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  1. autzenoise

    extra blade holder

    Is it bad that the blade holder that comes up looks nothing like the one on my LP?
  2. I buy 24" x 36" from Sign Warehouse for $2 each in packs of 10. That seems to be a good starting size to cut down from for just about anything. I do a lot of coroplast signing, and these work out perfect for me. I wish USC had larger coroplast blanks so I could purchase them here also, that's the only thing that I get from SW anymore
  3. autzenoise

    Registration marks, and general SBE questions.

    On your first example of the "A" you should do the expand outline/inline, then change the original "A" to white, the select both layers and go to weld, total weld. I think that will do what your attempting to do much quicker. On the registration marks, just make the squares a different color than any of the others that you are using, then in the cutting screen select the color (layer) that you want to cut, then cntrol-click the color that you used for the registration marks. If you control-click the registration marks color on all layers it will cut it on every layer. Hope this helps
  4. autzenoise

    Laserpoint stopping mid project

    Your best bet is to get a "Keyspan" usb-db9 adapter. The LaserPoints are notorious for having straight usb connection problems that are immediately alleviated by an adapter. I actually have a Belkin, but if you are using Windows 7 drivers are hard to find.
  5. autzenoise

    Registration marks, and general SBE questions.

    There is no button for cutting red marks, just make 2 rectangles with the square button and your good. To select more than one object you need to first select the top most layer you want, the hold down shift while selecting the next layer. It can be kind of tricky depending on the image and layers, but is totally possible. I don't think there is any way to do that, or not at least that I have found. I just put to back, put to front to see what I am working on, or move it aside, then hit control-z to undo the move so it goes right back to where it was. Hope that helps.
  6. autzenoise


    I appreciate your response and understand, to a point, where you are coming from. My point is that you are taking on customers that are expecting that you are a professional, and know how to create the product that you are representing that you know how to make. You don't. That is what I am taking issue with. If you plan to make a living at this, then at the very least put something in to your education and spend hours upon hours designing, cutting, weeding, screwing up, learning and doing it all over again BEFORE you take a job away from someone that has spent their time becoming a professional at what they do. You are not ready to be taking peoples money right now for a professional product. I am sure that after some time, and practice, you will be able to put out amazing things, and have a great customer base. Until you are ready to though ask everyone questions because you are trying to learn, not because you took a job and promised something you can't deliver yet. Good luck to you, and I hope that you have a quick learning curve so that you can make a go of your new business
  7. autzenoise


    I hate to be rude, but after reading your posts over the last few weeks, I think your best bet may be sub out the jobs you have committed to and go learn how to do what you are trying to charge people for before taking any more. I normally don't comment on this kind of stuff. It really frustrates me that you seem as though you have zero idea of what you are doing, and are counting on the fact that others care enough about their own businesses to have LEARNED how to do their job so that they can tell you how to do everything. And since I am ranting, Please learn how to type coherent sentences too Rant over, and I expect to be blasted for this, but I just had to let it out...
  8. autzenoise

    What are the better Transfer Tapes?

    I have used RTape Clear Choice, but have been doing a lot more rta decals lately and was having problems with curling and lifting. I got some of the RTape paper with the RLA I think they call it, and I am amazed with how well it keeps the decals flat, and does not come off the backing paper. I have even had these out in around 90 degree weather, and I still have not had a single one have a corner come up or roll.
  9. autzenoise

    Putting up a picture to trace

    You have to import the Jpeg, you can't just open in. Hope that helps. Also make sure that on the bottom of the import screen you have the correct file type selected. If you only have eps, or ai selected you wont see any other type of file.
  10. autzenoise

    What do I need?

    I would probably only use Greenstar for short term outdoor stuff like small rta decals. If you are going to be using for paying customers, make sure to use at least 651, and if you can, use 751. The result 3-5 years down the road cast vs. calendared is a pretty big difference when your considering customer word of mouth.
  11. I actually do it in SignBlazer also
  12. autzenoise

    WF 1100

    I just wanted to let people know that I went in to Office Max today to grab a couple cables, and saw that they have the Epson Work Force 1100 on sale for $129. I know that a lot of people have grabbed these and gotten CIS systems for them and been really happy. I am grabbing one tomorrow. It's a great deal considering normally they are around $200. (no, I don't work for Office Max)
  13. autzenoise

    A few cars done

    Nice work!
  14. autzenoise

    Anyone have these?

    here is one I just made off the original posters jpeg. assume.EPS
  15. autzenoise

    Well this guitAR got 6 strings...

    Grabbed it, thanks!