to share, i certainly greatly appreciate it. (and here's a hibiscus and no i don't have a picture) ;-)
  3. stickies

    Can Anyone Vectorize This For Me Please ...

    Hi there Grumpy Sod, Personally i prefer to see no thank you's. Give & take i think works better, if you download a file, then upload one for everyone else to share. Otherwise this forum becomes the 'Thank you' forum and not the UScutter forum.. I find it highly annoying when you click on a new thread, there is one or two files to download and 200 thank you's.. (or even worse, the snippy smart alec replies to graphic requests 'go do a google search' or 'um... search the forum'.. All it does is clog up a great forum with brown nosing or nasty responses.. So my post doesn't become another one of those annoying posts, here's an in memory .eps (it might be a motorcycle one though, i don't know i have so many and i really should put a JPG with all my files to be a little more organised) In memory of1.eps
  4. stickies

    Need eps file

    Hi there ! Had a quick look on google, all i could find were spring leaves... The best option is to get a quote from Joe from decalization. You just email Joe your images, he vectorizes it and converts it into an .eps. I've had him do this for me a few times, and each time has only cost $5. $5 is so much better than a full week of searching the net...
  5. stickies

    Health and Safety

    Hi there arran, I've found the best hazzard & safety signs from dafont
  6. stickies

    Race Backdrops

    aha i see now. try all free download vectors, load of these types of images
  7. stickies

    hippie flower

    Try this link, i went on a downloading frenzy on this site.. the 146 flower buds collection should do the trick, just use the distort function to turn the daisy into your own 70's daisies..
  8. stickies

    hippie flower

    I think the flower is a daisy.. There is a link here somewhere with lots of flowers, i'll see if i can locate it for you..
  9. stickies

    ford super duty emblems

    i only have one ford .eps file.. Ford.eps
  10. stickies

    Race Backdrops

    Not sure what you mean. Do you mean flames, checkered flags etc ?
  11. I installed signgo lite a few weeks ago to test it out, after using flexisign pro for so long i found signgo a bit of a bore.. It's simple, but that's it.. really couldn't use it the way i use flexi..
  12. stickies

    trout This link has a sea life package which has a few fish that look a bit like trout.. It has everything, i went beserk downloading
  13. Yes i'd be looking at a surge protector. I have everything installed to protect all my equipment and when not in use i pull everything out at the wall just in case.. When you spend alot of money on these things, it pays to do what you can to look after them. 2 cutters really sounds like your experiencing power surges..
  14. I've had a quick browse over the complaint and the thing that stands out is you put in an urgent order on Tuesday, started emailing & phoning demanding and expecting delivery by Friday. If i have to place rush orders for stock, i certainly DON'T place and order and harrass daily for the company to drop everything, ignore their other customers just to fill my rush order. I do however, give the company a quick phone call and ask if it's okay if i place a rush order and would they have time to rush it out the door. in future, use some common sense when placing rush orders and maybe contact the company before you place a rush order instead of just placing one then abusing them when they don't do what you want them too in your rush timeframe..
  15. stickies

    900 free cut ready cliparts

    I tried downloading it again, the download dropped out at 86% downloaded gahhh !! Then i tried later on and it downloaded completely and i was able to open it.. Worth the effort though, has some fantastic vectors. Thanks for your help racinboy !