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  1. Hello all, I have a copam 2500 and I went to go cut something today and the pinch roller broke broke in two pieces. Now I need to replace it, no big deal. However I can not figure out how to remove the roller. Can some please help?
  2. I did an install for 5 race cars today, here are some pictures of a couple of them. Nothing to fancy, just the basics pretty much.
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    A couple race cars I did today

    another car
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    A couple race cars I did today

    Back window of there truck
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    A couple race cars I did today

    another pic
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    Racecar numbers

    Here are some numbers for a race car that I just finished. There are 4 color and layered. I was pretty happy with how they turned out, and I hope the client is as well.
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    My son's room

    Hello All! It has been a while since I have been on here(too long). Since I have been gone I changed jobs, had my first child, and am now getting ready to move. I have been very busy and things have been hectic to say the least. Just wanted to post a picture of the graphics I did above my sons bed. Let me know what you think.
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    My son's room

    Thank everyone, No we will not be taking it with us. lol This is actually at my girlfriends parents house so it will stay there, she is staying there till I can get all moved up to Milwaukee. I also attached the files for the sports balls NFH025baseballs.SBD NFH026Basketball.SBD NFH027footballs.SBD
  9. The easiest way to figure out pricing it go by the sq ft. If you use a 24" roll always count up to 24", they should pay for your scrap as well. and at 32" I would round up to 36" to get to the even foot mark. So that is 6 sq ft. I charge $9 a sq ft. so I would be at $54 each, plus whatever I thought for the install. This install would take me about 15-20 minutes so I would add about another $20. so $74 per decal including install.
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    Banner Long Time in the Making

    Nice MR2, We got 2 of them! LOVE THEM! There like little go karts.
  11. you can be legal without starting a full fledged business, just make sure you claim all the income. be a self proprietor file a schedule c with your personal taxes, you can write off expenses, and claim your income. Use your last name in the business name and you dont have to file a DBA (doing business as)
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    How much would you charge?

    sounds about right to me, I charge $9 a sq ft, and at that I get $5.25 each
  13. I am looking to get some stickers printed, they will be 6" round. I need to know how much for quantitys of 500, 1000, 2000, 5000. thank you in advance
  14. I charge by the sq. ft. I get $9 a sq. ft., so when i break that down to sq. inch's it comes out to $0.06 per sq inch. But i also charge for all scrap, so if it is 12" x 12" I would charge for 2 sq ft becasue the rool is 2' wide, so I guess i am usually around $0.12 for a sq inch, I just charge by the foot though.
  15. I am not totally sure how this works, but I have a cousin who is a lawyer down in Springfield, IL, and her husband is a trail lawyer for a big company. I was told that you can reproduce any logo for someone as long as they have permission to use the logo, and I would think that is a girl is sponsored by Dewalt that she has permission to use there logo. Therefor, not making it illegal to make it for her. So, if the whole thing was a set-up to try to bust people that would be entrapment due to the fact the girl said she was sponsored by them! I would be suing them for entrapment, and emotional distress over the case and worrying if you were going to lose everything you owned over this!
  16. Hey all, Long time no post. I have been super busy the last 8 months (just bought a house, and remodeled everything!) I sure am glad to have some time to get back on the forum. I will post some more jobs that I have been doing later Anyways Here is what I did today. It is 6 double sided corrugated plastic signs that measure 18" x 24" they are 1 color. and there is also 1 sign that is the same as the others, but only 1 sided. Just curious to see what you guys would all charge to make and install these. I will let you know how much I charged after I get a couple people to answer, I just dont want to sway anyone's idea on a price. I want to make sure that I am within the same ball park as the rest of you. http://i62.photobucket.com/albums/h102/rynecoop/P8172102.jpg[/img] http://i62.photobucket.com/albums/h102/rynecoop/P8172103.jpg[/img] http://i62.photobucket.com/albums/h102/rynecoop/P8172104.jpg[/img] http://i62.photobucket.com/albums/h102/rynecoop/P8172105.jpg[/img] Thanks guys! Ryne
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    Job I did for a Marathon gas station

    Ya I know what you mean about the border, it is only short because I wanted to be able to rotate the image in the cutting software in order to save vinyl. so that way each one would only go into the roll 18" instead of 24", so in overall I saved 6.5'. That little bit per sign saves me a lot in the long run, but yes I totally agree it makes it look a little off. I really appreciate the great constructive criticism! I got $400 for this job, that includes the install The sign craft sign pricing guide said that the price should be $251-$336 depending if the shop hourly rate is $46 or $66 per hour. (this is with no install) I know pricing al depends on where your at, and how many sign shops are around you. Thanks everyone for the great comments, and suggestions!
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    My first sign(s).

    Good post, even some points I had never thought of. Thanks, my price by the way was for only the vinyl and instalation, I didnt factor in the allumilite, if I added that it would be more like $2000. I understand that people get other amounts based on alot of factors, but just because you have alow overhead dont mean you have to charge accordingly, you should quote within 20-30% of industry standered, thats why when you look at the sign makers pricing guide it seems so high becasue we could never get that becasue of people that charge 60-80% to little. I dont hate anyone for low balling, but people that low ball hurt the entire industy as a whole not just the local sign shops.
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    My first sign(s).

