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    Cutter not initializing

    You don't assign the COM port, Windows does, then you go into SBE and tell SBE which COM port Windows has assigned to it. You can typically get there by right clicking "My Computer" and selecting Device Manager. Then look under COM or USB.
  2. haumana

    Cutter not initializing

    ^What Darc said!. I guess I really need to start explaining myself better. Hahaha...
  3. haumana

    Cutter cuttin oval

    vs? are you trying to cut an oval, or are you trying to cut a circle, and it's gone horribly wrong?
  4. haumana

    Cutter not initializing

    What port did Windows assign? That's the port you want to select in SBE.
  5. haumana

    Customer Service

    I miss Ken Imes
  6. haumana

    Per Piece

    I think it would really depend on how much you're charging for your stuff int he first place, and how well you trust the person/people weeding it. Kudo's to getting the timing down! I'm lucky (or unlucky) that most of my stuff is word of mouth, and friends/family - so if they give me a bunch of stuff to do, but I don't have the time for everything - I cut it, then hand over the vinyl with my x-acto and tell them to "have at it" and to drop it back off when they're done. Sometimes it comes back with dust and dog hair stuck to the backing because of static, but I do warn them about that up front. Then I just tape it up, and hand it back for them to cut out separately. I just charge them the retail for the materials and very little on the labor since I didn't have to sit there and weed it to death. You would be amazed how many people think it's "fun" to weed, and are wanting to save a few dollars to do it themselves. It also helps that I tell them they would get it quicker if they weeded it themselves, since clearly I really didn't have time to work on their project to begin with. Understandably, not everyone has the luxury.
  7. haumana

    Cutout rubber design on hats question

    @MZ SKEETER You're a method!! Immortalized for the eternity of the forum! Woohoo!
  8. haumana

    Strange anomaly recently

    thanks for the clarification! good to know.
  9. haumana

    Titan 3 SE and Mac?

    Graphtec offers us Graphtec Studio as their design softare on the Mac side. I have not really compared the Graphtec Studio (Mac) to Graphtec Pro Studio (Win), so I really couldn't tell you how much they differ. I still do really, really, really simple stuff with my cutter - the fanciest I will get is doing 3 or 4 colors (hahaha). But I have tested for cut in both variations of the sotware in their perspective operating side and it came out perfect each test. This is what a basic screen shot looks like of GS in Mac. I know I should be learning GS or GPS (or even VM) because it's more powerful and versatile, but I also have to learn Corel and AI for my laser engraver, and that's taking priority right now. Meh, I no my way around SBE enough to get the job done, so until I get a good grasp on the engraving side, the cutting software will be "as needed" on the learning curve.
  10. haumana

    Strange anomaly recently

    okay - could it be cutting double because it's trying to cut the line thickness, rather than just seeing it a single cut line? when you start your design, are you already designing in vector (sorry if that's a stupid question (on my part), I know nothing about Corel)
  11. haumana

    Titan 3 SE and Mac?

    I have never had a Titan. I started out from an original LaserPoint, and 10+ years later I thought I'd better get a "back-up" machine in case the LP died. I'm just a hobbyist (word of mouth business), and know that I've made money back on it several times over. So even sinking a few thousand in a new machine was another big step, but I bit the bullet and got the Graphtec. Now the LP is the 'back-up' machine and the only time it got turned on after I got the Graphtec, was to make sure that I still connected successfully and could cut via Parallels after I changed up the wiring to my Mac a bit. My husband doesn't help with the vinyl side of my hobby, but he knows how much better this machine is over the LP. When I told him there was a guy selling his setup locally - he immediately asked if we should get it. I'm not sure what he's thinking, but I have no room (unless I get rid of the LP), and I don't expect my new Graphtec to have any issues for a long time to come. If it's only a few hundred more, get the Graphtec, you won't regret it.
  12. haumana

    Not feeding straight

    Hahaha, that's what I said.
  13. haumana

    Titan 3 SE and Mac?

