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    Scaling Issue CE6000-60

    try cutting a different design and see what kind of results you get.
  2. Thank you Google translate!! I have been working with an 821 MK2 plotter for 2 years, I was working perfectly when suddenly it starts to make a noise and then it gets stuck, it does not move anywhere. What could it be?
  3. haumana


    Going to be honest, I know nothing of Silhouette or Cricut, but here's my take - anything you're going to cut needs to be adhered to your cutting mat - like through and through (edges, middle, etc.). If you're needing to use painter's tape to keep it in place, then there is not enough sticky to keep your paper in place. As for the alignment issue - I know nothing of those cutters, so I can't help you there. Is there a way that you can do a 'test' cut before sending your entire design? that way you can see if there is enough blade depth and pressure to cut a sample square, rectangle, or whatever.
  4. haumana

    Text issues

    post a pic of the outcome, and/or the file.
  5. haumana

    Need some help...this might be tough.

    Well done!!
  6. haumana


    Same here! Been doing the hobby thing for over 10+ years, and have only needed to outsource once - and that was because they wanted it a 30" 3-color. My 24" LP has never failed me. I can creatively section and tile stuff.
  7. haumana

    Force needs to changed on same project often

    For me, if using the same design - the force is determined by what material and color I'm cutting. There is often times that I need to use the same design, but in different colors.
  8. haumana

    Backing up files

    I love SSD's
  9. haumana

    Backing up files

    If you can manage to get your required files to a flash drive, that's definitely the way to go! A word of caution though - flash drives are subject to failure, but their failure rate is no where near what it is for mechanical hard drives. I've put a few of my flash drives through the washer, and it still maintains it's data integrity, not sure how many more unintentional washes it can handle though. I would like there to be (some what affordable) 4TB or 8TB flash drives! Then I'd be a happy camper, but I suspect by the time that tech rolls out to the public, I will be needing far more capacity. Hahaha
  10. haumana

    Backing up files

    Don't fool yourself into thinking that having a single external device for backup is suffice. Trust me, have a least two backups on separate drives, or have one a cloud device store off-site, or an online one such as Carbonite. It's not a matter of if, but when your external hard drive will fail. Choose your files well, because not everything should be backed up. I keep all my artwork in .eps format, it all gets backed up to an online site, but for the layout stuff I do in the cutting software - that I don't mind if it doesn't get backed up. I have two NAS at the home office, and off-site cloud I keep at my brother's house (because in the even of an unattended house fire, running out of the house with my backup drives is not an option - besides, the animals come first ... oh yah, and the husband). I also have a Carbonite account to grab the stuff I need in the even of something catastrophic. Carbonite chugs along slowly, so that's why I have a dedicated cloud, I'm not sharing bandwidth with everyone else trying to get files on or off the Carbonite server farm). I personally have my stuff (artwork and layout), categorized by type (auto, food, signage, arrows, etc.) and by customer/business (customer names). So I know where my layout files are, and where I can find my artwork if I need to use if for another customer. If you do need to preserver and backup your layout, then like Slice & Dice recommended, export it a multi-application file format like .eps, .svg, or .ai Even a bad backup setup is better than a no-backup setup.
  11. haumana

    Squiggly lines

    I keep the speed at 9600 VM = Vinyl Master
  12. haumana

    Cannot get Cutter to work

    Bootcamp, Parallel, or VMFusion.
  13. haumana


    I don't have a LP3, but I'm guessing it kind of functions close to what my LP does. You need to take the machine "offline" before you can use the arrow keys to jog the vinyl, or more the blade carriage. As far as setting the pressure - it really depends on the vinyl, and that's what the test is for. it's cut a small box and you can see if there was enough pressure dialed in to cut through the vinyl. I have some carbon fiber vinyl, and it requires a ridiculous amount of pressure, but that is probably going to differ depending on the manufacturer of the material. "Test" will save you vinyl if you're not sure.
  14. haumana

    Scratching chrome vinyl

    Your Graphtec should've shipped with a couple of sheets of info about where to grab the download of the software, and it shouldn't require you to fill out the form to request for the software.
  15. haumana

