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  1. Since I went through this entire area, I didn't see where the standard sizes are. When a customer wants the front of a shirt done, what is the standard size print? Not talking pocket print (I know that one) Also what is the size for the back? Thanks. I know I have the info somewhere, but don't know where I put it after the move!
  2. I'm basically checking to see what others are paying right now for a gallon of gas?? It went up another 10 cents since last night. We are currently 3.77-3.80/gallon..... Jenny
  3. I need to find out the CMYK color for the Oracal Lavender. Anyway to find that out?? Thanks Jenny
  4. Benr98

    Jerry...Signblazer rocks!!!

    Jerry, I just wanted to drop you a little note: I was practicing with Paintshop Pro trying to learn how to draw a cat with a husband walks in 30 minutes after I'm struggling to get it right, he sits down at the other computer that has Signblazer and not only caught up but passed me up within minutes!! Just wanted to say...Sign Blazer ROCKS!!! Thank you. Jenny
  5. Palm trees hold a special place with me and would love to place it on a shirt. Thanks Jenny
  6. I have a banner to do for a local market that sells hay & straw. Any images you have that you feel may work I sure would appreciate it. Thanks Jenny
  7. I was just notified that John had a heart attack last night and will be undergoing surgery today. I'm sure some extra prayers will speed his recovery! Thanks Jenny
  8. I'm just looking for some standard images like wedding bells! Thanks
  9. Benr98

    University mascot

    With my husband going back to school at the local university and having some free time he cut his own mascot (for NO money) and placed this on his's a 4 layer....I have to say I think he did pretty darn good! Jenny PS...Hope you are doing well and have a happy & safe Holiday weekend!!
  10. Benr98

    today`s job

    Beautiful job, love the color selection!
  11. With so many graphics requests being asked and pages and pages of graphic requests being met...please use the 'Search' window (found at the top of this category) to search for your needed graphic before requesting. This way you may be able to get your graphic needs found much quicker!! Thanks.
  12. Anyone have any ideas or maybe a funny saying, I could place on a shirt for a male nursing student? Thanks so much, Jenny
  13. Glad to hear it, this wasn't going anywhere good.
  14. Here is basically what I'm looking for, if it has someone actually grinding a stump that would work to. Or maybe an image that would work for a stump grinding business. Thanks guys.
  15. Benr98

    First big family vacation :)

    I'm sure your family will have a great time....I plan on eventually getting their with my kids...they may all be moved out, but we are STILL going!
  16. Benr98

    Wanna share your photo?

    I agree thanks for adding the new pics!
  17. Benr98

    New Here and some of my stuff

    What a clever idea and they turned out great!!
  18. Benr98

    first shirts with jpss/wf1100 printer

    Congrats to your granddaughter! The shirts turned out really well.
  19. Benr98


    Wish I could help but we only have the may also want to check with Nona on here, she makes some wonderful things!
  20. Benr98

    Clever Sundial Billboard

    Love that sundial!!
  21. Yes they should mention it on their site.
  22. I know some suppliers won't deal with you unless you have a dba and tax ID number....if you do I have a few I can recommend to you.
  23. I may not be around much, but have seen her really help out!