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  1. Is there a reason why there is all this extra space when I import a graphic? When I import the .eps file to SB is do so cleanly, but when I imported it to the Graphtec Pro Studio is came in with all that extra space. I'm thinking it's a GPS anomaly. Is there a workaround to crop out all that extra space? Not all of my files do this, but there are a handful that I started to play with, so I'd imagine there will be a lot more that will do this if I continue to work in GSP. MPS.EPS
  2. interesting direction of new products

    OOooo! Panini Press, oh yes! Wait, the George Foreman Grill guys don't make a heat press?
  3. They have Studio for Mac and Studio Pro for the Windows side, so I have both! Win!! So many options now - plugin to cut directly out of AI (on Mac and Win), GS on Mac, GPS and SB (Win). So awesome!!
  4. My Vinyl doesnt like sticking to the backing, if replaced

    The software will add it for you? Dang, I've been doing it manually - I call them relief cuts, because it relieves the stress when I actually remember to put them into some designs. I'm usually pretty good about putting them with simple text. Some of the multi-colored designs looks like an old school road map with all my relief cuts to deal with the designs and open/uncut vinyl areas. One of the fastest and best lessons I learned was welding and relief cuts <- they're life savers!
  5. It finally came in! Woohoo! I picked it up a few days ago, but due to the husband unplugging the tv/internet cable booster (unbeknownst to me), lack of internet issues - I wasn't able to get everything situated as quickly I would have like to. I'm finally back online and am trying to hit the ground running. I am ridiculously impressed by the graphtec. It didn't take me very long to figure out how to cut using the Graphtec Studio on the Mac OS X, and then via Sign Blazer on the Win7 (Parallels) side. I'm totally stoked that I can now cut in both environments. I'm amazed at how much quicker it cuts than the LP, and how much quieter - although I will admit that the fan on the LP didn't really bother me a whole lot. This is awesome!! Mahalo to everyone who guided me to make the right decision!
  6. interesting direction of new products

    Umm ... am I missing the connection to vinyl, custom, signage, etc.?
  7. How much pressure do you cut with?

    I have an original LP and buzz at 60, 40 for the smaller stuff. What kind of settings do you think you need to change in VM?
  8. Cutting software, I want your honest opinion

    Corel ... do people still use that? LOL Just kidding folks! I had my LP before I became a Mac person, so after I got my Mac I got Flexi 8.5 ... That just wasn't working out for me. So I ended up dedicating my XP laptop to the cutter. I got tired of having to fire up the oh-so-slow laptop and did an install of SB via Parallels on my Mac. Have been doing that ever since. I like free software, so the gps should be great for me
  9. Cutting software, I want your honest opinion

    Thanks Scott! Yes, I can run Win7 in/on my Mac. That's how I'm currently cutting in SB. The only other puter I have, setup for cutting, is my old XP laptop I will definitely check out the graphtec pro studio. It says that I need a serial number first, so I guess I have to wait until the machine actually gets here. I love SB, but can see how it's a bit outdated. I'm just looking for something that is just as easy to use as SB, preferably on the Mac side, but if that's a no-go, then back to cutting in Win7!
  10. With the impending toy (Graphtec CE6000) due to arrive shortly, I wanted to see what cutting software other Mac people are using, and what your thoughts on them. I know that the Graphtec is supposed to have a direct plug-in for AI, however, I am a total noob when it comes to AI, and am hoping to just hit a decent cutting software and avoid that steep learning curve. Currently I cut on my LP using Sign Blazer via the Parallels/Win7 side. Works great, but I would like to go Mac native for the new cutter and avoid having to fire up another app just to use the new cutter. I don't have the need to do contour cutting. Any input is greatly appreciated! MacPro 4,1 running 10.10.5 Yosemite and Parallels w/Win7
  11. USC Cutter Pinch Rollers ...

    Very reassuring. Mahalo!! Hopefully the new toy will be in shortly
  12. Sick of winter

    Good thing you folks made it back in one piece!
  13. USC Cutter Pinch Rollers ...

    (rhetorical) why? smh I love that my LP is fully adjustable, with exception to where the two grit bars meet in the middle (to which I put painters tape close to the slide of the rollers so I know not to put them there).
  14. USC Cutter Pinch Rollers ...

    Do all of the new(er) USC machine have preset pinch roller locations? and why? Someone please reassure me that the Graphtec CE6000 pinch rollers are fully adjustable, and I won't be locked down to just using the pinch roller in pre-designated interval locations.
  15. flexi starter 8