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  1. WalterD

    Random Cuts- Not in order

    I always send it to SignCut in EPS format. I've heard that it might be the order in which the elements were created that make it cut that way. Not sure how to fix the order though.
  2. WalterD

    Random Cuts- Not in order

    I sometimes have difficulty with some artwork created in Illustrator. Sometimes if I have a line of text, it will cut letters in the middle of the sentance, then go back and do the second letter and so forth. This results in an uneven line of type due to the cutter going back and forth. Is there a way to make sure that the cutter starts at one end of the vinyl and works its way to the other? I am working with a REFINE MH1300 on Mac plattform. Thanks
  3. WalterD

    Solution to cutting through design to origin

    I had the same problem of blade cutting accross the design. Not only at the end of the cut to the home position, but during the middle of cutting. I had bought a KEYSPAN adapter from and the cutter and software are working perfectly. I did not believe that was going to do the trick, but it did. $31 is all it took. HIGHLY RECOMEND IT.
  4. WalterD

    Help me ID this font

    Try to isolate the text in Photoshop and save as a jpg. Then go to and upload image. Great website. Hope this helps