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  1. The new setup of your website looks pretty good. But I did find a big problem with it, any time I go to one of my old bookmarks for the site I get a page not found. Thats to be expected when you do new modifications to your site, but the problem is you do not have a link to your home page from your page not found (404 error) page. You may want to look up how to customize a 404 page on google, as I am sure you are losing quite a few visitors to your site because of this. Most of the time when someone comes to a page not found they will click their back button on their browser and return to whatever page they were on last, unless they have another option. That is why most commercial sites have a customized 404 page to provide their customers with that extra option, to quickly and simply go to the sites home page. Most people will not take the time to manually type in, they will just assume something is wrong with your website and go away. Here is an example of Googles 404 page, which is very simple but effective, giving the user the option to simply click Google and go to their home page: This is Uscutter's 404 page: Just a bit of advice for you, I hope you find it helpful.
  2. andy1969

    illustrator to signcut pro

    Try saving the file as as an illustrator 8 or 10 AI file, thats what I do. For some reason Signcut doesn't like newer format files. If its still blank then you need to outline your text or paths.