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  1. cd.edwards

    Need a match for this font

    thanks. long weekend in Canada eh!
  2. cd.edwards

    Need a match for this font

    Tried all the usual suspects, but I need a match to this font. thank you
  3. LEarn how to trace those copyrighted logo's.
  4. cd.edwards

    Built in lighting

    You mean like this? The Creation Power Supply put out 12volt. I took a LED strip light and installed it in the lid of the cutter, running some wire from the power supply to the strip.
  5. cd.edwards

    $300 to ship? wtf?

    I bought a cutter from the competition. There website showed $300 for shipping as well. I phoned though and was told it was $110 for fedex shipping on my 28" Creation with stand. So giving them a phone call might be beneficial
  6. cd.edwards

    Vinyl on Model RC Planes Recommendations

    Well depends on what you do. Some epson's with pigment ink can use a cuttable vinyl that is not so special. My canon mx850 would require aqueous vinyl sheets in a matte finish from what I've read. so I guess is depends on what your doing. I'm thinking that monokote does not require such high heat that it melts foam. In fact I think that if you are getting melted foam, you definitely have too high a heat.
  7. cd.edwards

    What would you charge?

    I would calculate the square footage's. Then I have a price per sq ft. In my case it's 4.50/sq. Weeding time is extra but in this case will not take long. Dont forget to charge for transfer tape. for me it would be 60.49 for vinyl/transfer tape. I would need to then figure out weeding time, machine setup and time to cut the decal.
  8. cd.edwards

    Vinyl on Model RC Planes Recommendations

    You would be better off using regular monocote for your aircraft. it will be lighter by far. making decals for your aircraft is however another story. feel free. There is printable aqueuos vinyl compatible with normal inkjet's. however it's very expensive for just small pieces. for small decals it would be suitable but if it's a nitro aircraft it would need some sort of overlay or the ink would smear all over.