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    MH-721 or EcoCut

    That's what I was thinking. Although a lot of people have issues with the MH series, it seems like the majority of owners are never heard from, which is a pretty good sign in my opinion. I definitely wasn't doing it without a stand though. I got to thinking of where I would put 30' of vinyl to feed from and it basically forced me to realize I needed a stand. For what I'm doing, I think this is going to end up being my choice, I was more just curious since the Ecocut does cost a little more. Everything else on this site seems to be "more is better", so it made wonder. I know it isn't much more, but there is a difference, even if it's simply country of origin, etc.... No worries - anything to spark discussion on this is great. I just want to get this thing ordered and rolling....
  2. I am currently looking at purchasing a vinyl cutter to get started working on making window decals for myself and friends. While I'm sure this will evolve a bit into making more than what originally anticipated, I don't expect a high volume of work and I don't plan on this being my primary form of income, more of a hobby that I hope pays for it's own materials. I have found a ton of information on the MH-721, but no real information on the EcoCut. Here's my questions: Are there any substantial difference between the units, or are they pretty much the same, just a different appearence? What's the difference in reliability between the units? Is there any particular reason to pick one over the other? Obviously if you have any other input outside of what I'm asking, please share! Thanks for your help!