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  1. haumana

    Where is SB config information?

    I think your best bet will be to download the software from the link that Skeeter listed, then just set it up again from scratch. I'm not sure if any of the SBE users here know where to find the files that you're looking for. It sucks to have to start from scratch again, but it's a means to the end. At least it's free
  2. haumana

    Need a font suggestion

    Do you wish that customers have a better understand of "you get what you pay for"? I know I'd like to get a few of my customers to understand that Canva is not the way to go to do serious business graphic design stuff. Ugh!
  3. haumana

    I didn't do it

    Hilarious! Much better than a big band-aid.
  4. definitely check for any debris in the blade holder. I used to get tiny bits of vinyl in them a lot. a bad cutting strip can cause perforated looking cuts. that's why it's important to make sure that the blade never goes off the vinyl. i've replaced the cutting strip on my LaserPoint a few times because clearly it takes me a while to learn that lesson
  5. haumana

    Used Plotter Problems

    The Graphtec software requires a license, but I believe the plug-in's to cut from Corel and/or Illustrator do not. So if you have one, or both of those programs, you should be able to cut directly from those with the corresponding plug-in. I'm with Arty though - I've been used Sign Blazer from the get go, and still use to now.
  6. haumana

    Tattoo vinyl?

    So I have an interesting request for temporary tattoo stencils. From what research I've done, I've only found printable tattoo paper, which I already have, but not how the customer wants to use it. Can anyone recommend a vinyl and app tape that I can use so that I can cut the stencil, and the vinyl can be applied to the skin? I don't need it to be reusable, "one and done" is fine. This is how they would like to use it, but create their own design. https://www.amazon.com/dp/B076J79N66/ref=cm_sw_r_oth_api_i_PFPRDbX3HTPBR Any thoughts?
  7. do you have other software that you can do the layout in? and have you tried that?
  8. If the issue with the printing, then we really need to see the error on the printing, not the file. I've opened up your file, several times, and there doesn't seem to be anything wrong with it, but then again, you have one graphic that has been tiled 52 times on a sheet, so I'm not about to take a magnifying look at all 52, looking at the "e" that I do not know what is wrong with it. GS will allow you to drag and drop .eps vector files directly into the workspace. Try vectoring the single graphic, then dropping it into the workspace, tile it, then see if the print shifting looks like it's going to happen. It sounds like you have actually printed it, so take a picture of that, circle the error - either physically, or on PS, and then post it for everyone to actually see. 98% or more of the volunteers on this forum are running on PC, those few of us who are running on Mac and have a Graphtec are even fewer than 2%. Anyway, for anyone else willing to take a look at it, I've .pdf'd the file. Maybe y'all can see what I'm not. angelothekid_sticker.pdf
  9. have you tried doing your image in vector format, then doing the layout? It couldn't hurt to try. Can you post a picture of the shifted printing? Not a screen shot, but the actual shifted printing.
  10. haumana

    Beginner Question

    teeny-tiny lettering is best done with a 60* blade. Get yourself a Clean Cut Blade, I promise you won't be sorry - and it will last a really long time (with proper use and maintenance). I know you said that you fiddled with the speed an pressure, but something that small, make sure you slow the cut speed down. I'm not sure how much you slowed it down, but when I had to cut really small and/or intricate stuff on my LaserPoint (which is also a stepper motor), I would slow the machine down to 20 (when I normally cut at 60+). patience is hard to come by, but is required to try and dial your machine in for certain jobs. when you do get it dialed in, make sure you write down the settings as a reference for the next time. good luck, keep us updated.
  11. So the issue you're running into is the printing, not the cutting? Just trying to clarification.
  12. haumana

    My subs almost up !

