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  1. Got the Z axis chip installed correct, the notch points to the middle of the fan. The pic helped a bunch. Everything is working right now. Thanks a bunch.
  2. and this is where the trouble lies. we where have a dumb moment and didn't pay attention to how the old one went in. does it face toward the center of the fan or away from the center? thanks for all the help guys! Brad
  3. no its not hitting. the machine is a year old. we have only used it a few times. the last time we used it we static zapped it. we changed the z axis chip. now the cutter stays up. but before is stayed down. thanks for the help Brad
  4. we replaced the z axis chip. is there a right or wrong way to put it in? thanks again Brad
  5. We have a MH871 and the the blade will stay up and won't go down. Is there anyone that would know what would cause this? thanks a lot Brad