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    downloading fonts

    One more thing that can be tried - sometimes it helps if after you install the font in the Fonts directory, to double click the font and open it up. It may or may not work, but it couldn't hurt to try. Which Graphtec software (and version) are you using?
  2. might i suggest you register for this forum? it's totally free, and you're post will go up immediately.
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  4. Depending on the quality and quantity of shades, I will typically use a combination of recoloring things, erasing (magic or manual), and sometime to pencil tool if I took too much off. Not matter what, I will always take the time to prep any graphic that I know is not going to vector well. That saves me loads of time and effort, because the alternative is to clean-up a bunch of nodes on the vector side.
  5. PS has a very good magic eraser tool
  6. if you PS or FW, or even Canva to edit the raster first, then vector it.
  7. For me, on the longer decals - the faster I ran the machine, the more drift I would get overall. I'm usually never in a rush to get the decals done, and if I am - it's usually because it's a last minute/rush request, and even then, I tell them that the machine only works so fast, and I cut it at my usual speed and not let their 'emergency' turn into my urgency.
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    Need help, new to making decals

    I posted the directory, because it also has the pdf of the manual.
  9. if you're in a node editing mode, does it not allow you to do a drag box to select all of them?
  10. If you're starting off with a raster image, it's usually best to do what you need to do while it's still in raster form. Vectorize it when you have your final design. In raster, when you erase, you're erasing pixels, in vector, you would end up deleting nodes. (Not being mean, just throwing the questions out there) Do you understand the differences between raster and vector images?
  11. haumana

    Need help, new to making decals

    Give this a try: http://www.uscuttersupport.com/downloads/Software/SignBlazer/
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    Produce Labels - Question

    stickermule.com you don't have to tell him where you get them from
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    New Member Hello!

  14. haumana

    Best Wishes

    I'm still waiting for people in Hawaii to realize the potential of the devastation this could have on our residents, especially since a greater part of the population live in multi-generational situation. Hope everyone exercises good judgment, and if they think they are - stay home anyway. Be safe and be well everyone!
  15. If there is no plug-in for the software of your choice, you will need to use cutting software - VinylMaster, SCAL, Flexi, Sign Blazer, etc. Sign Blazer is free by the way. If you never use it, it's still good to have, especially if you have to troubleshoot stuff.
  16. Not another forum, other forum members, implying that "we're in this journey with you." (as long as you keep on updating us)
  17. picture? if you're still getting a pen drag mark, if you can see if you can seat the pen a little higher. The origin tells your machine where the "new" 0,0 is so that it's the starting point (or point of origin).
  18. Sign up for the forum, it’s free and your posts will go public immediately. Have you tried to reach out to Vinyl Master?
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    Hello! New member here

  20. glad you got your answer on how to double cut. just an fyi, as a work around, I just cut & paste so there is two graphics and/or text that are sitting on top one another. if i fiddle with the settings, i know i will forget
  21. haumana

    cuts diagonal line across my projects

    Have you activated your cutting software?
  22. haumana

    Can someone help me match this font

    a slanted (italicized) Aurora Std Bold Condensed
  23. haumana

    VM Cut Node Edit

    thanks for keeping us updated.
  24. haumana

    Need help, new to making decals

    Have you tried to run it on Sign Blazer? What you need to try to do, is to eliminate if the issue is software or hardware. Can you run a test cut from the control panel on the machine?
  25. haumana

    how would i do this ?

    what version of VM are you using?