    I've had Inkscape a lot longer on any of my machines than AI or CorelDraw. Admittedly I really only use it for vectorizing my raster images, but I do like the layout an what looks to be a very easy interface. I've recently had to revisit CorelDraw in depth. The last time I used it, I believe it was like on version 2 or 3. Anyway, I've had AI only all my machines a lot longer than CorelDraw, but can honestly say that I have an easier time navigating CorelDraw than I do AI. Definitely take a look at Inkscape, because you can't beat that price, but don't close the door on CorelDraw if you the router of building a PC.
  13. My Graphtec never goes back to the point of origin after cutting a job But when I have large quantity jobs, I usually do a single layout that is a manageable size for me to weed and tape, and then send the job repeatedly to the cutter. That also help me to keep track of how many I actually completed, since I keep a little post-it with hash marks each time I send the job . It all comes down to personal preference, so workarounds when necessary.
  14. This is the not the same file that you originally posted about, so I don't know what I'm supposed to be looking for, but the file looks fine to me. What issues are you running into?
  15. What's the firmware version of the machine, the software version of the GStudio that you're using, and OSX version?
  16. haumana

    My subs almost up !

    Any kind of subscription kills me. I'm limping all my machines along with CS3 on the PCs and CS5 on the Macs. I'm doing my best not to upgrade anything unless something breaks and I have no choice. The (no legacy software) cost me an arm and leg back in the day, and they still work just fine, so I'm doing what I can to keep them running. I know it's a learning curve, but Corel sells straight up licenses for their software.
  17. haumana

    Windows OR Mac

    Either/or will do just fine. I'm a dual platform person, but when it comes to cutting, I do it on the PC side, only because the cutting software that I had to learn on was SignBlazer Elements. You'll find more support for windows-base software here, but if you've been motoring along just fine with your existing setup then I would recommend to stick with the software you are most comfortable with, because you'll be able to push stuff out the door a lot quicker when you're more comfortable with the software you use. Since you already have a Graphtec CE6000 and are familiar with Graphtec Studios, their PC version is a beefier version with more bells and whistles. It's based on the Flexi software which is one of the 'go to' software programs in the industry. I run on a MacPro, and have parallels. I have the Graphtec software installed on both platforms, and can tell you that the Windows version of the software puts their Mac efforts to shame. But I am glad that there is a Mac option. You can spec a Mac, but I don't think you can even build one anymore - everything is pretty much soldered to the motherboard, so depending on which Mac you get, there is not expansion of anything - no RAM upgrades, no HD/SSD upgrades, no nothing I have multiple Macs, multiple PC's and funny enough, all my Macs either have Parallels or is Bootcamped for Windows 7 (don't even get me started on Win10 )
  18. We try Though, I do encourage you to become a member. Then your post will go up immediately. Not to mention that it's totally free, and we don't run ads, or push any hidden agendas, products or services.
  19. The file wouldn't open up for me on my Mac, I probably need to update the studio software. I will try and get to that as soon as I can.
  20. Glad that it was something like that, rather than a broken software issue. I do the dual-monitor-oh-no-i-lost-my-stuff all the time. Far too often, and yet, i find it still surprises me that I haven't learned that lesson yet.
  21. So help us out a little more here. Which version of VM are you on? Which version of Windows are you running? Is this a new issue, or has it always been like this? Any other info you can provide will help us troubleshoot the issue quicker. Thanks.
  22. The drivers to make the cutter compatible with your 'puter will be free from the Graphtec website. The program that you use to design and/or cut will be entirely up to you. SignBlazer Elements is free, although no longer supported. Don't discount it just because of that. It works, and it works well. Try that for now and see what you can do and get your machine cutting.
  23. Your first problem is Windows 10. I'm not railing on Windows because I'm 85% Mac user. I run my laser from a Windows 10 machine, with CorelDraw - and that last update Windows pushed out was a dozey. I thought CD was broken. I don't know how many times I uninstalled and reinstalled the software, and I even uninstalled the stupid update, and it was never the same. I still have a huge latency issue when sending files to 'print' to the laser. Mind you, some files are very small - just simple text. So if you can, use another machine that is either Win7 or earlier. Definitely give SB a try. It looks a little antiquated and a bit like a kids program, but it's a workhorse and can get the job done. Keep us posted.
  24. Is your machine hooked up via USB or via serial port? which version of windows are you running on? what software are you trying to use for cutting?
  25. looks something similar to what's happening here.