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  1. Yes, this is how I am prototyping, but was hoping to reduce the use of plastics wherever possible.... Thanks! Im new at all this and learnin as i go.... DyeSuber!
  2. I have a Roland VP-300 and have a new product that I am making. I am wondering if I can print my own cardboard hangtags, I guess is the best way to describe them. They are 5 x 7 and have all the product info and also hold the product. What sort of cardboard can I print with this printer and ecosol inks? Many thanks in advance!!!
  3. dyesuber

    VersaCamm keeps beeping

    Figured it out! I was out of cartridge 2, Cyan, thats why it was flashing the 2 / C All is good and that incessant infernal beeping is over! Thanks all, DyeSuber
  4. dyesuber

    VersaCamm keeps beeping

    Thanks Skeeter, Ive read through them and cant find the code that I am seeing. Its drivin me nuts just sitting here and not able to do anything until the morning. I dont want to turn it off incase it screws something up, i dont want to leave it on incase it screws something up.
  5. dyesuber

    VersaCamm keeps beeping

    the number 2 keeps flashing to the letter c, so would it be the second ink cartridge? I do have an extra black cartridge. is it ok to take one out, and try it and then put it back if it doesnt work? Marco
  6. I just got a used Roland VC - 300 and tried to do a cleaning. It keeps beeping and shows the following on the screen... 1l 2 3 4 What do I do, the store is closed and im totally lost... thanks!
  7. You guys are great! I have the graphtec craftpro and have been cutting and weeding my stickers, but as my orders increase, I think that printing the stickers will be more cost effective for me in the long run. A HUGE part of my value proposition to my clients, is that it is a 1 day or less turnaround. So being able to quickly upload a file, print out a sheet of 2 inch, 4 inch and 6 inch stickers and deliver will make me shine over the competition. $16k in the long run will not be an issue, leasing will def help if possible.
  8. Hi all, Thanks for all your great info. I have a product line that is blowing up and I urgently need guidance. I need to find out about printing stickers inhouse. What are my options for printing small, ie. 1 inch to 14 inch square, black ink on white background, outdoor stickers? It wont be big quantities of each sticker, but it will be volume of different stickers, so quick setup is important. I am not happy with the dyesub options for stickers. What printers would you recommend? What companies? Is it possible to lease? If I can have an entry level printer that does lower volume and then upgrade, that would be better. Thanks! DyeSuber