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  1. One Hip Sticker Chic

    Suggestions on taping, transfering 24x36 sign?

    Definitely get larger tape. I have a big squeegee and only use it on things that are like 4-5 foot long. On anything I can do myself I do - just easier because you have to be careful with the big squeegee to make sure that there are no wrinkles when you start. I have not tried laying the tape down - may just try that. I usually hold the tape folded in half over my sign, line it up with the center and lay it down - not sure if I am explaining it so you can picture it - but it works for me. Kelly
  2. One Hip Sticker Chic

    What are the better Transfer Tapes?

    This is the transfer tape I use for everything: Kelly
  3. One Hip Sticker Chic

    Looking fabric vinyl?

    Seramark is the material I know about. It is VERY cool stuff - you can cut to the edge of the design and it is re-usable. I am working with a friend who has a printer cutter - we just ordered some and are going to be offering a line of indoor wall decals on this material - I'm very excited. Course I'll be more excited when I own my own printer-cutter to play with every day! LOL! Here is a link to to the vinyl:,278,60.htm Here is a link to a video showing the qualities of the new stuff:,278,60.htm Kelly
  4. One Hip Sticker Chic

    New Oracal Application tape for Oracal 631 vinyl

    Hi, The GXF is the only transfer tape I use for everything. For everything else I make I use either Avery, FDC, or Oracal 6 year calendered vinyl. Here is a video I made earlier today showing me using the GXF transfer tape on a new giraffe I am offering. Kelly
  5. One Hip Sticker Chic

    New Oracal Application tape for Oracal 631 vinyl

    Hi, I found a GREAT application tape for the Oracal 631 - hoping that US Cutter will want to carry it as I would much prefer to buy it here than at any other place. I too had issues with transfer tapes not picking up the vinyl from the backing paper. This picks it up great and will release it on the wall. It is also great as my business is selling wall signs for customers to put up, and I want to use clear transfer tape for them to see everything they are working with. Here is the link to Sign Warehouse - would love to hear from US Cutter they are going to carry this! Kelly