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  1. You want to do what you can to prevent the blade from going off the vinyl - for starters, you might want to adjust the design space in whichever program you are using, so that the working width matches the width of the vinyl you're using. If you have sufficiently sliced up the cutting strip, then that's something that might need to be replaced. like s&d suggested, remove the blade holder and open it up, and remove any debris that might be in there. you would be amazed at the amount of vinyl bits and garbage that can get into the tiny little hole that your blade rotates in. there have been often times where there's junk in mine, and that prevents the blade from freely rotating in the necessary directions. keep us posted.
  2. the LP has the ability to do the test cut box without even being connected to any computer. if you're having issues with simply running that test cut from the machine, then it's an issue with the machine. unfortunately, the LP is long out of production, and I'm not sure how available parts are for it. you might want to start considering an upgrade to a newer machine.
  3. haumana

    Getting more than outline cut

    Excellent quick tutorial!
  4. haumana

    Designs Having Lines Cut Through Them

    If you have access to a PC, desktop or laptop, or have a friend with a laptop. I would download and install SignBlazer Elements. It's an good program that's a bit antiquated, but it's the 'go to' for testing when there are issues. At this point, it really won't cost you anything but some time and effort.
  5. haumana

    Printing on Vinyl

    If you try to inkjet (or laserjet) with inappropriate media, you can potentially look for some streaking and smudging on some of the rollers that can take forever to to go away (if it does at all). It's not worth "trying" this kind of thing unless you're okay with replacing your printer. This doesn't just apply to trying to print on vinyl, it goes the same for some photo papers, over head projector clear sheets (yes, some people still utilize this old 'technology', shrinky dink plastic, etc..
  6. haumana

    How Small can it cut?

    Thanks for sharing your results and experience.
  7. haumana

    cutspoolervm3.exe spooler wont cut

    [Hello I have the same error did you find the solution]
  8. Interesting. Who would've guessed. Thanks for posting the remedy.
  9. haumana

    Applying vinyl

    wet application and patience will be your best friend. you can probably search youtube, and there's probably a bunch of videos about it.
  10. quel est le message d'erreur? quel est le numéro de modèle de votre cutter? [What is the error message? what is the model number of your cutter?]
  11. keep on using the old PC for your cutter. cutters are fairly simple machines. i tend to stay away from any version of windows that will not allow me to turn off automatic updates. when using windows, i use windows 7. i have windows 10 machines that like to update automatically, and then i end up needing to see which one of my programs stops working properly after the update.
  12. If you have a good working SBE that you like, keep it. I've "installed" 7.x and when I fire up SBE, it still says it's version 6.x. I was the opposite of you, I used the 9-pin for my initial connection from my puter to the cutter, and when that finally stopped working, I cut over the the usb port on the cutter.
  13. haumana

    Pixmax720 won't contour cut

    Thank you for posting your update, with your fix that worked for you, as well as the great photos.
  14. Change your contour outline to a different color, and just color that color.
  15. haumana

    Font ID Help!!!

    no clue. have you done your due diligence and trolled dafont.com or other font sights?