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  1. haumana

    Convert SBD files to EPS

    Select All (is you, using the cursor and drawing a box around anything and everything (or CTRL A) that you want to convert to .eps), then File > Export. and if you want to make sure that you see and export EVERYTHING in that SBD file, then do the Zoom All function as soon as you open up your SBD file, then select everything, file, export.
  2. haumana

    Hi Everyone!

    It really depends what's in the starter kit. First decide which cutter you want. You're not necessarily going to want to start with 24" or larger vinyl while you're still learning the best way to setup your machine. You might not even want the colors they want to send - although, you could use that as your test vinyl. Depending on what kind of vinyl you end up buying, you will also need: app tape, squeegee, sharp tweezer/dental pick/x-acto (or whatever you want to use to weed the vinyl), scissors, DIY application fluid. If you want to ease your setup - 60* Clean Cut blade, extra cutting strip, a self healing mat, rolling cutter, a long ruler or straight edge. I'm sure they're other stuff that's not coming to mind right now.
  3. Exporting in SBE does work. I swear I gave instruction in a different thread about this same inquiry. Found it. This is the same subject, being rehashed in a different thread.
  4. haumana

    Cutting Overlap

    Do the MH machines have fully adjustable placement pinch rollers, or are they "designated area" locations like on some of the newer machines? Are the cuts clean when tit does get cut, because from the pictures, it looks a little wavy.
  5. haumana


    check cutting strip might be static
  6. haumana

    Convert SBD files to EPS

    I export to .jpg to send mock-ups all the time. I've also run multiple instances of SBE in Windows too, although I've never had the need to open a huge amount of them to see where the choke point would be
  7. haumana

    Convert SBD files to EPS

    open you SBD files, Select all of the items (regardless if they're in your working space frame or not), File, Export (.eps) You might need to ungroup them on whatever program you end up using, but everything that's selected will be saved as an .eps vector file.
  8. haumana

    Hi Everyone!

    Graphtec CE6000-60 plus
  9. haumana

    Cutting Overlap

    Ditto Scott. The only think that comes to mind immediately, and it shouldn't happen - is that there isn't enough slack on the vinyl coming through the cut window. Like the pinch rollers/grit bar isn't forwarding the vinyl enough. But I think if that were the case, it would look a little more wonky than what your picture looks like. Hmmm.
  10. haumana

    Convert SBD files to EPS

    Not to my knowledge.
  11. haumana

    Cutting Overlap

    Does VM not allow you to type your text directly into the software? That will get you the cleanest results, which should be WYSIWYG
  12. haumana

    Axle, driveshaft, grabber

    You might have gotten better thread visibility if you posted this in the right bulletin board. Good luck.
  13. haumana

    Cutter not initializing

    You don't assign the COM port, Windows does, then you go into SBE and tell SBE which COM port Windows has assigned to it. You can typically get there by right clicking "My Computer" and selecting Device Manager. Then look under COM or USB.
  14. haumana

    Cutter not initializing

    ^What Darc said!. I guess I really need to start explaining myself better. Hahaha...
  15. haumana

    Cutter cuttin oval

    vs? are you trying to cut an oval, or are you trying to cut a circle, and it's gone horribly wrong?