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  1. diver4

    upgrading to ltr ?s

    I have LTR and only on occasion have I had it shut down. I suspect when it does it is because I have multiple programs running at the same time and it is a memory issue as others have stated. LTR also allows you to have multiple pages in the same file and opens up additional fonts which is the main reason I upgraded. Overall I am pretty happy with it and for me it was worth the upgrade cost.
  2. Here is a full screen shot of it, this is while the toolbar is there, next time it disappears I will take another full screen shot...
  3. Here is a screen shot when the toolbar disappears.. As you can see in the red box there is a space for it but I have found no way to bring it back other than shutting down and restarting VM...
  4. The toolbar just disappears, there is space where it was on the screen but it is not there and the only way I have found to get it back is to restart VM. Of course it has not done it all day so I can get a screenshot of it...
  5. When it disappears the blue arrow is not there.
  6. I am using VM LTR and on occasion the toolbar (with red box around it in the picture) disappears and the only way I have found to get it back is to shut down VM and restart it. Is there a way to bring the toolbar back without shutting down and restarting VM and does anyone know why it would disappear in the first place. Any help is appreciate. Thanks Dale
  7. I added a small white border around the image and imported it into vinylmaster and it vectorized with no problem! THANKS!!!! Apparently if any part an image is close to or touching the edge vinylmaster does not vectorize it properly, even though other programs may vectorize it vinylmaster won't, by adding a small border around the image it worked like a champ! Thanks again skarekrow for the solution.....
  8. Yes the second screen shot looks fine but when I hit trace the results I get are the 3rd screen shot..
  9. I have watched the video and am doing everything correctly and as I stated I can vectorize some images but not all. They are all black and white images like the one in the pictures I posted so there is nothing complicated about them. Thanks
  10. That will be my next step, thanks.
  11. It came with the new cutter I bought from US Cutter. I have been able to vectorize a small number of files with it just not all files.
  12. I have read through the forum and tried every solution that was suggested with no luck. I have tried importing the image in different formats from jpg to gif and still can't get it to vectorize. I have also tried different images and have only been able to vectorize a small number of them... I have been a Sign Blazer user for a long time and even though it is still working I wanted to get a more modern version of cutting software working so I can start using that. I can import the same file into Sign Blazer and vectorize it with no problem. I have tried importing files, copying and pasting files and even acquiring them into Vinylmaster with very little luck of getting any of them to vectorize. If I export the file from Sign Blazer and import into Vinylmaster the file looks and cuts perfectly but I would like to be able to build new files in Vinylmaster using images. Any suggestions and help would greatly be appreciated. Thanks Dale
  13. I have both a refine 721 and pcut 630 cutter, I was having the same problem with the cutters not completing the cuts, freezing and locking up, loosing communication with the cutter etc..... I was using both cutters on usb and tried the usb to serial converters with no luck. When the cutters did complete the cuts they worked great so I was pretty sure that there was no problems with the cutters... Here is what I did to solve the problem, both of the computers I was using the cutters on were laptops with only usb connections, no serial or parallel ports......One had both a PCMCIA slot and expresscard slot the other one only had an expresscard slot, one is running XP and the other Vista.....I installed a PCMCIA to serial port card and an expresscard to serial port card to give me a db9 serial port on both computers and connected the cutters to the serial ports on both computers and to date both cutters have worked flawlessly..... Most laptops are going to have some type of expansion slot either PCMCIA or expresscard, just be sure to get the correct card for your machine so it fits and works correctly. I think what was causing my problems is that I was overloading the usb bus and just didnt have enough power to run everything at the same time (even using powered usb hubs). Cant guarantee that this will solve all problems but it sure took care of mine..... I got both cards from newegg.com..... Best of Luck.. Dale
  14. diver4

    How to check and set communication settings for USB com ports

    The setting for the flow control in windows was set to none and in Signblazer set to hardware. I have set them both to hardware and will let you know if that takes care of the problem. As far as the grounding goes, are you talking about running a seperate ground line to the cutter? Thanks for all the help... Dale