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  1. The lower end cutters tend to drift because they just don't track as well. How are you cutting it twice? - are you sending it to the cutter twice, or do you have the design layered in your software? When I have to make multiple passes, I always layer and send it to the cutter once. I got much better results from my LP that way.
  2. haumana

    My largest work so far

    that looks amazing!
  3. haumana

    New to vinyl. Just got a fc 7000 75

    If you think you'll be cutting mostly text or designs that were provided to you, then SBE will work just fine. It looks a bit dated, but it's more than functional for cutting. If you think you'll want to do more design work on your own, then Corel or AI would probably better. Do not discount Inkscape, it's great program, and it's free. If you're not sure what you really need, then stick with the free for now, until you get a feel for what you actually need before just plunking down some money.
  4. haumana

    Distressed Flag for Vista Roof

    very, very cool!! I'm thinking, a wet application if necessary. Just make sure that you thoroughly clean the glass before applying, like with rubbing alcohol. Another thing to consider is how you were removing the application tape. You need to make sure that you're not pulling the tape up, but you want to fold it back on itself.
  5. haumana

    Stacking Vinyl

    ditto! If precision is something that's going to be critical - which really depends on how you (or your customer) critiques your work, that may be a deciding factor. For me, personally, it takes me less time to layer over trying to do an exact application of individually cut color going on one at a time. If you're doing batting helmets, then keep in mind that's an application you'll have to do several times, and not just a one and done thing. I'd say, test one method out, and then test the other.
  6. haumana

    cleancutblade.com vs cleancutblades.com?

    I saw that pic - I knew that was yours! Make them send you some free blades for using your pic without permission. Hahaha.
  7. haumana

    cleancutblade.com vs cleancutblades.com?

    huh, who knew there were two sites? go figure. i don't know the difference, but i get mine from cleancutblade.com (without the "s"). I'm happy with what I get.
  8. haumana

    Upgrade Question

    Graphtec is worth the wait. You won't be sorry.
  9. i like the concept of not overlapping when I do 2+ colors, but in reality, my eyes and hands simply aren't steady enough for a level of accuracy if the color is supposed to touch one another, especially on a graphic as long as yours. I would guarantee have negative space or in inadvertent overlapping someplace along that graphic. good luck with that, and take a pic when you're done so we can see it installed.
  10. haumana

    Vinyl decals wont peel.

    Happens to me all the the time Another possibility, because it happens to me all the time ... old app tape. I don't hustle enough business to turn my inventory of vinyl and app tape as frequently as it should be, so I still with what I have and do what I can.
  11. So you either ignored what others have tried to point out to you, or you chose not to share the results - whether good or bad. People have suggested, and you keep on saying that you're not new to cutting. Clearly you have more experience than some of us combined. Have you broken a hard rule? No. I just simply answered your question Have you broken a hard rule? No. I just simply replying as to why you think you are being treated so unfairly. There are some reasonable expectations when someone brings a question to this forum ... (this doesn't only apply to you, don't think you're so special that we chose to single you out, just to pick on). - did you try to search the forum for the answer before posting? - if your machine came with an owner's manual online or hard copy, have you tried checking there? - did you try to use the HELP section of the software before posting? - what other thing(s) have you tried before posting? When there is a suggestion for a possible solution, usually the OP will tell us whether it helped or not, or if it's turned into a different problem. You keep on stating that nobody has addressed your original issue ... what were all those screen shots of other member trying to help you? We are all volunteers here, and we want to help one another. The shorter the better, because some of us don't cut for a living, so our time on the forum can be very, very limited - but we try where can. Post away, take as long as you need, a novel if necessary. We were only trying to guide you to get the quickest and most thorough results from the forum.
  12. If I may ... posts that are kept short, to the point, and detailed as possible, will expedite the issue trying to get resolved. That being said, as one of the many volunteers here, I always appreciate it when I know, in advance, what steps the the OP has already taken - because that will help to narrow down what hasn't been tried yet. A lot of us will typically start at the same point for suggestions, and then the answers will diversify depending on what some have had experience with. I value my time, tremendously. I can only imagine that other do as well. I get that you had a question, and thought it would be quick to get a response out of the forum, however, I could also simply ask, "how do i set proper blade depth?" While that answer is fairly quick, it's also posted in several places on the forum, and can be found if I took the time to search for it. With due diligence searching on the forum, or in a particular software's HELP section (and no, the caps do not mean I'm shouting), a lot of questions could be answered. For the majority of us who come to the forum to ask a questions, we have already trolled the forum and the HELP sections of whichever software that we're using, and many times, using other software programs before coming to post the questions here. We are also appreciative enough to want to stick around and help where we can. [I am not stating or implying that you are not]
  13. haumana

    Pro cutter CR 630

    what else have you tried. just telling us that it doesn't work, doesn't really help. have you tried these steps?
  14. if the image does not ungroup, then you'll need to dupe it. make one green and the other orange, then edit out the stuff you didn't want in each color.
  15. Thank you for updating your post, and letting us know how you resolved your issue. There will be a good chance that someone will need this information in the future. On a slight tangent, did you try to save your file as an .eps out of inkscape? I'm curious to know if VM would have done the same thing. I'm guessing it might have, since you seem to have isolated it to bend a node issue. (just can't help being curious though )