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  1. imarcnut


    I have spent a good chunk of my morning reading these threads...... Not that long ago I was a newb also. I signed up on signs 101 then, looked around and was VERY happy that i found this forum. WE are a great bunch of people who care and share and TEACH each other. I am not too worried about competition from other members up here, probably a different story down in the States but no-one seems too worried about it on this forum and it shows in the responses given. Seems we are a mature bunch of people who realize that we are all just trying to survive and make a life for ourselves. From what I have learned on here and with a HUGE learning curve, I gained the confidence to get a Roland sp300. Big chunk 'o money and scared out of my pants,but I took a chance and it has turned out pretty good for me and my family. As for my trusty pcut.. I won't replace it until it blows up and then probably with the laser version. All in all- these are just typed words and "sticks and stones" comes to mind, so don't get too bent out of shape about other peoples "opinions" as I have GREAT faith in this forum and it will be around for a long time. Thanks for putting up with my ramblings Bill Ps. if anyone wants a great deal on some digital printed, copyright infringed, questionable material, stolen from another forum, just pm me!
  2. imarcnut

    1st and 2nd banners

    GREAT banners- they jump out and grab ya!
  3. imarcnut

    Small text is not so much fun :)

    I find that when everything is set up sweet, my pcut will do anything. Recent was some Arial @ 3/8" - worked great, I just slow down the speed. If it is not set proper- big stuff has tails and rounded corners, and all the small stuff gets ripped up by the blade, sometimes a 1/8 turn on blade depth is all you need to make it 10x better.
  4. imarcnut

    another shirt

    Yah! AND he's 2 ft taller and 100 lbs heavier. GREAT shirt!!!
  5. imarcnut

    My 2nd Banner

    Jumps right out and grabs ya! Nice work!
  6. imarcnut


    It's amazing how much detail can be had from just 2 colours. Great job!!
  7. imarcnut

    I need an airplane and a monkey

    GReat, thanx!
  8. imarcnut

    Dropping the Fbomb!

    Hey! Welcome!
  9. imarcnut

    Haunted Drive In

  10. Yup!! More reasons why you guys are the best! Here's an "original" ratt.EPS ratt.EPS
  11. It can depend on your material, I use different brands/colours/types - cast, calendered, mylar etc. in one sitting. If it cuts sweet with Mactac - 86# backing, and I cut 3m -72# backing, it can be a pain to weed because of the thinner backing making the blade setting incorrect. I have found 3m black doesn't cut/weed as well as white for example. If you switch brands you may have to tweek the blade a bit.
  12. imarcnut

    Just A Quickie

    Looks OEM !
  13. imarcnut

    Howdy from Texas!

  14. imarcnut

    North Carolina- Hi 'Im the New Guy

    Welcome! you will learn a bunch on here, don't be afraid to ask questions