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  1. Okay, so here's something strange - at least to me. If I double click on the graphic file, AI will open it up and show it just fine. If I 'place' or drag'n'drop into an open (existing) file, that's when I get the white box. I am not seeing that a workaround is to copy and paste from the opened by double clicking file to the actual working file that I need it in. Strange NSC 02.EPS
  2. I've tried to find the answer, but haven't come across anyone else having this issue. I've vectorized a raster image in inkscape, then proceeded to drag'n'drop, and even used the "place" function, but each time the file opens in illustrator (CS3 & CS5.5) as a box with the graphic hidden. I've tried it as an .eps file and an .svg file, but still cannot figure out how to make the graphic appear in illustrator so that I can actually see it. Sometimes, there's even excess white space around the graphic and I don't know how to get rid of that either. Is anyone familiar with this? AI is still very, very foreign to me, but I now find myself needing to hit the ground running with it, and would prefer if the graphics I work with are vectors and visible. Thanks in advance!
  3. I haven't cut reflective on my Graphtec yet, but when I was cutting reflective on my LaserPoint, the only way I was getting any success was to cut it twice. That way I didn't have to crank up the pressure to something ridiculous and risk breaking the blades.
  4. Do you have a question?
  5. haumana


    You might need to have run your cutter in SignBlazer. It's a bit on the older side, but it works, and best of all - it's free!
  6. haumana

    Vinyl on vinyl.

    If you're able to, maybe do a paper tape with a wet application.
  7. haumana

    vinylmaster cut v4.0

    I don't own VM so I cannot speak to exact directions, but a lot of the design and cut software function similarly. 1. Clean-up that image and get rid of all the dust specks, because what you posted was a raster and not vector, so I highly recommend cleaning up prior to vectoring it. 2. Vector it. 3. Import into VM, if not already in VM, then copy and past another somewhere else in your work space. Select one of the images, and click on one of the colors you'd like to re-color it to. 4. If all else fails, search it up on YouTube in any type of verbiage variation you can think of, because there's a chance that someone's already posted a video about it. We're just a bunch of volunteers who want to help, but yes - searching the forum, as well as using the software's help menu is always appreciated before posting a question. *I am totally open to anyone who happens to have a spare license for VM to sell it to me so I can play with it, and get better acquainted with it.
  8. Just keep on making adjustments and you'll eventually find the sweet spot for that vinyl, at that color, with that blade, with that design. There is always a possibility that you're cutting through the vinyl, but not the adhesive. It's happened to me a time or two, and it make the difference in weeding, and yes, in the app tape pick-up. It's a sucky process, and at times - frustrating, but it you'll get it. hand in there, and keep on making subtle changes. when i have difficulties with the app tape picking up the vinyl, it's usually time for me to change the tape - but that's me, where i live, and the level and cold/heat and humidity that i have. and, i can never be sure how old the app tape is when i pick it up from my local supply shop.
  9. haumana

    MH-721 Disassembly Instructions?

    picture(s) would be helpful. if the front edge of your vinyl is getting caught in the cut-out that the roller are in, then you need to feed the vinyl more forward when starting.
  10. define, "Can't get it to cut" What's happening? Is the carriage not running? is the it going, but the blade isn't cutting through the fabric? is the fabric bunching up? post pics if you need to.