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  1. to sell printer or not to sell

    Sell only if you absolutely must - a. you totally don't have the room for it; b. you're getting something better; c. you're in the poor house and are about to be home; or d. your house looks like it should be put on the TV show Hoarders: Buried Alive
  2. New on here

  3. vectorize logo question

    If Homeland security wants to bust people for stuff like that, they ought to hit up all the Comic Cons! Infringement galore!! There are even the original creators of characters like the TMNT, Deadpool, etc. at those conventions where everyone is selling everything - decals, coasters, sketches, shot glasses, etc. Maybe some of these companies should be like Sanrio - license the crap out of Hello Kitty, because she's got her own champagne! who would have thought Hello Kitty has her own booze?
  4. Blade choices?

    I have an original LP, and was initially using the 45 that shipped with it. Intricate stuff was a little tough to do, but after switching it out to a 60 Clean Cut (about a year or two in), it made a huge difference. It definitely cleaned it up a bit, and then all that I was left was with the limitations of my machine. I still have that original Clean Cut blade in my LP, and it's still doing a job great! I've recently added a Graphtec to the lineup and immediately put in a 60 Clean Cut blade from the get go. Why bother going stock, when I know that I will be changing it out to Clean Cut anyway. I ordered the blades immediately after ordering my machine, and got them a whole lot faster than the machine too!
  5. Reflective Vinyl help

    It won't be a 651 or 751 vinyl. Reflective is in basically in a class all its own. Your customer has good taste - reflective black is awesome! Depending on the size you need, you can check Amazon (https://www.amazon.com/s/ref=nb_sb_noss_1?url=search-alias%3Daps&field-keywords=reflective+black+vinyl), or you might be able to buy what you need from other members on the forum. Be sure to take your time setting up your cutter to slice into reflective - for my little LaserPoint, I get the best results if I cut it twice (copy the graphic and paste in place and let the cutter do its thing), and slow the blade down a little.
  6. firearm owners

    I know a handful of you out there are firearm owners, just wanted to know if any of you do dry-fire practices, or have any of the tech (i.e. - SIRT pistol, MantisX, LASR, LaseLyte, etc.)
  7. Newb from Wisconsin

    Aloha, and happy cutting!
  8. Should I buy from US Cutter?

    I can't speak for anyone else, but my experience with USC has been nothing but positive. I bought my first cutter from USC via eBay. I would have not hesitated to buy my second cutter from them, had I not been able to find a local company near me that could give me a huge price break on the shipping. I've only needed to speak with their support team once or twice, and both times they were very responsive, and even accommodated the fact that I'm basically in a time zone all on my own, and made a point to schedule a call back with me. Luckily for me, my cutter has been virtually flawless and has performed well for me for close to 12 years. Buy the best cutter that you budget will allow and I think you will be a happy camper - with the machine, with support, and the unofficial support of the forum.
  9. Blade choices?

    Never a pain, and it's much better to have extra blades, than not enough. That being said, even though you might have stocked up on a bunch of blades - it is worth looking at Clean Cut blades if you did buy those. Not all blades are made equal.
  10. Need some help with this Font

  11. Blade choices?

    Once I 'saw the light' about using a 60 Clean Cut blade, I've never gone back. I've used the 60 to (double) cut reflective, and reflective on vinyl (for easier removal).
  12. Tracing Help

    If you live in a state where most people tint their windows, I'd just cut the red and white. OBC-Red.eps OBC-Black.eps OBC-White.eps
  13. I know some think it's obsolete, but Sign Blazer Elements, which is also free, will get the job done! So far there hasn't been a project that I've done, that I couldn't do it with SBE. You'll find your footing, then become an old pro!
  14. TITAN3 DOA?

    blade depth first. you don't want to unnecessarily cut into the cutting strip under the vinyl and backing.
  15. TITAN3 DOA?

    It should fire up immediately. Contact US Cutter while they're still there.
  16. If anyone is interested - It about 4"x4", full color, contour cut (with white border is fine). Hopefully they will have a vector graphic ready to go soon. Still checking with the client if they want paper, poly or vinyl; matte or glossy; deadline; and quantity (I think they will be starting with 1,000).
  17. Hey guys, please don't flame me for this one ... What are some of the online companies that can print decals? I have local companies here, but truth be told - ordering it online is typically way cheaper than doing it local. Since I'm simply a hobbyist and do not have the ability to do color printing and laminate, I need to outsource this job. I'm still waiting on some additional information from my customer, as well as a vector version of their artwork, but I want to hit the ground running to minimize a turnaround for them. Thanks guys!
  18. That's a good amount of vinyl that you've cut! I'm sure in no time, it will pay for itself, and then you'll you be considering a Graphtec
  19. Rhinestone stick glock

    do you have an example? (sorry, I'm not from the world of crafty-ness)
  20. Try Sign Blazer. Try cutting a different file. If they one you're trying to cut is too big, that could be part of the issue. If you have a laptop that has a serial port - go for it! How long have you had this cutter, and is this the first time you've encountered this issue?
  21. I only have to double cut material once in a blue moon. I also have never needed to do so on a large design. Typically I just do a copy and paste of the original design, and leave the pasted copy in place - so there are two copies of the exact design sitting on one another, then I just send it to cut. The cutter will see there's 2 designs, and will cut both during the same "job". I hope that makes sense. I've done this when I've needed to layer reflective material on regular vinyl (because peeling/removing reflective material that's been sitting in the sun is a nightmare).
  22. Get the best cutter you can within your budget. I know that a 24"/28" seems big, but I don't think you would regret getting one bigger than 15"/17". I'd also recommend getting a stand for it too, So if $800 is my budget, I'd be getting a 28" Titan.
  23. If you can, use at least two pinch rollers when cutting, that will go a long way towards keeping your media straight. If you're cutting something that you want it to be cut completely through - consider putting it on some kind of sticky backing, or when your media will come loose and shift when the pinch rollers go over it again. There is a cutting strip that runs the width of the cutter under where the blade goes back and forth, but the goal is to not have your blade actually cut into the strip. It's there to protect the blade and machine. Consider what you're cutting and what kind of stress it will put on your brand new cutter. Thick stuff will have considerable drag, and possibly shouldn't be use in the cutter at all - but will depend on what material you're cutting and how thick it is. Depending on what I was cutting, there were times when instead of using a lot of force on the blade, I simply cut it twice over the same cut path.
  24. I'm not sure what the function is called in VM, but you want to delete the individual node that make up the interior of the letters "e, a, g" (I know you don't use Sign Blazer, but in that applications, it's called Node Edit).