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  1. I run a Mac with Win7 on Parallels. I also just picked up a CE6000-60 plus as a back-up cutter, although now it's become my primary because it's soooo much better than my first one. The first thing I did was test on both platforms, and I was able to cut through both - so no worries there! Admittedly I did not try the Mac plugin through AI, as I am totally unfamiliar with AI, but I was able to use the Graphtec design/cut software to get stuff done on the Mac side. Definitely go with the 24", because you will regret getting the 15" if you go that route. This would be link you would need to put together a setup for yourself. https://www.uscutter.com/Graphtec-CE-6000-Vinyl-Cutter-with-FREE-Clamshell-Heat-Press I don't know much about heat presses, but hey - it's free! You do NOT need to add in any extra software. When you receive your Graphtec, there's a sheet in the box with the instructions on how to download the necessary software/plug-in's directly from their website. Good luck! Happy cutting!
  2. haumana

    looking for Pro stock drag bike art

    are you looking for designs of drag bikes? or designs you want to put on a drag bike?
  3. Graphtec will come with it's own design software for both platforms, so no worries on using it with a Mac. You can use Graphtec's design software to cut as well, or they do have plug-in's if you want to cut from other software, like AI or something. .svg is a common and standard file, so nothing to worry about there as well. I'm not sure about the 6000 plus vs the 6000-60 plus, but i'm sure others on this forum might have some info for you. Could it be the 6000 plus is the smaller cutter, 15" instead of 24" like the 6000-60? https://www.graphtecamerica.com/cp-ce6000-plus-series/
  4. haumana

    Small details popping up and out on reflective

    1/8" is small. Weeding that must suck. Just sayin'. Instead of trying to get the design done in a single cut, you can try and lower the force and cut it twice. I don't know if it will help, but at this point, it wouldn't hurt to try. You could also try and slow the cut speed. I'm sure others will have some input, so stay tuned!
  5. haumana

    Help needed! Applying transfer tape to large vinyl

    I prefer sticky side up as well.
  6. haumana

    Carrige smacking side wall

    That happens to me on my LP when I jog the vinyl back and forth, and the carriage head left to right, trying to get the best starting position - then I totally forget to reset that position to 0,0 (origin), so that it doesn't do exact what's happening to you. Make sure that once you have everything position to start the cut, that you tell the machine that it has a new origin. If you have, and it is still hitting the side of the machine when you start the cut, check to make sure you design is not exceeding the width of what you cutter can handle. If that's the not the issue, then definitely contact support.
  7. haumana

    Blades that last longer than Clean Cut?

    I have been known to do that a time or two ... or even didn't pay attention where 0,0 was actually at and had the blade cutting into the strip. Ugh! What a nightmare. For that reason, I always have a spare cutting strip, and when I have to use one, I make sure to order another to have on hand. You'd think I'd learn my lesson by now.
  8. trouble weeding - can you be more specific? If the vinyl is cut through, but you feel the design is lifting with you're trying to weed, you might need more force (provided that your blade depth is set properly). I typically find that 651 Black one of the easiest colors to weed.
  9. haumana

    Is this impossible to print?

    The printed sticker does not look like same image as the one on the right - like the printer used a completely different image. If your monitor can show it looking like chrome, there should be someone out there who can print it to look very similar - it's only colors, lots of white with some grays and black, etc. It would be a good idea to have it laminated too. stickermule.com
  10. Straight-up, a roll of 651 white, (whether new out-of-the-box, or a little bit older) is the only color I have to absolutely increase the force on, whether on my LP or Graphtec. I do have to add a little more force to some of my older 651 colors, but not when they're new. I just chalk it up to, "It is what it is." I know I have to do it, so I can get clean cuts that are easy to weed.
  11. haumana

    Printer for vector map printing?

