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  1. We do keep a good supply on hand..but you never know what you're going to sell and who will walk in the door wanting something. As there are so many different vinyl’s and colors for outdoor, indoor and heat press I couldn't possible keep everything I "might" need on hand, to sit around getting old if I didn't need it. I am very fortunate to live 4 hours from the Memphis warehouse and most always get my orders next day. So I am a little spoiled there. My point was that I'm upset about being told they would ship and then they didn't and now they won't respond to my emails. I wasn't mean in my messages just need to know what's up and why they aren't shipping my orders. The weather hasn't been bad here since the 1st of December. What does staff mean under dakotagrafx are you a uscutter employee? If so that's some pretty poor customer service there!
  2. I placed an order on Friday 12/13 Monday morning I go to looking for a tracking number, when I contacted customer support I received the following message "Unfortunately due to our annual inventory count we did not ship the product on Friday. It is resuming today and will be shipped. We should have the tracking number by the end of the day. Mike" Well by the end of the day Monday I need to order more supplies so I placed another order and got my order confirmation email at 4:29 CST. Did they ship either order out...NO they sure didn't. Now during my busiest week of the year I sit here without the supplies I needed yesterday while they still have not shipped what should have been shipped Friday. I already know the answer to why yesterdays order didn't ship "it was too close to the deadline" I've called before about orders placed at 4:15 CST and was told it was too close to deadline. My response was "yes but it was still before the deadline right?" Yes it was before but still too close to process and ship. Well maybe you should change your deadline posted if that’s not really the deadline! Looks like management might need to step in and train the staff as to what a deadline is. As of now I have sent an email asking why these have still not shipped 4 hours ago and another 2 hours ago but still have not gotten a response. I tell you what if I had a customer spending over $15,000 a year at my business I sure as heck would be bending over backwards to make sure they got taken care of!!
  3. Well they got back with me pretty quickly last night about the double charge, said it was taken care of and it may take up until today for it to show back up. It's noon and it still hasn't showed. But the order I placed at 1:30 cst wasn't shipped until this there goes the same day shipping out the window...again! Really should remove that from the website if it's not really gonna happen.
  4. I spend around $1600-$2000 a month with US Cutter and a good percent of the time everything’s great. But lately it seems some customer service skills are lacking. Three weeks ago I ordered some siser easyweed stretch and other items early one morning. At 3:04 that afternoon I get an email saying partial shipment sent and I see the one thing a really needed quick was not sent. So I call, the guy tells me it's being drop shipped from siser. So I ask if they have the regular easy weed in stock, yes they do, can I just switch it? No cause we already sent for the drop shipment. Ok then if I order the regular right now can they get it out in Memphis today? No, they’re fixing to leave in about 5 mins...what??? They get off work at 3:12?? No at 3:30. Really no one is there after 3:30? Nope he insisted it would not be possible. So I told him to forget it I'd get it from another company. Well after I realized that the other Company was going to be a day longer even if it didn't get shipped out of Memphis until the next day it would still be quicker. So I went to the website and ordered it from uscutter. So at 5:06 I get an email that it has shipped out of Memphis? Really! How on earth did it get shipped when everyone left at 3:30??? I was extremely happy it shipped, but why did the guy have to flat out lie. Plus at this time I didn’t realize that it says on their home page orders placed by 4:30 cst will be shipped same day. Which that doesn’t occur every time either. A little over a week ago I ordered a purple banner costing $12.99, it shows up last Monday but they sent blue. I emailed customer service right away. Wednesday morning, 46 hrs later, I get a reply asking for some pictures of the banner they sent. Ok that's a bit inconvenient, I have to go back home and get my camera. Sent the picture Wed morning and waited until Thursday afternoon to send another message asking if they had sent the purple banner out? I get a message late that night saying I will get another message with instructions to send the blue banner back. I need to print the fedex label and take it to fedex, which is 45 miles from me. I could also schedule a pick up but that wouldn’t be until the next day. After I get it to fedex I need to email them that it has been sent, they will check the tracking and as soon as they see it’s been sent they will send out the purple. Are you kidding me??? They probable spent more on the shipping it back then they paid for the banner in the 1st place. I didn’t mind sending the other back, but that’s not how it should’ve happened. They should have sent the purple out immediately and scheduled for the other to be picked up. Not to mention the extremely slow customer service, never in any of the emails did they say SORRY, one simple word that makes a world of difference. I ended up getting it somewhere else and keeping the blue one, rather than go thru all the hassle. Today I placed an order for $180 which immediately showed up debited from my account as UScutter. Then 3 hours later the exact same amount came out of my account again saying Sign Universe. I know they call themselves both but I sure didn’t authorize them to take it twice! So now I have to deal with this L It was after close when I noticed it so I emailed…maybe I’ll get a response this week. I hate calling because you always have to sit on the phone for 15-20 mins listening to that god awful music they play and I’m a busy person, I don’t have time for it. Like I said most of the time it’s great but with a few customer service skills thrown in there it could be great every time. I really only took the time to post all this hoping someone who does care might see it and make changes to how customers are taken care of.