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  1. Does the whole roll have warpy vinyl, or just the edge? If it's just the edge, then I'd recommend you cut it off before feeding it into the cutter.
  2. My Graphtec doesn't have the 2nd page in the Advance menu. It goes from 1/3 to 3/3
  3. haumana

    Vinyl master ltr

    type your text. select your text. Effects > Distortion > Arc Keep in mind if you're wanting to arc it so it's a bottom rocker, but the text isn't upside down, then rotate it (so it is upside down) prior to arcing it to the bottom.
  4. haumana

    Cutting Issues

    Another possibility ... check your x.y and make sure you reset your point of origin prior to cutting. Other than that ... all of what Skeeter said. Maybe it should be a sticky.
  5. haumana

    Convert SBD files to EPS

    I still work in SBE at times, and the only thing I will save as an SBD file is the layout. Every element in the SBD file will have been imported from an .eps file, or is straight-up TTF text. Only if necessary, do I bother to export the SBD file to .eps
  6. Each and every time I change blades, I will inspect the blade holder to make sure there is no debris in it - which often times there is. I also will go through the motions for setting the proper blade depth, because I've learned that when I've changed blades, nothing good will result if I do not treat it like everything is brand new and needs to be individually tweaked. If you're having a difficult time weeding, then there is a chance that you're not using enough force to not just cut through the vinyl, but through the adhesive as well. It could also mean that it's time to change the vinyl. Older vinyl that I have is notorious for needed a higher force, and sometimes a slower speed to get the results so that I can be easily weeded. Make sure that you're weeding whatever you cut sooner rather than later, because the adhesive will find a way to bond back to itself through the cuts over time. Blade offset for Graphtec is 0 Since you have a Mac, I would suggest downloading and trying Graphtec Studio. It may not be your software of choice, but right now, you're trying to eliminate what it's doing, so let's see if it's a software issue vs. hardware. I also highly recommend Clean Cut Blades. The vinyl that I own are various colors and various ages, most of the vinyl can be cut using a single condition which is awesome, but there are some vinyl colors and ages that require fine tuning until it cuts right so it's easily weed-able. The fine tuning will include blade force and speed. Never underestimate the value of speed. The smaller or more intricate the text or design, the slower you go. I'm usually never in a rush when I'm cutting, and mutlitask while the machine is running, so often times I will be cutting at 30, maybe 40, but have slowed the machine all the way down to 15-20 for smaller stuff. Good luck, and keep us posted on what's happening.
  7. haumana

    Hello from tx

    Just curious - Why didn't you just order it with SCALP in the first place?
  8. haumana

    Evidently MIL found Etsy

    Like someone once told me, "just smile and say thank you." (then go home and ditch it, I mean donate it). Hahaha.
  9. haumana

    Clear reflective vinyl???

    Hmm... never heard of it, but I don't know if something like that is possible, as the reflective is made up of metal particles (for the reflection), or at least that's what it looks like to me, in all the reflective colors I have. I would like to see a clear reflective though, that would look awesome.
  10. haumana


    I think the most widely used vector software is Inkscape. It's open source and free! inkscape.org
  11. haumana

    Vinyl tracking

    I'm a little confused Am I 'mathing' wrong? If the SC has a limitation of 144" in length, and the 'word' that you're cutting is 16" long, then you can only get 9, out 144". (Although you don't state what height the text is, so I don't know if you're tiling it or not) And wasn't this originally about a tracking issue with a flag that was 45" long?
  12. haumana

    Vinyl tracking

    check your pinch roller positions, make sure it's absolutely over the grit roller check your blade depth check your blade force plenty of slack on the vinyl, never cut when it's pulling with tension from the roll slow down the speed feed a little vinyl, then jog it back and forth until, making minor adjustments to get the vinyl to track straight before you cut (you don't need a ruler, you just need a point of reference. i use a piece of blue painters tape, it's not marked, but it's on the machine. it's fixed spot and i jog the vinyl back and forth to see if it's drifting towards or away from my piece of tape, then make the adjustment to get it to feed straighter).
  13. haumana

    RedSail Tech Not showing up on production manager

    Did you reinstall the driver?
  14. Dang, what's with all the hostility? Personally, I would never have committed to any job if - A) I didn't already have the equipment and materials to do it, B ) I know my equipment and materials are guaranteed to arrive with sufficient time to get the job done (which has to include the learning curve if this is my first time at a cutter), or C) know of someone I can outsource this to, in the event that neither A or B is possible. Does your friend absolutely have to have a 34"? Does this job need something bigger than a 28"? Can't do a 28", then go 53". Why would you feel like you'd lose a friend over this situation is none of this is your fault? If you lose your friendship over this, then they weren't much of a friend to begin with. USC being out of stock with a lot of items is not new news around here. All anyone was trying to do, was to offer up some alternative choices - which is not ideal, but that's why they're alternative, because the ideal is out of stock.
  15. The heart shape button will appear after you go into text mode. The button will be grey(ish), but once you hover over it, it is select-able. btw - i'm in DSR v4.0
  16. haumana

    BBQ Trophy

    LOVE the trophy!!
  17. haumana

    splicing two colors

    Because you need to cut it twice, equally the same size, it doesn't matter if you "recolor" it in VM, it can be any color you want, because the color that you will get is the color you put into the cutter. If it were my project, I would just convert everything to the same color, then put in a polylines that will place your slices where you need to color transition to be. There are often times when I work in just basic primary colors to differentiate weed boxes vs. design, and neither of those colors have anything to do with the color vinyl I put in the machine. (ie. the design in the software is black, the weed box is red (in the background), and the color vinyl that goes into the machine is white). But if you really, really must have the design itself (solely in your software) be in two colors as you're are seeing in your photo, then you'll need to get the design, put the polyline slices in it, copy and paste a second copy, then node edit out the appropriate portions you don't need, the piece is back together. Going to the honest, it's not worth the time and effort. Just do one design, doesn't matter what color, then cut it twice with the two different vinyls.
  18. haumana

    splicing two colors

    you will need to cut the image twice, once in each color. make sure you put the slash lines through both of them. That way everything should like up when you weed out what you don't want, and very carefully treat it like you're layering. or, you could just layer one color over the other.
  19. Get yourself a Clean Cut Blade, and check the blade holder to make sure there is no debris in it. A drop of lube in the hold might help as well.
  20. haumana

    28" titan 3 se stand

    That happened to me when I first assembled the stand for the LP
  21. SignBlazer is a free PC-based cutting software, or you can download a trial version of Vinyl Master.
  22. haumana

    New to software...need help please

    do you have your design with the window outline in .eps format? if so, post it for someone to possibly help you. no volunteer is going to recreate what you've already done, but if you are willing to share your file, someone might be willing to help you.
  23. haumana

    New to software...need help please

    the stars should be going 'forward' that the feature you need can be found in SignBlazer.
  24. Bummer. I thought that since it was considered 'printed material' that it would be able to pass through as media mail.