    I miss my ginormous HP plotter from when I used to to AutoCAD stuff. It was really fun doing stupid stuff outside of my normal architectural/engineering layouts, like plotting out huge charity checks, etc.
  12. haumana

    Unable to cut .eps

    do you mind posting the file? not all .eps files are vector.
  13. I feel your pain. I do the same thing, except I just run Win7 via Parallels for Quickbooks and SBE. There is no Quicken love for Macs
  14. The only software you need to concern yourself about is the one that you will use to cut. You already have SCAL and that should (hopefully) work well with any of the machines you are considering. If you can afford it, because I know it's a bit pricier - go with the Ttitan 2, that would be the 'entry level' servo machine you're looking for. You absolutely need to spend money to make money when it comes to cutters, but with a bigger, better cutter, you should also be able to do more - and that will help for your return on investment. It really didn't take me long to get my money back when I bought my original LaserPoint, and I know it's not going to take me long to make my money back on my Graphtec. I waited over 10+ years to upgrade from my LP to my Graphtec because there was nothing wrong with my LP. It's not the top of line machine, but it got the job done, and it did it well. The Graphtec, on the other hand, does it quicker and better - but my customers do not know the difference as to which machine the vinyl got on. The only other bit of advice I would give to you - whatever machine you buy, take the time and fist full of dollars and buy yourself a few Clean Cut Blades. It makes a world of difference.
  15. I hear you, but dropping that kind of money for a cutter that can do a lot more than a table top can be a daunting decision. She's doing the right thing by asking a lot of questions before pulling the trigger. I did the same, but admittedly, there were nowhere near as many options out there. My budget was extremely limited, as well as where someone was willing to ship the cutter to Hawaii.
  16. As Mz Skeeter said, the Titan 2 is the least expensive servo motor cutter available on USC, it also happens to be Mac compatible and comes in the 28" (24") size with a stand. If the price tag on that is too steep for you, then start working your way down the list. Titan, it's not a servo, but it's no less productive, and is also Mac compatible and comes with a stand. Now, if I had to choose between a 28" (24") Titan 2, and a 15" Graphtec - that would be an easy choice for me, because a) I really, really need the stand and have no desire to clear off that much table space to do longer cuts, and b) I want to be able to handle larger pieces of vinyl which requires a larger cutter. <- One person's $0.02 Always, always - buy the best cutter you can get for your money (take the Mac/PC out of the equation, since you already own a Mac, and if you needed to buy a PC because a cutter you chose isn't Mac compatible, PC laptop costs are negligible). It is not worth, buying a lower cutter, just so it can accommodate a PC laptop into the budget. You already have cutting software on your Mac - use that.
  17. haumana

    Mac user; needing to buy a vinyl cutter

    Ditto! Many have come before and requested help with a particular graphic, but unfortunately end up posting in a proprietary software format, so then they have to wait until someone with that program can either open and assist, or open, convert and repost the file. While many people here are willing to help, there are limits to the skill set, and/or willingness to do depending on the what's being requested. You'd get a much broader chance for assistance if it's in a file format that pretty much everyone is able to open in whatever software they are well versed in and try to help. All my graphics are in .eps format. The only thing that's in proprietary file format is my layouts in SBE, but the components are still in .eps, and I require assistance, then I convert the layout to .eps and will post to request for help.
  18. haumana

