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    SC 32

    Just bought a sc32 from a buddy its been used very little. when i hooked it up to my computer running vinylmaster xpt it will cut just fine after cutting it says on the screen now is cutting. and if you go to cut the same image again it will cut right over top the image it just cut. ive reinstalled vinylmaster.
  2. jtrennepohl

    SC 32

    they do have good chicken lol something else it does is after it cuts done getting it will go back to where it started then go back to the end of the cut like its ready to cut the next image
  3. jtrennepohl

    SC 32

    tried a cable from my printer it cuts just does the same thing lol. it cuts fine just after the cut i gotta hit reset and then reset my head and cut again
  4. jtrennepohl

    SC 32

    so your telling me that this glitch only affects after the cut and im just looking for advice
  5. jtrennepohl

    SC 32

    but after its done cutting i have to shut the machine off to get any of the buttons on the machine to work
  6. jtrennepohl


    I have a pcut and i just started cutting today i cut out 3 items for a job and i went to start cutting again and nothing happens signblazer says it went to the cutter but nothing cuts please help
  7. jtrennepohl

    SignBlazer activation code

    How long doe sit take for them to get you a code. I just bought a pc cut with it and want to get the code so i can stop the pesky screen when you open signblazer