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    My 1st ORDER!!

    Congrats on the work. Every project will give you better incites on how to improve. I like the payout but the weeding will drive you nuts especially with many boards to do. I like the layout you did. I did a wrestling sticker for our local school and came up with a great looking sticker, the only down side was each sticker took me 20 minutes to weed! Lesson learned. Keep up the great work and keep giving us pictures.
  2. Daddydano

    Here's a sign for your shop.

    Kiss- Keep it simple silly Like it! What a great way for customers to get a visual or even for myself if asked a question I can give a look and use this tool to visualize the project and see what is needed.
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    Hey guys! I have had your forum in my bookmarks and have read from time to time the topics you guys have had. I have two Gerber GS-15s and use them 99% of the time for etching/blasting. I have done several stickers for the local school wrestling team, Soccer team and drama to help raise money for them since school funding has almost totally dried up for extra curricular programs. I got into this line of work due to medical needs for my wife keep me close to home and 2 yrs ago my youngest son was diagnosed with type 1 Diabetes. I had been in the Historical Restoration and Remodeling biz but had to give it up. I am still trying to get this new venture flowing but have done some interesting projects that you can see if you want on my face book page "Suna Custom" Suna is Japanese for sand if you were wondering and if you were not...well... you sure are a non-quizzical type . I have a chance to do rocks this year for several places and am still trying to get the graphics I need. I also have some shower doors that I am working on a design for. Anyway I thought ti was time to show myself. I spend time on Cutting Edge Sand Carving and Arizona glass classes forums and have many great friends there. I live and work in North Indiana. Thank you! Dan