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  1. haumana

    Oracal 631 not sticking please help

    huh. my ht55 actually got stickier on the adhesive, but crunchier on the paper now i use it for masking stuff i put into the laser i totally agree with you though ... smaller rolls!!!
  2. haumana

    Oracal 631 not sticking please help

    I've had to use the HT55 for my 631.
  3. Have you tried replacing the USB cable? Are you in close proximity to the cutter, or are you running your connection thru a hub, or using an extension cable?
  4. haumana

    artcut won't open

  5. haumana

    Getting a clean cut for photo magnet

    Ditto on the multiple cuts
  6. haumana

    MH871 blade doesn't go up and down

    Sounds like a z-chip issue. Definitely get in touch with customer support.
  7. haumana

    MH871 MK2

  8. haumana

    MH871 MK2

    True, but I got to admit - mine survived and is still in the machine, even through my learning days ... 12+ years. I think I need to use my cutter more often. Hahaha.
  9. haumana

    Trouble connecting with cutter

    Yah, that forced windows updates cause more problems than they fix. Any PC I use for my cutter will indefinitely be on Win7, until I can no longer find hardware that will support that OS. The first thing I do with all my PC's is stop any and all auto updates. Too bad Microsoft started forcing updates.
  10. haumana

    MH871 MK2

    If you are going to change your blade, regardless of degree/angle, I would highly recommend Clean Cut Blades. They do make a huge difference.
  11. haumana

    MH871 MK2

    Ditto on the 60* for everything. I have never gone back to a 45*
  12. haumana

    Cutting rubber sheet?

    If you're willing to try it on your cutter - just use a carrier mat, and you'll probably need to do multiple passes. How many does he need to get done?
  13. haumana

    MH871 MK2

    It's hard to determine the size of what you're trying to cut based on your photo, so I it's hard for me to determine how small the details of you graphic actually are, or what the actual bad cut(s) look like. Depending on size and detail, you might want to change the blade to a 60-degree and/or slow the cut speed. A general rule of thumb is that the smaller or more intricate the detail, the slower you're going to want to cut it. Using a 60* blade helps. If you don't have one and are considering one, I would get a Clean Cut blades - I would even get a Clean Cut blade in 45* too.
  14. haumana

    MH871 MK2

    trial and error - if you try using the test feature from the control panel of the cutter, see if the blade offset is calibrated for you. 0.25 is typical, but it can vary, and that might affect cuts getting closed properly. (ie. the sweet spot of offset for my LP is .27) once you know that your offset is good, or if .25 is the sweet spot offset for your machine, then you can adjust the overcut. can you cut a simple shape (square, circle, triangle, etc.) and the cut lines do not meet?
  15. haumana

    SC cutter placement

    Hmmm ... if you did happen to cut all the way through the vinyl, adhesive, and paper backing - take a look at the cutting strip (it's the teflon strip runs side to side on your cutter, just under the blade). It's meant to be a means to protect your blade in the event you do accidentally cut all the way through and/or cut off the vinyl. If there are lots of slashes and/or gouges on the cutting strip, you might want to consider replacing it soon. A heavily cut cutting strip can cause cut quality issues - as in, some places are cutting, and other aren't, or getting perforation type of cuts, etc.
  16. haumana

    SC cutter placement

    You shouldn't be cutting all the way through - just enough blade exposure and force to cut the vinyl and adhesive - the waxed paper backing should only be lightly scored/indented. If you're cutting into the paper backing, you either have too much blade, or too much force. Each time I need to do blade adjustments, I use the test function on my cutter. The 'test' pattern is a rectangle. So I will cut one rectangle and then jog the vinyl a smidgen forward and move the blade carriage a smidgen over so the rectangles have slight overlap. When I weed the two rectangles, I can then check to see if the back has an indentation, or if I actually cut into it. I make my adjustments from there. As far as your point of origin. Different software has different settings on how the job is sent to the cutter, so you'd have to take a look at your software and see what kind of options there are, but as Skeeter said, sometimes the software tells the cutter to start the job further into the roll and not necessarily at the point of the origin that you designated when you reset it.
  17. You are probably better off asking this question on a a web design forum.
  18. haumana

    SC cutter placement

    (Re)setting the point of origin 0,0 is a function on the cutter. Reference the owner's manual for that. If you are correctly resetting the 0,0 on the cutter, but when you send the job to the cutter, it's still jogging the vinyl forward 12", then you should be able to see that in a preview function in the cutting software. Try Sign Blazer Elements. It's free and it will only cost you a little time and effort to test it out.
  19. haumana

    SC cutter placement

    You can move the blade, but do you actually reset the 0,0 point of origin prior to taking the machine back online to cut? There should also be some kind of preview option in whatever software you are using to see how you item will be sent to the cutter. What software and version are you using? Have you tried using Sign Blazer Elements?
  20. haumana

    SC cutter placement

    Are you resetting your origin when you have the carriage head in the starting point?
  21. haumana

    Signcut Prod. Pro 1 - XML parsing error

    Have you tried to reach out the Sign Cut, like previously suggested?
  22. haumana

    MH871 MK2

    Check you blade depth, and make sure that you have the blade holder positioned properly. Search the forum for the correct way to set the blade depth.
  23. haumana

    follow path

    Will a 4-row work? If not, you can erase one of the rows. cribbage 4-row.eps
  24. Ditto on the Tripp-Lite Keyspan. It couldn't hurt. If you were able to buy a puter with XP on it, any chance that it's old enough to have a serial port on it? If so, instead of the keyspan, you can just try and use a null modem cable direct from puter to cutter. Even if you do go the keyspan route, you'll still need a null modem cable.