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  1. Dellrose Custom Lighting

    rc car question

    I know I am a little late to this, but if you want something that is durable and can be up-graded later on without any trouble, get a losi. My brother in law has one, and if something breaks, you can fix it fairly easy. And the parts a cheap. Upgrades are just about endless for them also. But if you are looking for a 4-wd truck of some kind, I would recommend the HPI savage. I have 2 of them (one with the stock .21 and one with a pro .28), and they will take a pretty good beatin. The first one(.21) that I got had sat in a barn for a couple of years, and it fired up fairly easy after I got it cleaned up. The only thing that I have had go wrong with it was the spur gear stripped out on me. You might want to check out Back Woods RC, it is a local vendor to me and he really knows his stuff when it comes to rc's.
  2. Dellrose Custom Lighting

    Recent jobs

    Thanks yall. What you are seeing is probably from where the customer put them on his truck. I didnt put any thing other than the black on them. I think you can get other colors in the magnets, but I aint sure as all I have ever bought is the white. The logos on the door and window were printed by a friend of mine that does printing locally.
  3. Dellrose Custom Lighting

    Recent jobs

    Here is a few pics of some of our recent work.[/img]
  4. Dellrose Custom Lighting

    Black tshirts? This is who I use and they are cheaper than anyone else that I have found so far. Orders usally ship the same day that you place it.
  5. Dellrose Custom Lighting

    Having a really bad day now....

    Back when I had my LP, I had this problem all the time. At first, I was just using the USB port on the cutter, then I started using a USB-serial adapter and that seem to take care of most of the problem. As for geting a serial card for a desktop, make sure that it is compatiable with your vista OS. I run my LP off of my desktop, vista 64-bit, until I got my current cutter, which is a graphtec. And it wasnt until just a couple of months ago that I was able to cut from my desktop using my graphtec because of driver issuses.
  6. I just downloaded the graphtec driver for windows 64-bit on my main computer, and it works great. Just thought that I would let everyone know that it is out there now. Graphtec support page.
  7. Dellrose Custom Lighting

    Maroon 5xl t shirts

    I have been using S&S Sales out of Nashville, TN. Right now, I dont have a tax ID number, and I am still payin less per shirt than I would through some of the other vendors that have been mentioned. The price for Gildan 6.1 oz vary from $1.85 - $2.10, with 2X and up not being over $3.45 +/-. And the customer service is outstanding, to say the least. S&S Sales
  8. Dellrose Custom Lighting

    Some of my recent work.

    workin. been stayin busy here and at my reg. job alot here lately. what you been up to?
  9. Dellrose Custom Lighting

    Some of my recent work.

    Actually, I didnt make that one up. It was one that I got from here awhile back. Noticed that it was speeled wrong after I had already cut it, so I just left that one like it was. I have a few more items that I have done lately that I havent posted yet. Maybe one of these days I will get around to it. Maybe........ :-
  10. Dellrose Custom Lighting

    Looking for a bull head

    Thanks Kenya and LS. I think thet have angus, so I dont think that the bramah's would go good with their sign. It might be time for me to do a little bit of editing.
  11. Dellrose Custom Lighting

    Looking for a bull head

    Thanks Edge. That one wont work for this project. I need something that is realistic looking, if you know what I mean. This is for a family farm sign if that helps any.
  12. Dellrose Custom Lighting

    Looking for a bull head

    I am in need of a bull head. I have already looked on here, and all that I found will not work. If you have anything, I sure would appreciate it. Thanks Jason (Dellrose)
  13. Dellrose Custom Lighting

    Record Keeping Program

    Thanks Pappy. It downloaded just fine on vista 64 and I will give it a try later this week when I am off.
  14. Dellrose Custom Lighting

    Is this Copyrighted...? where did it come from

    That what I was thinking I have one of signtorch frist cd it's about 2 years old.. signtorch designs are very nice.. I know signtorch has alot of new vector now that i need to get.. I have been thinking about gettin some of their cd's as they have a lot of files, and they are fairly cheap.
  15. Dellrose Custom Lighting

    Is this Copyrighted...? where did it come from

    some of his stuff looks like it came from sign torch. They have a lot of vector art that appears to look just like his stuff.