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  1. I noticed that the update is available, however, the documentation is lacking. It appears that we have to manually set the laser on to the registration marks. Additionally, the instructions always tell the user to set the laser onto the "bottom left" and "bottom right" registration marks. From what perspective should I chose the "bottom" and left/right? From Release 6.0.21 12Dec2007: Added - support for USCutter LaserPoint Cutter. CD Image - ISO CD image. SIGNBLAZER6.iso 184mb FULL Install: 20Dec2007 SBEforUSCutterSetup.exe 34mb Thanks, Stephen...
  2. luckytots

    Corel Draw

    I am using the DirectDrive module from to print via Corel. I don't even have SB installed yet (waiting for new contour cutting version). AFAIK, this document from the support page should also work:,1 Stephen...
  3. luckytots

    homemade solution comparable to rapid tac2

    I have not tried this, but from other forums, I was told to watch out for "new" dishwashing detergents as they contain extra chemicals that could degrade the vinyl. Stick to the plain stuff. Also, the alcohol was a no-no, but I do not remember why.
  4. I just answered my own post about the Poly-TWILL line. I do not know how it compares to the pressure sensitive stuff, but said the 60 degree blade was best for that specific material. Stephen...
  5. luckytots

    Twill or other fabric

    I ordered a sample of Poly-TWILL from, and the Laserpoint was able to cut it just fine. I am not saying that these settings are optimal, but this is what I used to cut the Twill: Blade: Roland 60 degree blade Downforce: 60 Cutspeed: 30 Software: DirectDrive (Module for CorelDRAW) Stephen...
  6. luckytots

    Twill or other fabric

    Is the LaserPoint/PCUT able to cut twill or other fabric? If so, is this covered by the warranty, and what blades/downforce is appropriate. Specifically, I am looking at using the "Poly-TWILL" material from Thanks, Stephen...