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  1. haumana

    Where else to get blank signs?

    You can try grimco.com I have a friend that regularly orders sign blanks from them.
  2. haumana

    New Site has a pop-up on front page

    the old site had a. pop up too.
  3. haumana

    Cell phone stand made with the CNC

    bump. hey mark - what cnc machine do you have? i'm on the fence about picking one up.
  4. If you are cutting all the way through the mylar, then a carrier sheet is needed, if that's the case, then you have set the point of origin independently of where the actual corner for mylar is. Actually, carrier sheet or not, the cutter should have the ability to reset it's point of origin wherever you position the blade carriage.
  5. Yes, any version of SBE that is sourced from USC or someone reputable from the USC Forum, will trigger your antivirus. It's abandonware due to the fact the software design has long passed on. Fortunately, there was a member who was able to work on the file and allow for users to install and use it beyond it's trial period. Because of that, antivirus programs assume that it's a virus and/or malware.
  6. Have you reached out to SCALP, and what was their response? What version of CD are you using?
  7. haumana

    Print max size

    I can't see your pics. What are you trying to do? The SC is not a printer, the closest you would get to that would be if you put a pen in the blade carriage holder to plot something.
  8. haumana

    Print max size

    Have you checked what the workspace area is?
  9. haumana

    Print max size

    what software? what machine?
  10. If you bought the machine new from USC, then it should've come with software VM or SCALP. Why do you need to source your own cutting software when one is already included? I'm guessing that you are on a Windows platform. The Titan will not use TCP/IP, it will use a COM Port and you can find which one Windows has assigned to it by looking in the Device Manager after plugging it in using a USB cable. If this doesn't help, then you need to provide us with additional information: - Windows or Mac, which version - What cutting software are you wanting to use
  11. If the CM plug in works with your AI, there is no need for any additional software, unless you would really prefer to use a different design software. If that's the case, then any cutting software that will have the right driver for your CE6000-60 will do.
  12. haumana


    While your machine is powered off, try moving the blade carriage away from the side, then power it back up.
  13. age of vinyl. blade depth. different blade angle. if the cuts aren't closing, retest the best off sets.
  14. haumana

    key code

    Have you tried to contact VM directly?
  15. I love my 60* blade, and use it for everything. Put one in within a few months when I first got my LP over 12+ years ago, and then dropped on in when I got my CE6000-60 Plus when it was new out of the box. I know that some times the suggestions seem repetitive, but it's because a lot of people will provide information as to the bad/poor results they are getting, but not necessarily letting us know how they got there, or what steps they've taken to troubleshoot. I know that going be to basics and checking blade depth seem to be kind of kindergarten for some, but you would be amazed at how many don't have the blade depth set correctly the first time around. A incorrectly set blade can still cut, but it won't always cut optimally under the wide range of settings that some users can use. As far as a jagged edge ... yes there could be several causes, so there will be several suggestions - bad vector, broke blade tip, dull blade, incorrect blade depth, bad cutting strip, no slack in the vinyl, junk vinyl, etc. I rarely use the software that came with my Graphtec, because I learned on SignBlazer and I am the most efficient on SB, so majority of my jobs get sent to it from SB. If the vector is bad, I edit it in SB, if the vector is really bad, then I just try to recreate it. I also have tested it out using the Graphtec Pro Studio (in Windows), Graphtec Studio (in Mac), and VM have not had a quality issue with the cuts. Don't give up on your CE6000, it's a great machine. It was a substantial step up from my LP, so there was an expected learning curve to go with it. When sellers eventually run out of CE6000, it will be coveted over the CE7000. I encourage you to keep us posted so we can track your progressive, and hopefully contribute something helpful if and when we can.