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  1. harddock

    Switch to MAC

    We are trying to rid ourselves of all that is pc . We are running off the last of the laptops now.
  2. harddock

    Switch to MAC

    it is an older snow leopard and was not able (no supporting disc) to open and install boot camp. Is there a software for Mac that will recognize or have have drivers for VE R31? I am using LXi Expert 2.5 currently . not suitable for mac. only XP, 7 vista According to what I have read snow leopard to old, MAC has not enough memory my option is find cutting software for MAC that VE R31 will operatefrom
  3. harddock

    Switch to MAC

    I have a R31 running from LXi software. Everything works except my dad is switching our computers to MAC's as the Windows units start to die. my software bought and registered is windows version. Is there any way to run win software on the Mac. Like a program that allows this. I am looking for the most inexpensive way to way to be able to mate the two. I also have a PCut and Sign Blaster that might like the same.
  4. harddock

    Full version Signblazer Download (all cutters)

    I just got a new laptop runnning wwindows 7 There is no cd drive. Can i download SignBlaster direct from somwhere. I tried the links here but they are eithere long gone or i'm doing something wrong. I still have my original CD but don't know how t get it into this new computer. Help!!
  5. harddock

    SIGNBLAZER HOTSHOT.... do you want it?

    I'd like a copy.
  6. harddock

    Aquiring image

    I have a wireless printer / scanner that works fine sending out printing jobs but when in Sign Blaster it will not trigger a scan. I get no action at all. This all worked fine until a new hard drive forced a reinstall. Any help?
  7. harddock

    How to check and set communication settings for USB com ports

    Ok after trial and error and reload after reload with no results I finally found my original disc. I loaded it and still got a cannot initalize, tried different usb ports and on my third try I got the cannot find driveres. It asked if I wanted to search, I did they were found and it was calling this usb Com3. went back to the printer settings and switched to com3 and we are up and running. Now I also have inkscape and need to figure how sign blaster cuts off inkscape work but that is for another day.
  8. harddock

    How to check and set communication settings for USB com ports

    I too keep getting the can't initalize cutter message. When I go through set up I have a USB, DGIF USB, and SUMMA USB choice. I have tried all theree yet I only have the SUMMA USB option on cutter set up. I do not have Blaser or ltpi ports available as I run off a laptop. SignBlaster Elements - Creation PCUT 630 - Windows 7 op system...Can anyone help? Is it possible I didn't download any drivers?
  9. I got one to load, not sure whose but it is something. I'll try it tommorrow to see that it works. Thanks.
  10. Can anyone give me a copy or a link to SignBlaster Elements. I need to reload as I have a new hardrive and can't find my CD anywhere. I have tried every one here with no results. I understand it will run in trial which is ok thats how mine ran. I have win 7
  11. harddock

    sign blazer for windows 7 help

    The link goes around in circles. I too have a US cutter and a new hard drive. I can't find my signblaster CD and need to download one that will work with windows 7. Can anyone help me?? The mediafire link won't work, none of the other ones will allow a download.
  12. I need to get my signblaster serial #, Signblaster states I have to get it from whom I bought the program. Can you help?
  13. Sign Blaster will not activate my software without serial #s. I sent every number I had but apparantly none of these where the serial #. They say I need to get them from whwere I purchased. That would be US Cutter. How can I get my software #"S Help Ken?
  14. harddock


    Attention Ken!!!! Today I received the cutter back. I unpacked it, loaded the software, registered, and attempted to cut some simple task. Whoa it worked!! I have got some ways to go understanding this software and the parameters etc ( Dr. Sticka was so simple) but I thought you would appreciate knowing that I am up and (so far) running. I can't believe nothing on my end changed and nothing was done to this machine and now it is fine but I am happy and thought I would send you a note thanking you for the time and effort you afforded me. I'll be back I'm sure with some questions but everything is ok. Thanks again. Kevin
  15. harddock


    So if I understand you corectly the problem still lies in the communication with my computer. The carrage that didn't go up and down should have worked in a stand alone mode without even having the computer hooked to the cutter and obviously it did not. So I'll wait to se if it works when it rearrives or you'll be hearing from me as to how I need to get the communications straightened out. Thanks for responding and hopefully this time things will go smoothly. The computer I'll be using clean so I will be reloading the programs and starting over from scratch. Did it work with the originally supplied usb cable?