    Mac user; needing to buy a vinyl cutter

    The most seamless will then be to get one that definitely runs on the Mac platform - that will be your Titan series and up. I'll be honest and tell you that I don't know jack about SCAL or SCALP, but I do know about Macs. If you can afford the Titan 2, then go that route, if not than the Titan will work for you. If someone gave me the choice between a refurb'd Titan 2 vs. a NIB Titan, and the price difference was negligible, I would go with the Titan 2 due because of the servo motor. I see that USC currently has a 15" Titan 3 on refurb - If I had to choose between a 28" Titan 2 vs. a 15" refurb Titan 3, I'd take the Titan 2 because of the 28" width, and the fact that it comes with a stand. I don't do super long cuts where a media basket is absolutely essential for me, but I know that I couldn't manage my cutter without the stand! Definitely do your best to stick with a 28" (24") cutter if you can, but if the cost restrains you - get the best machine you can for what your budget is. Just make sure that when you order it from USC, that you designate the software you want/need for Mac. If you ever decide that you want to Bootcamp or run Parallels or VMFusion, I am here to assist you. I've done all three on various versions of my MacPro setup. * Just an added note - many people find really great deal on cutters off of Craigslist. Yes, sometimes it's a crapshoot, but it might be worth taking a look just the same. E kala mai - my apologies if it appears that I'm creeping on your threads and posts, I just keep odd hours and am pretty much in a different time zone than the majority of the forum user here, so I tend to chime in when I can. Just remember, everything that I post .... it's just one girl's humble opinion.
  19. Get the best machine you can get for your budget. If you are comfortable with buying a refurb, that might get you a better machine. The servo motor is better than a stepper, no doubt about it. I would just try to stay away from the MH and SC series. I cannot speak to the new LaserPoint 3, but I can tell you that my first cutter was a LaserPoint when they were first released over 10+ years ago. I'm a hobbyist (with some light commercial applications), and it's still working. I've only recently upgraded to a Graphtec earlier this year, and WOW! what a difference. Make no mistake though, the my original LaserPoint worked very well for all the years that I've had it. It got my personal and commercial jobs done. Decide what you'll be mostly cutting (and will possibly cut in the future), then you need to have specific to particular OS (PC or Mac), and what width you'd really like to buy. My LP is a 24" and so is my Graphtec. In all my years of cutting, I've only needed to outsource one (1) cutting job due to the size. My thoughts on refurb are: if the company is willing to stand by their product and warranty, then I'm good. It's big leap, but it'll be worth it!
  20. Exactly! Sometimes, it becomes very enlightening for the customer.
  21. Mock-up's go a long way, especially when the customer has an idea of what they want, but really have no idea how quickly something will scale up (or scale down). For some customers, when possible, I will take a picture and do the mock-up on the photo, just so they have an idea of how big or small their request is.
  22. I would like to say that I am so jealous that y'all have access to very competitive prices for vinyl. I think the prices here are much more inflated, due to the fact that it's too costly to bring the vinyl in, unless you're willing to buy a pallet worth of it. Most of the materials here are probably twice the cost
  23. I see what you're saying. For "filler" I usually throw in some names of the kids in the family as giveaways (unless I don't have the time to weed all that extra stuff). You can totally stack the text and just apply it separately, hence the blue tape for alignment during application. Totally doable!
  24. Totally forgot to mention ... There was a kiosk at one of the local malls here (hahaha ... I live on an island, they are all local), ANYWAY - they were charging $1/inch, based on whatever the longest side was. Those prices were from about 10-years ago and the kiosk is long gone. But based on those prices, that's about $120 right there. Slice is right, but you can still get the HDS at 24" if you're going to cut it from a roll and just do one letter at a time, and it would need to be installed individually. I would totally cut the HDS separately, especially if it's going to be a self install.
  25. Black and White are the only two colors in 651 that can come in matte. Q1: Matte is typically easier to read because there's no glare. Q2: If they want glossy gold, but matte black, give them what they want. The customer is (most of the time) always right - whether they have bad taste or bad sense or not. Different strokes for different folks (and whatnot). Q2a: I'm not sure what you were planning on charging them in the first place, but if you charge them enough that covers the cost of your materials then you're ahead of the game - buy some rolls of the vinyl that you need, for the size that they're looking for, and you get to keep the rest on the roll. I'm a hobbyist and do a commercial project now and then. Sometimes I just charge for the materials of a new color, and smidge more for the app tape and my time. If have the color in-stock, then I just charge them whatever I would normally do - with exceptions for family, friends, and difficult customers. Know your hard cost and go from there. There isn't a commercial job that I will do that will ever be under 0.05 per square inch <- That'd be my wholesale price. Q3: Matte might need a higher tac app tape than the gloss. Depending on the size of your existing app tape, you do not necessarily need to buy bigger tape, just overlap the edges of the tape until it's all taped up ... unless you're cutting huge and only have a 6" roll, then save yourself time and buy bigger. Q4: You don't state what machine you have, so if tracks well, then you can do the black in one shot. If it doesn't track well, then you might want to cut the words separately and use blue tape on the wall/glass for alignment. This is just one girl's opinion on it, and I'm sure others have differing opinions on what to use, how to use it, and how much to charge.