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  1. haumana

    Tracing shape by hand and transferring

    yup. trace, scan, and vectorize.
  2. WinXP will run Sign Blazer just fine. Unfortunately, for us Mac users, the selection of cutting software is a lot more limited than for windows. For Mac, you might look into download and test driving Sure Cuts a Lot or Easy Cut. Both should allow you to go from start to finish, but the end cut on the vinyl will have slashes through it until the software is activated. If I'm in a pinch, I fire up Parallels on my Mac and use Win7 with Sign Blazer to get the job out quickly. Bootcamp is also an option.
  3. haumana

    Oracal 631 not sticking please help

    age of vinyl and age of app tape can also affect proper adhesion.
  4. haumana

    Scoring tool

    a picture of the blade holder in the carriage would also be helpful as well.
  5. Meant no offense, just wanted to double check. There are incidences that the chip/board that control the z-axis (up and down), go bad, and then the it will not move and will drag the blade for the entire run. Good that we can rule that out for you.
  6. haumana

    Question on copyright infringment

    The grey area of possibilities is mind boggling.
  7. Just want to rule out the obvious - the blade is moving up and down, right?
  8. Cutters can be used across different versions of Windows, so take your pick. I personally will use any version other than Win10, only because I have a love/hate relationship with the forced auto-updates. You just need to get your hands on software to send the cut - Sign Blazer Elements is free, and it'll do the job. It will also do some design, but compared to CD, it's kind of antiquated and looks kind of comical (and I mean that in a good way). I love Sign Blazer. It's what I learned on, and it's what I still use now and again. If that doesn't really work for you, you can checkout the different ones out there, and most have a trial for you to test drive. Just be forewarned that in trial mode, they will cut slashes into your design until an actual license is purchased - but hey, at least you can try all of the features for free before buying. VinylMaster, Easy Cut, Sure Cuts A Lot, Flexi, etc ....
  9. haumana

    I know it's probably something easy...

    Mahalo Slice! Yah, that seems to be the hard decisions about businesses with text in their logo - proprietary or not-proprietary. I personally when with a non, because I just don't have to deal with over customizing my logo. Hahaha.
  10. I've been staring at this font and just can't place it. I've tried to go through several font sites, and even trolled my extensive collection, but still can't place it. Can anyone point me in the right direction? TIA
  11. haumana

    I know it's probably something easy...

    Exactly! Hahaha
  12. haumana

    I know it's probably something easy...

    Mahalo! Mahalo! I was thinking that the P might be a different font and/or been manually modified during the creation of the logo. Too bad this is an old logo and the company can no longer find the original files that were provided to them when it was created ... although, I'm wondering if that really would have been any cleaner ... it's so dated. Hahaha.
  13. haumana

    My cutter is cutting sloppy

    Just need to go through all the basics - blade depth blade pressure - just enough to cut through the vinyl & adhesive, but not cut into the backing offset pull from slack - do not pull vinyl directly from roll, always pre-pull enough slack to run the entire job if the cuts still aren't turning out the way you want, try slowing the cut speed down. please keep in mind that stepper motor cutters are not as accurate as servo motors, but you should be able to get a very decent cut for that skull graphic you're trying to cut.
  14. haumana

    How to save or convert .vdoc to .pdf

    If you have AI, you can try and import your file in .eps form, then export it to .pdf.
  15. If the original owner provided everything to you - including all documentation that might have the activation code for the Graphtec software, I would go that route. If you don't have that, Sign Blazer Elements is free and will get the job done. Some people like Vinyl Master, some Sure Cuts a Lot, a few Easy Cut. You just have to find the software that feels good to you. You should be able to download the trials for most of them and test drive them before you have to make a purchase - unless you go with Sign Blazer, that's just free.
  16. haumana

    pounds of air pressure to etch glass

    searching the forum will go a long way.
  17. haumana

    Package not delivered

    Does the packing slip say that your app tape was in there? Can you be sure that it was USC's fault that they didn't pack it?
  18. haumana

    How to cut from a saved PDF??

    If you have the ability - convert it to a more cut friendly vector format - (i.e. eps, svg, ai, ...) what color it is really doesn't matter, since you're the one to feed the cutter whatever vinyl you choose. feel free to register for the forum, it's free and your posts wont wait to be approved by a moderator for posting
  19. out of curiosity, what is the size of your LP2, and the width of the vinyl you're trying to cut?
  20. haumana

    New PC needed

    Win7 will probably be the most reliable, in terms of operating systems. If you're just hooking it up the cutter, then you really don't need internet access. I would turn off any type of auto updates there are for any of the programs that you'd be running on the machine - not that MS even really supports 7 anymore. Hahaha.
  21. haumana

    Does anyone do clear bra ?

    https://www.uscutter.com/index/page/static/subpage/buying_guides_new https://www.graphtecamerica.com/ce7000-series
  22. haumana

    New PC needed

    I haven't found a version of Windows that SBE doesn't run on. That being said, anything with Win10 will have auto updates that cannot be turned off. If I am able to, I try to stick with the antiquated Win7 setup. I've already had Win10 break my CorelDraw 2018, and was not happy about it.
  23. haumana


    If he didn't get the software from USC, then the VM Cut doesn't have the vectorizing feature. But yes, if there is the vector feature, Inkscape can be bypassed and the artwork can be vectored in VM itself.
  24. haumana

    Does anyone do clear bra ?

    You should probably find out what the c;ear material is made of, as well as how thick it is. That might help determine which cutter you end up getting. The Graphtec will cut. It will also plot if you put a pen in it. That's all it's going to do. You can do all kinds of stuff with an expensive printer and cutter, but it cost waaaaaaay more than the Graphtec's $1800.
  25. haumana


    Hmm ... let break this down a little more. After getting the raster image into the inkscape work space, single click on the artwork to select it. Path > Trace Bitmap > OK (the resizing arrows will usually move, so that it's on the traced vector instead of the raster image) (you can close the Trace Bitmap pop up, or just move it to the side) There should be the vectorized item sitting directly on top of the raster. Try to click on something and move it to the side. At the bottom it will tell you which is selected (image is raster, path is vector).