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  1. The heart shape button will appear after you go into text mode. The button will be grey(ish), but once you hover over it, it is select-able. btw - i'm in DSR v4.0
  2. haumana

    BBQ Trophy

    LOVE the trophy!!
  3. haumana

    splicing two colors

    Because you need to cut it twice, equally the same size, it doesn't matter if you "recolor" it in VM, it can be any color you want, because the color that you will get is the color you put into the cutter. If it were my project, I would just convert everything to the same color, then put in a polylines that will place your slices where you need to color transition to be. There are often times when I work in just basic primary colors to differentiate weed boxes vs. design, and neither of those colors have anything to do with the color vinyl I put in the machine. (ie. the design in the software is black, the weed box is red (in the background), and the color vinyl that goes into the machine is white). But if you really, really must have the design itself (solely in your software) be in two colors as you're are seeing in your photo, then you'll need to get the design, put the polyline slices in it, copy and paste a second copy, then node edit out the appropriate portions you don't need, the piece is back together. Going to the honest, it's not worth the time and effort. Just do one design, doesn't matter what color, then cut it twice with the two different vinyls.
  4. haumana

    splicing two colors

    you will need to cut the image twice, once in each color. make sure you put the slash lines through both of them. That way everything should like up when you weed out what you don't want, and very carefully treat it like you're layering. or, you could just layer one color over the other.
  5. Get yourself a Clean Cut Blade, and check the blade holder to make sure there is no debris in it. A drop of lube in the hold might help as well.
  6. haumana

    28" titan 3 se stand

    That happened to me when I first assembled the stand for the LP
  7. SignBlazer is a free PC-based cutting software, or you can download a trial version of Vinyl Master.
  8. haumana

    New to software...need help please

    do you have your design with the window outline in .eps format? if so, post it for someone to possibly help you. no volunteer is going to recreate what you've already done, but if you are willing to share your file, someone might be willing to help you.
  9. haumana

    New to software...need help please

    the stars should be going 'forward' that the feature you need can be found in SignBlazer.
  10. Bummer. I thought that since it was considered 'printed material' that it would be able to pass through as media mail.
  11. It also depends on weight. You didn't specify how many decals you were shipping. Generally anything above 13oz will go be Priority. The other option is trying to send it by 4th Class, Media Mail, but that is the slowest option.
  12. haumana

    Made for myself

    Congratulations! Signs look great!!
  13. haumana

    complete beginnerhelp needed

    You computer might be 'seeing' it, but it will not appear as a printer. Look in Device Settings, under USB Ports, and it might appear there - then see what COM Port it was assigned.
  14. haumana

    Voice of Wesco

    does every individual character have a weed box around it? what software are you using, and are you just sending it to the cutter as text? as long as your vinyl isn't really, really old, you should be okay.
  15. haumana

    Voice of Wesco

    check to see if the blade carriage is lifting up high enough between the cuts, or if it maybe faintly dragging. try it with a different piece of vinyl.