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  1. Hi, I am new with digital print vinyl. Mainly i need it for car wrap, signage... What should I know/prepare before getting a digital printer like Roland VersaCAMM SP-300I/SP-540I I've heard that are few different inks like solvent, UV, etc... i dont know which one is the best for me. Can anyone give some advice? After printing on the vinyl, does it has to laminated 1st before apply to car/etc? how about software side, flexi8.6v2 works with digital printer? many thanks
  2. yes. i got you. all tests have been carried on the knurled sections. if not the vinyl tends to slip one side. the measurement is same. that day i told you that when i put the vinyl thru section 2 and 3 with K5 and K6 clamped with pinch roller, the result was the vinyl moved to the right. today i tried to loosen a bit of the set screws at section 3 rod, it moves to left now. meaning that when the screws are tight vinyl will move to right and when the screws are loosen, the vinyl moves to left. tried to play around with the tightness, it's hard to tune it properly. there are 4 screws on that rod each self (section 3). for that bunch up issue, it happened when i add one extra pinch roller on the rod with two pinch roller on knurled area. i've already removed the safety label on the machine which you mentioned. i will have to get 1200mm wide vinyl 1st then try to position few pinch rollers (at least 2) on knurled area and see how it goes. not sure if i use all pinch rollers on knurled area will cause 'bunch up' or not. will update once i tested on 1200mm wide vinyl.
  3. i tried to use hex wrench to tighten the screws on the rod (where the red circle in the pic), it looks tight. not sure if that's the correct screws... or the set screws are in the machine which i need to remove the cover 1st? The whole rod (section 1,2,3) will move as one when pushing the individual feed roller sections in both directions. I also try these:- using my finger push the roller forward at section 1, at the same time push the roller backward at section 2, then vice versa. also tried the same thing on section 2 and 3. cant find anything wrong with the rod... remember last post i said "When i load my vinyl thru Section 1 and 2 and clamped using 2 pinch rollers (doesn't matter which pinch roller i used), as long they are positioned on the knurled spot, the result was perfect(cut and plot,plotting on back surface). The vinyl wasn't shift to left/right at all !" can i say the pinch roller is working fine?
  4. don't have to sleep?? look at the time u posted. ok, I want to make sentence below a bit clearer. actually I put the vinyl over section 2 and 3 and clamped using 2 pinch rollers on the knurled spot (K5 and K6). and then the vinyl shifts to right. "Well, then i tried on Section 2 and 3, the vinyl is shifted to the right with the same setting above (2 pinch roller on knurled area)." i also want to add something here what i've tested yesterday. maybe this is another clue... 1. put the vinyl over section 1 and 2 WITHOUT having 2 pinch rollers clamped on the knurled spot. it shifted to the left. 2. put the vinyl over section 2 and 3 WITHOUT having 2 pinch rollers clamped on the knurled spot. it shifted to the right. i will try to use metric Hex to tighten/loosen the screws at section 3.
  5. BearlyRich, Yes, I always use 110 as the head pressure. I have tried to roll the rod using my finger, it seems like working as one unit. Yesterday night I found something.... please refer to attached pdf. When i load my vinyl thru Section 1 and 2 and clamped using 2 pinch rollers (doesn't matter which pinch roller i used), as long they are positioned on the knurled spot, the result was perfect(cut and plot,plotting on back surface). The vinyl wasn't shift to left/right at all ! Well, then i tried on Section 2 and 3, the vinyl is shifted to the right with the same setting above (2 pinch roller on knurled area). Could the Section 3 rod is too loose or too tight? how can i fix that(it shifted to right)? please refer to the photo in the pdf again, look at the red circle, is it where the screws are? Which tool i need to use? allen key? but it doesnt looks like allen bolt. roller.pdf
  6. BearlyRich, Pinch rollers definitely over the knurled (usually black) part of the bottom bar/roller? Yes. I have tried that and it still the same. Sometimes it gets bunched up in the middle as I go back and forth and starts getting all screwed up to the point here i have to undo the pinch rollers and re-flatten out the vinyl/kraft paper. Normally i don't position the pinch roller over the knurled. it still get good result. Pulling out the amount of vinyl you're going to cut off the roll before you cut so the cutter doesn't have to drag it off the roll while cutting? All tests performed without the roll. Just the kraft paper or the vinyl. both about the same length (2 meter long x 630mm wide) Checking for alignment of the vinyl by feeding several feet through the cutter and watching to see if it creeps left or right while moving? Yes. It shifted left/right when using vinyl(oracal and avery). Kraft paper was alright. Oh, and if the head pressure too high, it can cause drag on the vinyl which may eventually push/pull it more in one direction than the other. The tension of the pinch roller (Pcut CS1200) cant be adjust.
