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  1. Jay2703

    Multi layer vinyl?

    Add registration marks to the design and layer it as you apply it. I use a 1/2" + and cut the middle out on all the layers except the first. Use the hole in the middle of the + to align the other layers and tape across the middle using the hinge method to apply them.
  2. Jay2703

    Any tips on weeding?

    Use a sharp blade and make sure your cutting depth is correct. Too shallow and it doesn't cut all the way. Too deep and you cut into the backing paper making it equally difficult to weed. I use an Exact-O knife for everything with the very tip lightly dulled.
  3. Help please, how can I make my fonts looks normal and not too high, how is the process to set it up step by step please I am new using this program (singmaster CUT 3.5), thanks!

    too high.jpg

  4. Jay2703

    Gerber Edge is in the house

    When are you going to advertise your services?
  5. Jay2703

    Picture templates

    Try Shutterstock.com https://www.shutterstock.com/search/home+interior?autocomplete_id=&language=en&search_source=&version=llv1&image_type=photo&safe=true
  6. Jay2703

    Grip Tape?

    We do it where I work. We use an exacto knife blade in a drag knife setup. We purposely dull the tip of the blade before we use it. It's done on a large flatbed cutter. We cut from the back.
  7. Jay2703

    Transfer files from SB

    Save them out as .eps files.
  8. this looks pretty cool.
  9. Jay2703

    Winery Trailer, printed logo and cut vinyl lettering

    Arlon posted a good video on installing graphics on corrugated trucks and trailers. I realize the trailer shown isn't corrugated but it still has the rivets that need to be done.
  10. Jay2703

    Happy Holidays

  11. Jay2703

    Electric Vinyl ??? check it out. WAY COOL

    We have a few BMX tracks in our area. It is getting popular around here again.
  12. When I had my P-Cut, the only way I would run was RS 232 Serial. The USB was always intermittent. I think it's the inexpensive ports that the PCut has that lose connection.
  13. Jay2703

    Just getting started

    And cut on the dull side. The shiny side is the carrier sheet.
  14. Jay2703

    Question ( its about a CNC )

    G-Code will be different depending on what machine controller you run it on. A post-processor software is required to convert the XY cutter paths to the G-Code for each specific machine.
  15. I spray my blade with WD-40 to keep things from sticking to it.