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  1. Probably be easier to find an old XP computer to use just for cutting and design.
  2. RickS

    Need a bit of help going insane....

    are the faces cut out to show substrate color? or is it white over the red? Looks good
  3. RickS

    Need a bit of help going insane....

    the back of their heads is lost in the back ground, you might have to add some detail to finish the silhouette better if you are trying to use without a back ground color.
  4. RickS

    Need a bit of help going insane....

    I would guess if you just cut this and weed the grey parts you will get the results you are looking for.
  5. RickS

    Need a bit of help going insane....

    what do you need done with this?
  6. RickS

    Best way to cut coroplast

    Laser, find someone to do the job for you.
  7. RickS

    Was given a cutter by can't tell what brand

    move the cutter out of the way so we can see the Bobcats.
  8. RickS

    Is it worth it?

    Remember there is a big difference between wants and needs. do you really need it? do you only have one cutter? If you are buying a new cutter you should look at having a back-up cutter.
  9. RickS


    do a search on here, the file has been posted
  10. I don't think $2000 will get you very far with a printer, let alone a cutter that is decent enough to do what you are looking to do.
  11. Sig P230 compact, love this thing. also have an XDm in 45 can't go wrong with anything springfield armory, good pistols.
  12. RickS

    Font Wizards Help

    MB you are awsome, that was quick. Thanks so much, hope I can return the favor some time. saved me a ton of time after I went through about 1200 fonts. Thanks again.
  13. RickS

    Font Wizards Help

    I need to find this font and have looked through too many to count, I concede I need help for the font wizards. Thanks
  14. RickS

    Cutting corruplast

    Find someone with a laser cutter.