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  1. haumana

    Need help, new to making decals

    Have you tried to run it on Sign Blazer? What you need to try to do, is to eliminate if the issue is software or hardware. Can you run a test cut from the control panel on the machine?
  2. haumana

    how would i do this ?

    what version of VM are you using?
  3. haumana

    how would i do this ?

    it could be that you were viewing it in a different mode. (ie. wire frame or node edit, etc)
  4. haumana

    how would i do this ?

  5. haumana

    how would i do this ?

    Node edit out the inside lines of the petals and core, then you'll be left with a single line drawing of the flower. That will leave you the outline that you're needing to send to the cutter. Were you going to try and do a 2-color decal under the app tape, or apply the petals, then just add the center manually? Because those are completely two different ways that you would app tape it. Please understand that any clipart or artwork that you find on the internet is (automatically) considered copyrighted material by the original designer. Unless you have explicit permission to use and/or post the artwork, use discretion on what gets posted.
  6. haumana

    Need help, new to making decals

    Will you cutter run from Sign Blazer, or is it proprietary and requires whatever software that shipped with it?
  7. haumana

    Servo or stepper?

    Servo over stepper, always. If you were willing to shell out 679 for the Liyu, then just pay it, unless you come up with another servo machine that's cheaper.
  8. haumana

    Wet or dry method.

    I do dry most of the times, and wet when I have to. But I always clean the surface first.
  9. haumana

    graphics request.

    Google is your friend https://www.google.com/search?tbm=isch&sxsrf=ALeKk003kZHDPmKyYJWALDFJDrKvj4Mm0w%3A1585250961432&source=hp&biw=1293&bih=668&ei=kQJ9XszrF46q0PEPi5G38As&q=2015+dodge+caravan+outline&oq=2015+dodge+caravan+outline&gs_l=img.3...951.8698..9450...1.0..0.320.4404.0j22j1j3......0....1..gws-wiz-img.......0j0i8i30j0i24.djuXNGRmtBU&ved=0ahUKEwiM-LuD8LjoAhUOFTQIHYvIDb4Q4dUDCAU&uact=5
  10. If you bought your machine brand new, then it should've shipped with a serial cable, which is that you connect to the cutter, and then to the adapter. It's usually a beige/putty color, but sometimes it's grey too. looks like a thin VGA cable, but has different ends.
  11. haumana

    Authorization to Keep Business Open

    nah, i think we're used not seeing our islands on graphics of the US. That would just be so much wasted vinyl that would be the ocean. Hahaha.
  12. It depends on what type of vinyl you're talking about, and storage conditions. Do you something specific in mind?
  13. haumana

    Full car wrap prices?

    I got a rough quote to do a full wrap on my 2015 Tacoma Double Cab - starts @ $1200 The final price would depend on the level prep necessary to get it wrap ready, and what kind of wrap I chose. Need to keep in mind that I'm in the middle of the ocean, so the vendors here are quite limited, and materials shipping here is crazy expensive, so I'm sure that's built into the quote. I've watched videos on cars being wrapped - they make it look so easy!
  14. haumana

    Error de plotter uscutter mh721 -mk2

    Una cosa que puedes probar es buscar Sign Blazer Elements en el foro y descargarlo e instalarlo. Pruébelo y vea si funciona. One thing you can try is searching for Sign Blazer Elements in the forum and downloading and installing it. Try it out and see if it works.
  15. Can you do a screen shot of a settings/configuration page that might show how the software/mac is supposed to be connecting to the cutter?