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    Free Take One - (some adult language)

    Thats Sweet!
  2. Eastwood

    oracal 810 on drywall (spray mask)

    Thanks all for the info, I rubbed the stencil with fingers, it did minimize bleed. I am going to use some 631 and try it out. I pulled stencil off the wall last night, wow on wall peel surface paint off, and you could see the old stencil work clear as day, as if the wall paint was not prepped correctly, painter has been called to take a look at it. i did do peel off tacky and dry, both seemed to pull paint off..well gunna give it another shot today.. Thanks again
  3. Eastwood

    oracal 810 on drywall (spray mask)

    I am not sure how to post an image but its a series of the designs with many cut outs. I was dabbing with foam. and pressing with a wood dowel..
  4. Eastwood

    oracal 810 on drywall (spray mask)

    Hello all, I am doing a very large stencil job, basically a border around inside of a church above the chair rail. I am using oracal spray mask 810 I am using latex paint, I cannot stop paint from bleeding behind the stencil??? I rolled with a brayer, used a heat gun...please Help Thanks, Scott
  5. Hello, all. I was asked to qoute a single color front glass door. vinyl to be installed on inside of glass. customer supplied there logo, I added the address and the word office, with some break lines. I am using 651 white. total peice of vinyl would take 24x36". any suggestions on pricing? Thanks in advance. Scott
  6. Eastwood

    nice graphic

  7. Eastwood

    Some layout's for Pro Gun Signs...

    cool! Thanks!
  8. Eastwood

    Need help on mounting a 4x8 aluminum sign

    I will post it as soon as he gets it up there. Thanks all!
  9. Eastwood

    The Browns Colors

    Thanks for all the info. I appreciate it.
  10. Eastwood

    The Browns Colors

    I was wondering what Oracal color would be the closest to Cleveland browns and Harley Davidson's Orange?
  11. Eastwood

    Need help on mounting a 4x8 aluminum sign

    Its a flat wall, so I will end up using tapcons. Thanks all for the reply.
  12. I did a sign on .040 Aluminum, it is going outside on a block wall the customer gave me 1/4" plywood to attach it to. My question is should I adhere aluminum to the plywood or screw it into the wood? if I adhere it what do you recommend? Thanks in advance
  13. I have a 2000 John Deere GATOR Turf Model, I have looked and looked for anything for Gators. Has anyone out there made hood stripes for GATORS? or any other ideas for the GATOR. any help would be great! I measured the hood, but I am not sure how to warp to form to the hood. Thanks