    I think ALOT of people do not charge enough. you think well I would rather make something rather than nothing, that is not the way to think. If you value your work and think you do a good job you should charge accordingly. I feel if you are charging under $5 a sq ft. you are robbing yourself, and everyone else in the sign industry. Just because you don't have the big overhead like the big sign shops don't mean you can charge so little what happens when things are going good and you wanna open a retail location, then you will have to raise your prices, and all those people that were coming to you because they get the stuff almost free will be gone. MINIMUM I charge for decal with NO install is $9 a sq ft, and nobody ever complains, I still beat the other sign shops by 20% Installed is more near $15 a sq ft For this job I would be $427.50 per side with NO install so for both sides I would be $855 with NO install, then if I was to install I would charge for me and 1 other person for about 2 hours, so I would add another $300 to that price. ($75 per hour per person, and pay the help $25 per hour) SO MINIMUM I would be at $1155 Installed, and have them rent a lift. If your so cheap that in the end you only make like $10 per hour, whats the point? you could make more working in the mall. I always make sure that once all supplies are paid for that I get at least $80 per hour of time that I spent on the job, so if the Job takes 10 hours I profit at least $800 after all is said and done. And with most jobs, and as you get faster its more like $150 per hour. all the people that I have seen undersell me around here do not make signs anymore, and there is a good reason because they cant make enough money. I charge what I charge because I know my work will last. If you are having a hard time selling a job because they think its to much money tell them this. Say that a sign will only last 5 years (they always last longer if done right) And say they have to pay $1000 for the sign. That might seem like a lot but if you divide the $1000 over 5 years that is only $200 per year, now divide that by 365 (for the days of the year) and you get a wooping $0.54 a day, only 54 cents per day! If they sell something that is only $1 and they sell an extra 1 per day because of there $1000 sign it will be worth it! sorry for the Long post but I get rather upset over this issue when I see someone selling signs so cheap, and usually the people come to me and have a quote for someone else that is ridiculously low, and they see mine they pick me anyways because they say that the other guys stuff must not be that good if he is charging so little. There is an old saying "You get what you pay for".
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    Rookie's First Real Job

    are you guys quoteing for the just the decals or install also? Reason I am asking is because I came up with $216 for just the decals and I would charge about $75-100 for the install.
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    i have done a bit of window tinting in the past, I have never cut the tint with the plotter though. Tinting is totally diffrent from vinyl. I can install anything anywhere in vinyl, not so much with the tint. Tinting is a good challenge though. I can do side windows perfect the first time, but the back window take a couple tries.
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    need transfer tape help

    you can use R tape conform for wet or dry. I only use R tape conform, or the R tape Clear. If you are using the vinyl from eBay it may be a cheaper quality also, and that may be why you are having problems, if it happens with the oracal 651 though I am almost sure it is the transfer tape. I only use oracal vinyl and at least 651, maybe some Avery once in a while.
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    need transfer tape help

    I really cant answer your question without asking a few of my own. What is the brand of the transfer tape you have from ebay? What type of vinyl are you using, if oracal what series like 631, 651, 751? There is a huge difference between 631 and 751. If the tape is not releasing from the vinyl very well I would install it dry, and then spray the outside of transfer tape let it soak threw and then try to remove the transfer tape, but I would not let it get wet under the vinyl. I think that the problem is one of two things, either the transfer tape you got from ebay might be a bad roll, or a bad brand or it might also be the type of vinyl maybe but if your using oracal 651 or up it should be fine. It might also just be a high tack transfer tape which means it is more sticky than a regular transfer tape.
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    My transformers costume

    ok so I got a big roll of foam from uline , then I got down on hands and knees and had someone measure me ( works best if you take a pic then write the measurements on the pic.) Then I figured out how tall the front of the truck had to be in order for me to comfortable fit inside then just decided how tall to make each part (i.e.; windows, grill, bumper) once that was done I made pieces that would fit around my upper arms and forearms (make sure they are flat on the out side part) once that was done i put the front on the ground how it would be when i was in "truck mode" and measure back how far I had to go to fill the gap from the front to my arm pieces. that is basically the hardest part. Legs~ Just make the legs go all around your yours(make this tight, but loose enough to slide your leg in and out) then cut out a little half circle to let the foam go all the way to the ground (the half circle lets it go around your shoe) Then make a piece that will cover your shoe, then cut out the wheels and glue them on. Back Piece~ make the back piece long enough to cover your entire back down to your legs, you will need to use velcro in order to attach the back and front piece (leave enough room so that it will be able to transform, but fit snug) you will also need to make a hinge with velco just below your butt in order for it to fold down when you transform, use a hot glue gun to attach everything, and use an acrylic paint to paint the foam, you can also cut out windows and insert plexi-glass if you want, and also cut hole to stick flashlights in for the head lights. Hope this helps. it is all in my head and i tried to explain the best i could, if you have any questions just ask and i will be glad to answer them.
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    My transformers costume

    Really didn't use to much vinyl except for the chrome on the bumper the grill and th esmoke stack's, let me know what you think, oh by the way I got first place at my work holloween party and won $3000!!! oh ya and it really transforms too, and had working headlights, and a real windshield!