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  1. signguyjohn

    another drawing to share

    Thanks for posting the file. Great talent
  2. signguyjohn

    question about stickers

    PM sent
  3. signguyjohn

    composite material

    I put masking tape down for the saw to ride on to prevent scratching. The only way I have cut composite is with a scroll saw and a very fine tooth blade, I also put tape down and mark my cut line on it to also prevent scratches and chipping of the paint at the cut. Not sure if that was needed or not.
  4. signguyjohn

    need some pricing

    PM sent
  5. signguyjohn

    printed banners

    Well said.Stetson So I guess my $1.00 sq ft is to low? Just Kidding. I know what I have to charge to make it worth doing. This was a hobby for a few years but since having to go on disability I need to have it pay something. As advice someone on here gave me, what counts is that you keep it fair priced and in line with others pricing. This came from a person I barely know but have watched what he has posted in the past,and in my opinion is a person that is helpful and a asset to this forum, as well as others( I think we all know who they are) I want to give a BIG thanks these people for their time and knowledge. Sincerely John
  6. signguyjohn

    Today's work so far..

    Nice looking work Also like the rear window graphics
  7. signguyjohn

    Members in the south flooding areas ?

    It's a good way to look at it... Since my heart attack and surgery , If I wake up and see the ceiling Its a good day If I can put my feet on the floor its even a better day lol
  8. signguyjohn

    Members in the south flooding areas ?

    Hope everything is OK and things get better soon.
  9. signguyjohn

    Tiger Claw ripping shirt

    Just downloaded the tiger claw. Thanks
  10. signguyjohn

    Paper Tape VS Clear Tape

    I also use poli tape and as said it is the best I have tried, but, it does tunnel as been said also.. So I also agree with the others.
  11. Just got a VersaCamm SP300V. I was wondering if anyone can give me an Idea on pricing by the Sq. Ft for Wholesale and Retail. Any help greatly appreciated
  12. signguyjohn


    I lurk almost every day . I can't say for the others) but I feel that most of what I do is basic things that others are already doing, so there is no advantage for posting other than increasing my post count. I would like to post things that are beneficial to others. I will in the future try to post more, because this is a great forum with some very helpful people. Thanks to everyone for making this forum what it is and to the regulars that put more than their share of time in to help others. It is great to see there are still people in this world that are not afraid to tell what they know to help others. Thanks everyone John
  13. signguyjohn

    Great to see old members coming back

    Thanks everyone for the well wishes, it means a lot to know that you have people thinking of you even though you have never met them. That is why I like this forum so much. It's people that are truly wanting others to succeed and are willing to share knowledge to get them there. Banner John, I'm glad to hear from someone that has been through it and for letting me know that this feeling is not permanent. Looking forward to getting the printer here now. Again Thanks everyone
  14. signguyjohn

    Great to see old members coming back

    I also am glad to see all the people back. I don't often post and have had a pretty rough time lately. Went in the hospital for double pneumonia put me in ICU then had an ongoing heart attack had emergency surgery( quadruple bypass) then went into cardiac arrest had to be hit with the paddles over 30 times (still have the burn marks to prove it) Doctors almost gave up but my family didn't. I have to go in May 18 to put a defibrillator in. Can't go back to my regular job so got a good price on a Versa Camm printer and will try going into business full time. Wish me luck John