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  1. haumana

    if you like pinstriping and gold leaf . . . ..

    thankfully, no canoe club has done that here ... and hopefully won't.
  2. haumana

    font help please

    That was an awesome album!
  3. haumana

    ORACAL 651 15" Vinyl now comes unpunched.

    Great! Now they just need to increase the width of their app tape to match .... and i would need my local shop here to carry the vinyl and wider app tape
  4. typically people just post the file to the forum thread, so that many volunteers can take a stab at problem solving it. if you feel more comfortable just sending it to me, that works too - just click on my profile name, then click Message. you can attach files and shot me a message at the same time. no one else will see the communication or attachment.
  5. haumana

    if you like pinstriping and gold leaf . . . ..

    love looking at pre-vinyl days
  6. haumana

    font help please

    Didn't find the exact, but it's pretty darn close. Gulya Script. You can find it on dafont.com
  7. I might be one of the very few who has both a Graphtec and Graphtec Studio. Hence, the file request. But if you'd rather just tell me what you issue is, without me being able to recreate it on my side, then I cannot help you. Send the file or not, but I'm just going to say, that most times, sending the file helps us volunteers to troubleshoot a lot faster and more thoroughly.
  8. Does the whole roll have warpy vinyl, or just the edge? If it's just the edge, then I'd recommend you cut it off before feeding it into the cutter.
  9. My Graphtec doesn't have the 2nd page in the Advance menu. It goes from 1/3 to 3/3
  10. haumana

    Hello guys, and a warm hello from Puerto Rico!!

    ditto on the servo.
  11. haumana

    Vinyl master ltr

    type your text. select your text. Effects > Distortion > Arc Keep in mind if you're wanting to arc it so it's a bottom rocker, but the text isn't upside down, then rotate it (so it is upside down) prior to arcing it to the bottom.
  12. haumana

    Cutting Issues

    Another possibility ... check your x.y and make sure you reset your point of origin prior to cutting. Other than that ... all of what Skeeter said. Maybe it should be a sticky.
  13. haumana

    Convert SBD files to EPS

    I still work in SBE at times, and the only thing I will save as an SBD file is the layout. Every element in the SBD file will have been imported from an .eps file, or is straight-up TTF text. Only if necessary, do I bother to export the SBD file to .eps
  14. Each and every time I change blades, I will inspect the blade holder to make sure there is no debris in it - which often times there is. I also will go through the motions for setting the proper blade depth, because I've learned that when I've changed blades, nothing good will result if I do not treat it like everything is brand new and needs to be individually tweaked. If you're having a difficult time weeding, then there is a chance that you're not using enough force to not just cut through the vinyl, but through the adhesive as well. It could also mean that it's time to change the vinyl. Older vinyl that I have is notorious for needed a higher force, and sometimes a slower speed to get the results so that I can be easily weeded. Make sure that you're weeding whatever you cut sooner rather than later, because the adhesive will find a way to bond back to itself through the cuts over time. Blade offset for Graphtec is 0 Since you have a Mac, I would suggest downloading and trying Graphtec Studio. It may not be your software of choice, but right now, you're trying to eliminate what it's doing, so let's see if it's a software issue vs. hardware. I also highly recommend Clean Cut Blades. The vinyl that I own are various colors and various ages, most of the vinyl can be cut using a single condition which is awesome, but there are some vinyl colors and ages that require fine tuning until it cuts right so it's easily weed-able. The fine tuning will include blade force and speed. Never underestimate the value of speed. The smaller or more intricate the text or design, the slower you go. I'm usually never in a rush when I'm cutting, and mutlitask while the machine is running, so often times I will be cutting at 30, maybe 40, but have slowed the machine all the way down to 15-20 for smaller stuff. Good luck, and keep us posted on what's happening.