    Pcut CT-630

    If you want to go the free route - boot camp your mac and install windows with Whatever your preference is for cutting software. If you're willing to spend a little more money and/or need keep the OSX environment live while cutting, then Parallels or Fusion with Windows installed will get you there. I run Win7 via Parallels on my MacPro. Been working this way for years. Good Luck!
  16. haumana

    why does this machine waste vinyl

    I can never manage to cut the vinyl perpendicular to the roll, so to try and align the vinyl based on the cut edge would go horribly wrong for me. If it's bunching, then either you've got too much pressure/force going on and it's cutting through or applying so much force that it's dragging. Also, check your pinch rollers and make sure that they're clean. If you're cutting directly off of a roll, it's rolled pretty darn straight with equal tension. I rarely need to jog the vinyl back and forth to check for straight. If it's a smaller piece, or something that isn't on a roll for me, then yes, I do jog the vinyl back and forth and gauge the 'straightness' based on the vertical (molded) lines on the front of the machine.
  17. haumana

    text mis-aligned

    I'm curious - have you tried to rotate it 180-degrees and see if it comes up with the same problem; or resize down for testing purposes and see if it still has that issue.
  18. haumana

    ce 6000

    Is 22" the short side? If so, then turn the sensors off and do your best to not go off vinyl, because that would very, very bad - you will end up cutting into the cutting strip, and chances are the carriage will get stuck on the edge of the vinyl. If 22" is the longest side, then rotate your design. Position the pinch rollers to the very outer edges of the allowed area, and you can also set it to extend 0.4" in excess of the roller.
  19. haumana

    ce 6000

    so is the issue the logo and additional lines cutting through it? or the cutter perceiving the vinyl to be narrower than it is? how large is the logo you are trying to cut? what software are you using to cut?
  20. haumana

    ce 6000

    your top photo shows that the red and black lines are overlapping, so yes, if you send both colors to cut, the cutter will cut it how it's laid out - overlaps and all.
  21. haumana

    Today's score

    Super Score!!
  22. haumana

    651 for painted sheetrock walls?

    definitely go with matte.
  23. haumana

    Cutting with CE 6000 plus

    Kudos for trying to trace! I have to admit that I'm an absolute "short cut" kind of person, and am always perpetually grateful for Inkscape I think tracing your own artwork is very admirable. I, on the other hand, have zero creativity and have to rely on others - thank goodness I'm surround by a bunch of right-brainers! Anything original, that's done on old school paper is awesome! I have done my fair share of tracing (what Inkscape isn't able to vecotrize for me), and I kind of suck at it, but at some point, I get tired of tweaking the nodes and just send it to cut to see how good (or bad) it looks. Many of the custom hand-sketched stuff comes out decent, and the results may not be perfect, but the customer is usually just super stoked to see their creation turn into something they will undoubtedly end up plastering everywhere they possibly can. If they complain, I will generally spend more time to clean it up and smooth it out, but most times, they're just grateful that they found someone to do it in the first place. Let me justify the "less than perfect" results by saying that most times it's for family, friends, and/or friends of friends, and I do preface it with, "it's just a rough cut, and it can be smoothed out," and let them decide whether they want to chase down that rabbit hole to pay me for more tweaking time. I will generally provide a few sample at no cost because a lot of times, I do it in my spare time and cutting is not my 'day job.' If it's a company/corporate gig, then yes, I will spend copious amounts of time editing if necessary, and a proof goes out for final approval before I go into mass production. Pat yourself on the back, because I wouldn't have put forth the effort that you did to create original artwork! (seriously!)
  24. haumana

    Switch to MAC

    I've seen it done before. They're called Hackintosh. I have attempted to do it on one of my netbooks, but then reinstalled Win because it was too hard to navigate Mac on such a tiny screen. There are some write-ups on the internet as to which make/model of PCs are compatible and what type of mods you need to make to get them to be a fully functional Mac. A lot of times, it's just adding in an aftermarket WiFi if you're not going to hard wire it to the web. I swapped out my MacBook Pro to an SSD. Wicked fast! Love it!!
  25. haumana

    Switch to MAC

    Now my rig is just a glorified email station. Hahaha. I cut over and setup my Mac when my last PC bit the dust. I was tired of replacing the HDs and/or entire box every few years. I bit the dust and forked a lot of dough for the Mac. Then again, at that time I was deeper in web design, and some light video editing - it was easier for me to use Macromedia and Adobe Suites with Mac. I have to say that I do not regret it, and have been running this setup for almost 10-years and it's still going strong. I've done a few upgrades here and there - like when I had to replace the OS HD, I swapped it out with an SSD so not it boots fairly quickly. I love that since convincing a lot of my customers to go Mac, there are less service calls I need to do. Basically I'm putting myself out of business, since I do mostly computer software/hardware, desktop/laptop, PC/Mac stuff. Oh well, more time to read!