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  1. Using a Clean Cut blade, or a new blade couldn't hurt either. I would also encourage you to check for any debris in the blade holder, and check the condition of the cutting strip. The cutting strip should be fairly self-healing, but if you cut into it, honestly, it's never the same. When I start to get a perforated effect on my cuts, I know it's time to look at the blade, blade holder, and cutting strip. Good luck, and please keep us updated.
  2. if it ain't broke, don't fix it. i kind of use that as loose mantra when it comes to tech.
  3. a) stencil material - as in cardboard, card stock, vinyl, etc.? b) can we see picture of what's happening, or what you're trying to accomplish? c) what is the 'certain font' that you are trying to use? (then we might be able to tell you if it's stencil friendly by nature, or how to make it stencil friendly for your use)
  4. haumana

    Automatic Sheet Cutting

    If you noticed, that printer/cutter did not cut it all the way into individual squares, which is what you were asking. If you found a solution that might work for you, why are you still inquiring?
  5. haumana

    Automatic Sheet Cutting

    nope. you do not ever want your blade to go through the backing on into the cutting strip. If you need smaller sheets to cut, then you would need to cut them by hand. the only way to get around that, is if you have a sticky carrier sheet beneath your vinyl, like how cricut cutters use. if you don't use that, then the blade might snag on the vinyl, and then you'd cause undue stress to the mechanics of the cutter.
  6. haumana

    Titan2 Issues

    oh man, i can't see the video
  7. haumana


    I'd like to see what the Prism can do too.
  8. haumana

    Help with CE-Lite 50

    what software are you using to try and cut this?
  9. haumana

    Number Font

    It looks like a variation of State Secret, or Upbolters New.
  10. Are your trying to print to your Graphtec? or your Canon PRO-100S? Are you actually printing (plotting) something, or are you cutting something? The only time jobs used to get really jammed up was if I happened to have a raster image in the file, or if the file (even in vector format) - was really, really large (in file size).
  11. Same here. I have not tried to connect any of my Win10 PCs to the cutters, but the LP only shows up in comm port in Device Manager in Win7. I has never been listed in any way, shape, or form in Printers & Devices. What software are you using to cut, because you need to make sure that the comm port on the in the software matches the comm port as listed in Device Manager.
  12. a) what kind of material are you cutting? b) do you have pictures of the end product? c) what font are you using?
  13. What versions of windows are your running, and what software are you using to cut with? My LP never showed up in the devices in the control panel, ever.
  14. haumana

    Shape by angle

    OMG! I am so math-impaired. Good going!
  15. It does look like it's cutting all the way through, but it could just be that the vinyl is on a clear backing. Like Skeeter said, if you're cutting through the vinyl, but it's still gummy, then you might need to use just a little more force. Ideally you want to cut through both the vinyl and the adhesive in a single pass, then weed it soon after cutting. If you wait too long to weed it, the cut in the adhesive will disappear and make it difficult to weed.