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  1. AbsoluteAirbrush

    Let us introduce ourselves

    Welcome and nice work and I hope you have licenses for all of those copyrighted graphics. Not being negative just some wisdom in case you aren't aware. GL, Alan
  2. AbsoluteAirbrush

    Beginner question about Cutters

    I paid 229.00 for the software and cutter and some 12" rolls of vinyl and slice is right about the materials being for practice. Not familiar about the MH, but have heard alot of good things about it and would check that out after what Slice said about the price... GL, Alan
  3. AbsoluteAirbrush

    Vectorize size help please

    Can't you just vector it in the size it's in and then make it larger? One vectored you can make it as big as you can with no loss of detail etc. And if you need to clean it up after you vector it, jsut zoom in on it to do the clean up. + key does that in inkscape. GL, Alan
  4. AbsoluteAirbrush

    Beginner question about Cutters

    I've had a VE R31 that I bought off ebay for almost 2 years now and haven't had any problems, I did until I hooked it up via serial port instead of usb, and I prefer to use inkscape and signblazer instead of the software that came with the set. I hope this helps! Alan
  5. AbsoluteAirbrush

    Potential Scam???

    Is that all Bruce? I'm getting 900 Billion! LOL I'll give ya loan if ya need one! LOL
  6. AbsoluteAirbrush

    Need a quote for 4 screen printed shirts

    It will cost you a fortune for screenprint ( if you can find anyone that will do them ), either ready to weed or you may check out dtg or custom transfers. GL Alan
  7. AbsoluteAirbrush

    Having a terrible time with Siser..

    You don't want to use an iron, doesn't get hot enough, or enough pressure and too many variables when you're doing something like this by hand... Do the shirts have some type of finish on them? Garment dyed? Tie Dyed? etc, because I've never had a problem either. GL and let us know, Alan
  8. AbsoluteAirbrush

    I need a particular color

    With differences in monitors etc, it will be hard to tell how close you're getting, the best way is to use a color chart from the manufacturer of the vinyl line you use or want to use. GL, Alan
  9. AbsoluteAirbrush

    I need a particular color

    It would be a metallic color, just look at the color charts on the vinyl line you use.
  10. AbsoluteAirbrush

    Transfer paper!

    Yep, I realized that just when read your post
  11. AbsoluteAirbrush

    Anyone else have this problem with Large Images?

    +1 will save you alot of headache
  12. AbsoluteAirbrush

    Transfer paper!

    JSS is best for whites/lights and 3G opaque for darks IMO
  13. AbsoluteAirbrush

    military unit crest help

    I use inkscape, but I'd post the source pic and the result when you vector so everyone can see what's going on...
  14. AbsoluteAirbrush

    Trophies or not?

    You'll have to research who, if anyone sells trophies in your area, and make sure there's a need for them. What works in one area, or even one town, may not work in another. And when you add something new, you have to really market it and get the word out that you're doing it, otherwise, neither item will work out for you. Good Luck! Alan
  15. AbsoluteAirbrush

    Hummer H3

    http://www.bing.com/images/search?q=hummer+h3+pics&qpvt=hummer+h3+pics&FORM=IGRE Will any of these work?