    Too bad you don't live in HI - there's a guy here selling a CE6000-60 plus all his vinyl accoutrements for $3000 I wish he had posted this last year, it would have saved me the wait time and shipping charges.
  14. haumana

    Not feeding straight

    If you're cutting from rolled vinyl - it will usually feed pretty straight if you have equal tensions when setting down the pinch rollers. If it's still going askew, or if you're feeding it a sheet - use the tick marks on the roller and jog your vinyl back and forth through the cut window and watch which way your vinyl is drifting. I till will be pretty obvious quickly and then you can lift just ONE pinch roller and nudge it just a bit, then hold the vinyl in place and do a quick lift and down of the pinch roller(s). jog the vinyl again. keep on doing that until you get the degree of "straightness" coming through the jogging that meets your standards. If it's drifting off of a roller, then do the same thing to align for straightness, but make sure that you pull enough slack off the roller before cutting so that the pinch rollers will not be tugged by any tension from the roll of vinyl. Good luck.
  15. haumana

    Font request

    I'm with s&d - it may be a font, but it's definitely been modified, because you're not going to get the "g" and "r" in an un-altered font like that. the kerning would be a killer. the kerning on the "h" already overlaps the "t". This i not a straight forward font. Not exact, but similar.
  16. haumana

    Titan 3 SE and Mac?

    Done and Done. I have both my LP and Graphtec running in SBE via Parallels. I can also have the Graphtec cut straight from the Mac side too. Depending on what your budget is - I'd go Graphtec. It took me years to want to put more money into another cutter, especially since my LP was chugging along just fine, but WOW! What a HUGE difference. Now the LP is collecting dust and never gets to see the light day. If you can't afford a new Graphtec, then find a working used one!
  17. Glad you're able to get it to work. Still a good habit to see if you can vectorize your stuff though, because when you need to upgrade (without choice), then all the new stuff cut vector.
  18. haumana

    Help Identifying a font

    I'm going to bookmark this! Thanks.
  19. ouch! hmm ... that could be money put toward another totally new machine that has a warranty. maybe usc would actually send you the right one this around too.
  20. If the dealership has used decals on their vehicles before, then they already have an idea of the price they're willing to pay and are probably looking for a deal. You can always ask them what they've paid in the past and then see if you can, or even want to, beat that price. i have customers tell me they'd like me to do their decals because i'm reliable and fast. if they have order from someone else before, i will ask them what they've paid in the past. if it's a ridiculously outdated low number, i will them that it is and what an average shop will charge them now days. they usually complain about having communication issues with other companies, or missed deadlines. if i am willing to beat the price, i'll give them a price. if i'm not, then i point them in the other direction. if they're a difficult customer, then i don't bother quoting at all.
  21. haumana

    Noob Questions

    I don't know about anyone else, but even though I pretty much only cut with 651, pressure is partially determined by color and age of the vinyl. There's a 'happy medium' setting that i can typically use, but when changing to black or white, or some old vinyl - I always make sure to use the test button on my cutter because it's the quickest and easiest way for me to test the settings, and it has very minimal waste.
  22. maker sure that your blade holder is totally free of debris, and the the blade really is able to turn freely. check the cutting strip - that can make a huge difference. stepper motor vs. servo motor, has nothing to do with blade depth, pinch roller location, cutting strip, or anything else you're thinking of. the learning curve is all the settings.
  23. haumana

    SVG importing

    or, if you're willing to share - post your .svg file here for other with VM to test too.
  24. Have you tried contacting VM? What Windows? What VM? How large, as in file size, is the image you're trying to vector?
  25. Ah, now I understand. I'm a frequent abuser of SBE, so let me see if I can shed a little light. If you're on the screen where you're supposed to select a graphic file to import into SBE and only see blank tiles, then a) you're not looking in the right place; or b) there are no graphic files in that directory that is compatible for viewing on SBE. These are the type of files that SBE can handle: *.dxf;*.eps;*.ai;*.bmp;*.tif;*.gif;*.pcx;*.tga;*.jpg;*.pcd;*.pct;*.psd;*.cmx;*.ps; But I'm going to tell you right now, that not all of those are vector, so make sure if you're wanting to cut something you're importing, it needs to be in vector format (because the vector engine in SBE sucks). Is this what your screen looks like?