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  1. haumana

    Help identifying this font please

    Can you post the picture, rather than the screen shot?
  2. Yup, I will try to take people at their word, but it's tough if they're using the wrong terminology.
  3. haumana

    Font ID help

    Hahaha ... my husband will take a picture on his iphone, of what he's looking at on his iPad to send it to me. He doesn't know how to text the link or airdrop it. The challenge is real!
  4. Actually the OP did state that it was cutting in a mirrored format, as well has orientation. Regardless, mirrored or not, that's a simple fix, and if you have a job waiting to push out the door, then work around the issue and troubleshoot with the job is done.
  5. haumana

    working in the background

    At least you're willing to do it! I am having a difficult time getting Ken to just sit down and review the CAD drawings that I designed for the renovation/extension. I think he hopes it will all get done magically and one he will wake up and the project got approved, completed, and is ready for his enjoyment.
  6. We only ask, what seems like obvious questions, because the information you're mostly providing us is your end result. What we don't know, is if you have already tried checking and unchecking various boxes, etc. I am also an original LP owner, for well over 12+ years. From the get go, Creation PCut CT735 was the machine that was selected in SBE. I don't know how the version you have does not have that machine listed. Like I said before, if your machine is cutting, but not like how you want it (for the moment), adjust what you need to get the correct output. Mirror your design, send it to the machine, get the order out, then come back when you have time to tinker with settings. If have the money, splurge on better software now, if you don't - get the job out, download some trial software from other companies and see if those will work in the correct layout and orientation for you.
  7. You can keep thinking about your previous computer, but that's not going to help you in any way shape or form. If you're doing the layout, and it's cutting in mirrored format, than the temporary quick fix is to mirror it prior to sending it to the cutter, or check the box for mirroring in the software. You might always want to check or uncheck the box "Rotate Across Vinyl" and see if that helps you. It would help us a lot if you tell us what you have specifically tried, so we can narrow the possibilities for the fix.
  8. haumana

    working in the background

    Looking fancy.
  9. did you make sure that you have the right drivers for the keyspan you're using? from your original post, if i understand this correctly, you can cut, however it doesn't cut in the orientation that you want? when you say that it cuts in reverse, what does that mean? do you have a picture or a video?
  10. Are you looking under PCut or Creation PCut? How are you connecting the puter to the cutter? USB or Serial? If USB, make sure you designate which USB Port in the SBE software, do not let it 'auto' select. If you're using the serial with a keyspan, make sure you install the correct drivers for the keyspan.
  11. Which version of LP do you have? If it's the first, original LP, select Creation PCut CT735 as your cutter in the SBE software.
  12. A stiffer carrier sheet will help with the kraft paper from tenting up, or if you can rig something that can minimize the sheet from flexing while it's jogging back and forth through the cut window.
  13. That's looking really good! Thanks for keeping us updated and showing your results.
  14. Download and install SignBlazer Elements. It's free, and couldn't hurt at this point. Give that a go, and see if you file will cut to completion.
  15. Might worth while trying a Clean Cut Blade.