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  1. Damit that's not very promising :'(
  2. I finally got a new blade cutter (from china) and some new 60 degree blades. The results where way better then before but there is still some issue with the start and end spot (both with 45 & 60 degree blades). Its not quite matching up but the cut is a lot closer so things at least weed ok. Seem like for cutting graphics its meh.. ok, but for letters ( specially small ones ) its not so good. Daddy-o thanks for the updates, I am very interested to find out what they find.
  3. p56 is storing my machine for me. Its about 2 years old but has been used very very little I have made maybe 5yrds of stickers. And it was cutting fine last time i used it about a year ago. :-(
  4. Nope how do you do that? Is that on the cutter or in SignBlazer?
  5. x - 25795, y - 25857. Yesterday we did try setting the y = x and didn't see a change.
  6. Your right for the 1st pic ( bottom-right/clockwise). The 2nd pic is rotated.
  7. The direction was Start: Bottom left -> top left -> top right -> bottom right -> finish: bottom left
  8. What are the signs that the blade holder is bad? I am been talking with p56 and so far that is our only idea ( the pen seems to draw fine). Anyone think that the issue with the cuts not completing and the corners still have rounded edges would be due to a blade holder gone bad? Also whats a good way to determine if the cutting strip needs to be replaced ( or causing these issues? ) Thanks
  9. Where do you set the overcut in SignBlazer?
  10. Creakhead

    Pcut Test Cut

    Thanks! That did it, I guess its been awhile since i used my cutter.
  11. Creakhead

    Pcut Test Cut

    It was set on Test 01, if i try any other number the print head just moves off to the left till it hits the kill switch.
  12. With my pcut when I go into the the off-line mode and go to the test menu, and run a test. The cutter just starts cutting all sorts of dashes of different lengths. I remember it used to just cut a rectangle. Any ideas how I get it back to cutting the rectangle? Thanks
  13. Maybe try oiling the blade holder, maybe the knife isn't spinning good?
  14. Creakhead

    Moving: Need Packing tips

    Thanks for the tips guys. Lucky when i was going through my shed, I did save the foam ends that came with the cutter. I just tapped down the rollers so they don't slide, and made my own box wrapping it in cardboard. Seems pretty sturdy. I will just be sure not to put stuff on top of it Although now that's its packed up, I was just realizing it would have been smart to make some nice big sticker labels to mark my moving boxes . Dang it!
  15. Creakhead

    Moving: Need Packing tips

    Hi guys, I am getting ready to move in a few weeks, and was trying to figure out what the best way to pack up my 24" pcut cutter. I don't have the original box. I was wondering some silly things, like do i need to tie down the cutting head? Should the feed rollers be locked/unlocked? What about the plastic feet rollers? Any tips would be great. Thanks a ton, Aaron