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  1. Do you have a finished product for us to see?
  2. Could you vinyl have static? What happens when you turn the machine off and on again, does it still do it?
  3. haumana

    need to replace pinch roller

    You might need to take a really good look, and see if you can find a suitable replacement on eBay.
  4. haumana

    Newbie here

    Aloha & Welcome! Mahalo for taking the time to sign-up.
  5. haumana

    What cutter do I need?

    10,000 rectangles. I would take it to a print or copy shop and have them hydraulically cut them.
  6. i always create my own weed lines, then i can put there were i actually need them, and the way i want them.
  7. haumana

    What cutter do I need?

    that's a nice feature.
  8. haumana

    What cutter do I need?

    perforating is a feature on some high-end cutters, which is exponentially more expensive than a cricut or cameo. like the cricut, if your intent is to cut paper/card stock, you will need a carrier mat. check out the buying guide and it'll give you an idea of what the different cutters are capable of. https://uscutter.com/buying-guides what's your budget for a machine?
  9. haumana

    What cutter do I need?

    cutters cut, no creasing. if what's pretty much the purpose of what you're looking for - stick with a cricut.
  10. haumana

    Windows 10 Area Test with MH

    You should be able to do a Windows update to trigger the upgrade, or check the MS website, and that should step you through grabbing Win11. I am not looking forward to anything upgrading on stuff that I have working now
  11. haumana

    Help identifying material or method used

    I'm wondering the same thing too.
  12. Where did you end up acquiring the cutting strip?
  13. haumana

    Mac Boot Camp to run cutting software

    I run both my LaserPoint and Graphtec from an (old) MacPro (intel), MacBook Pro (intel), and Mac Mini (M1). All through Parallels. The Intel-based machines are running Win7, because that's my preference, the M1 runs Win10. The only issue that I've run into, is the LaserPoint on the new M1 machine, but it runs the Graphtec CE6000-60 Plus just fine. I can run the Graphtec Studio natively in Mac OS, and can run Graphtec Pro Studio and SignBlazer in Win7&10.
  14. I have a friend fabricate one on his 3D printer for my LaserPoint, but he couldn't include the hole for the laser because the clearance was so narrow. I did end up finding the exact replacement on a seller in China. But yes, if you can 3D print them, it's so much easier. There are people selling the 3D printed parts on eBay too.