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  1. QualeT Graphics

    Whats the trick?

    Great! Thanks Guys.
  2. QualeT Graphics

    Whats the trick?

    Hello Friends, I have been using Green Star vinyl in my cutting stages. I have now upgraded to Oracal 651. When I go to put transfer tape on the decal the backing of the 651 bends up. Are there any tricks you all use to get it to lay flat so I do not end up with wrinkles in my transfer tape? Thanks
  3. QualeT Graphics

    Transfer Tape....

    Hello Friends, Just a question regarding transfer tape. I bought some clear and some white. Both are Greenstar if I remember correctly. My question is the paper transfer tape gets squeeged on the decal but when done slightly rolls back. What is the reason for this? Brand? My cold garage? Any help would be great! Thanks Shane
  4. QualeT Graphics

    Blade Changes...

    Great! Thanks
  5. QualeT Graphics

    Blade Changes...

    How often do you guys that cut constantly/daily change your blade? I was having serious cutting issues and I changed my blad. Cut perfect now and it's easy to weed.... Thanks Shane
  6. QualeT Graphics

    Cleaning up before I cut.....

    Is there any videos out there for editing images, logos, etc.?
  7. QualeT Graphics

    Cleaning up before I cut.....

    Wire frame? Is this a editing tool? I am using Inkscape and SCALP3. Thanks for your response.
  8. QualeT Graphics

    Cleaning up before I cut.....

    Hello Friends.... I am trying so hard to get this cut thing down. How do I clean up an image? If I do a simple trace even if it looks good it never cuts correctly. How often do I do a blade change? For example, if I cut a traced image, let's say the letter T, it never meets up to get a perfect corner.... Any videos,out there? Thanks so much..... Shane Quale
  9. QualeT Graphics


    Hello my friends..... Where can I get all the fonts that I will ever need at a good price. I want to upload them into my SCALP. I thank you for your time. Shane
  10. QualeT Graphics

    WWII Aircraft Markings

    Hello Friends..... I need help with some issues that I am having. I am trying to make the attached image for one of my model airplanes with specific dimensions. I need it to be 11 1/4"L x 5 1/2" W and the left and right ends being 2 1/4". The issue that I am having is that I can't get these dimensions to work. Any idea how to possibly redraw this? I trace image and it does no good. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks for your time. Shane
  11. QualeT Graphics

    Graphic Size MH Series Cutter

    Hello... If I want to cut a decal that is 6"x6" it usually comes out a different size than what I want. Any reason for this? Budget cutter? Program? I am using scalp with an MH Series cutter. Thanks
  12. QualeT Graphics

    Need advice please....

    Hello Friends, I was just looking for some advice on an excellent cutting and editing program. I am using scalp and inkscape at the moment but want to get deeper into the graphics world. My question is, what is the top notch software to help me out? I am so used to scalp so would like to use that but as far as editing software, what would be a good one? Corel Draw? Any information would be greatly appreciated. Thanks Shane Quale
  13. QualeT Graphics

    Low Tack Vinyl

    I am looking for a low tack vinyl. Any ideas? I am doing some glass etching but want some easy vinyl to rip off. Thanks
  14. QualeT Graphics

    Wet Application

    Do you just use the alcohol for cleaning the surface? Or do you mix it in with the shampoo and water? Thanks
  15. QualeT Graphics

    Wet Application

    You guys rock!