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  1. RHConcepts

    Home made Tape Application Roller

    no they are sold separate just the roller.
  2. RHConcepts

    Home made Tape Application Roller

    I think they are packaged rollers. Or just ask for 12 inch or 14 inch wide rollers
  3. RHConcepts

    Im still looking for a heat press (ebay ?)

    It was dented in the back but I took the back/top off and checked the inside and it was fine. The box looked ok so not sure how it happened. And it was shipped by fedex. Here is my first one for my car audio group. Thanks again Dakota, so far this thing is great for what I wanted to do.
  4. RHConcepts

    Im still looking for a heat press (ebay ?)

    Looks great Wil and mine will be here tomorrow Dakota. Ill do a post on it with some pics when it gets here. I tried to use a iron and it did work but a fews spots the letters started to lift. Thanks for info Dakota.
  5. RHConcepts

    Shirts and weight question

    Wow great info, thanks everyone. I just picked up a few Gliden shirts from Michaels for 3.00 a shirt, just to play with.
  6. RHConcepts

    I love my facebook barcode

    I bet thats what they are using then, I was thinking about getting a printer to do small stuff like the codes
  7. RHConcepts

    First time showing my work

    Ty dakotagrafx, I forget to check my post, it is a 2500 Copam
  8. RHConcepts

    Shirts and weight question

    I looked at the shirts I have now from car shows and what not and they are all Gildan's. But I see many of you talk about Sanmar so I will check them out. And thanks for clearing up the weight part of it. But now I have to ask you all this, do you wash them before you apply the vinyl? My shirt that I just got was 8.2 oz and after the wash it was 8.0 oz so makes me wonder what was in the fabric to make it 2 tenths of a oz heaver. Im sure if you wash them you don't add fabric softener to them right?
  9. RHConcepts

    I love my facebook barcode

    I only cut them if they are 5" or larger. Anything smaller then that are to hard to weed. I would love to print them but every time I see a printed one they are faded after 1 year. I dont know much about printing vinyl but I bet people around here are doing the cheapest way they can.
  10. I'm still thinking about doing shirts and I have some vinyl coming this week. So I went to Walmart to buy a few test shirts. Now I'm looking online to see what I can order and for how much if I end up doing this. I see some shirts go from 4 oz up to 6 oz and wanted to know is that the true weight of the shirt ? The Fruit of the Loom I got is 8.2 oz so how much thinner is a 6.2 oz shirt and can you tell the difference? I don't want to sell white see through shirts so what is the cut off weight for good shirts?
  11. RHConcepts

    Im still looking for a heat press (ebay ?)

    Please let me know how it goes for you. I have some vinyl coming this week and I'm still looking for a press. I was hoping I could find a used one on craigslist and I even got a inferred thermometer to check them out and make sure they heat well. But no luck even finding one listed lol.
  12. RHConcepts

    Im still looking for a heat press (ebay ?)

    Wow thanks for the info And thanks for the link dakotagrafx Im going to look into that one more, and I like the price its not bad. When I got my cutter I thought the same thing, don't go cheap. I didn't buy the best but what I got was the Copam and so far its been great. If I just wanted to try making one shirt to see how it feels could I use a iron? if so how do you do it? Still not sure if I want to go down that road just yet lol
  13. I have been putting this off for a long time because im to cheap to buy a 300.00 press. I wont be using it alot but want one that could do maybe 50 shirts a mo if things pick up. So could someone please tell me what would be wrong with something like this one HEAT PRESS I was going to try using a iron at first but wasn't sure if that would be a waste of vinyl. So in the end im looking for your input and feedback on the 150.00 presses off of ebay. Thanks again folks, Rick H
  14. RHConcepts

    My ex-wife let me do some work on her truck :)

    Thanks everyone. I did use some marks but the smaller parts I did one at a time.
  15. My ex just got this truck and loves the work I do so she wanted a few for her F-150 how could I say no