  7. I've used the slowest cut speed which is 30 (i dont know the unit) When I plot on kraft paper, I used both high(350) and slow (30),the result is still good. For the blade offset(60deg blade used), the set-up was 0.020" which i am satisfied with the sharp edges. To see if the blade offset causing the problem, I also ran a test using 0.020" blade offset during pen plotting on the kraft paper, the line connected where it starts, it was good.... the only thing is the edges is not sharp (90deg). from there, i can confirm it is not related to blade offset. now i am focussing on the material (vinyl vs kraft paper). anyone can give me suggestion what should i do next... or any test needed thanks!
  8. Hi all, I've a problem with my design not cutting properly when it is 1.5meter long. the line is not connected to the point it starts. I've tried both cut and plot on 2 different vinyl (Oracal 751 and Avery 700) When I tried to plot the same design on brown packaging paper (kraft paper), it was perfect! I've played around with the setting on flexi like overcut, blade offset and i am pretty sure it is not related to that pronblem i am facing. now i suspect the vinyl is slippery than kraft paper. i tried to put more clamper on vinyl and it didnt help. I also tried clamp them on black mat and it is not helping at all.... what i can do now? thanks PCUT CREATION CS1200 WIN 7 / WIN XP FLEXI 8.6V2
  9. thanks for your advice. i am using 60deg blade and the blade offset set to around 0.180 (best result for me) and the cutter speed set to 30 (lowest speed) also i installed the updated win7 usb driver for flexi 8. i will test it again with my flexi 8 on win xp.
  10. I am facing this problem (see attached), see those three spots in the picture. What is the problem causing that and how to solve that problem? ***all other lines are perfect without alignment issue, only those 3 spots i mentioned. using pcut cs1200 , flexisign 8.6v2 , win 7
  11. Hi guys, I've attached Book1.pdf here and I'm not sure how to confirm the manual feed is out or not. As you can see in the pdf, I drew a few marks so that I can positioned them on my machine. Initially, I adjusted it to 2mm on the right. When I roll the paper out till it reaches 1700mm, the paper seems to shifted to right hand side about 0.4mm. Then returning back to 0mm where I was started, now shifted to right hand side about 0.1mm compare to 2mm(initial where i started). I am not sure I am doing the correct way to confirm the paper is skewed which will cause alignment out cutting. Which I am facing like attached Book2.pdf Kindly advise. Thanks Book1.pdf Book2.pdf
  12. I've tried to look at the control panel on the machine. I cant find the X/Y scale setting in my P-cut CS1200 It only have this functions below. Is it normal or something missing with the firmware. I cant tell you the f/ware version till i get home tonight (GMT+10) *execute file (this is to plot from the SD card on the machine) *set parameters -speed (set 30 lowest) -force (set 110) -reservation (i dont know what is this for, after enter this option, it ask to set pressure) -force (set 120) -red dot offset *other function -set def. parameters (this is factory reset) -auto working (tried that and it plot like graph, the paper keep going backwards instead coming forward) -Y cut length (showing total length the machine cutted)
  13. P-Cut CS1200 Win 7, FlexiSign 8.6v2, Illustrator CS5 wih Creation P-Cut Plugin I tried to cut/plot a few rectangulars with sizes below:- no. x-axis y-axis 1 50mm 50mm 2 50mm 100mm 3 50mm 150mm I checked each rectangular and found out that the y-axis is not cut to actual size. 50mm becomes 47.5mm which is 2.5mm different 100mm becomes 95mm which is 5mm different 150mm becomes 142.5mm which is 7.5mm different every 50mm at y-axis I got 2.5mm different. Imagine if I cut 2000mm long I will shorter by 100mm!! I've also tested changing the size on X-axis and it is perfect. Anyone can help me? Thanks!
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    hi vern, i m using office 2003 and I've got the FileFormatConverters and xps viewer installed and I got this problem when opening the excel sheet. see attached. I've also tried on office 2010 and it also having problem. could you please help? or would you make it office2010 compatible? hope to hear from you soon cheers vinylcalc.pdf