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  1. dill


    Anyone have the flintstones car in eps?? Thanks in adnance
  2. dill

    Free 3M Sample rolls

  3. After trying Flexi, I think Sign Balzer is the way to go and would oneday like to upgrade from elements. Any information on if somebody will rerelease it ?
  4. dill

    installation help

    I installed flexi, appearently it did install, and I cant find any icon file or anything to open ? Anyone know whats going on? I have vista operating systenm and the pcut cutter. Don Thanks in advance!
  5. dill

    playing around with the graphtec

    Nice job. What cutter speed and vinyl?
  6. Anyone ever use this to make screens for screenprinting? Is it possible or diificult to do two colors with this method? Any other products work better? :'( Thanks in advance!
  7. dill

    what vinyl to buy to start out

    Try Fellers.com. I stated out using shinerite and am satisfied with ot. If they don't have a warehouse near you they have free shipping on orders over $75.
  8. I have installed some other fonts on my computor. i cas see then in my fonts folder along with the fonts signblazer will load> the icons for the fonts that will load have an "o" the ones that won"t have "TT" All of the fonts will load with microsoft works> any suggestions?
  9. dill

    Gel Dome Decals Anyone?

    I have a book with a chapter on doming and it mentions a company called Chemque iRexdale Ontrio. I have not looked them up though. Don
  10. Had a problem with sign blazer se. I imported a graphic which was two colors (black and white) and weldeed all to make it black. When I type my text, it prints in white. I cant't see it against a white backround When I change the color by clicking the colors at the bottom, iit changes the text thats already typed but does not change the color of what abouts to be typed. How do I change the color?
  11. dill

    weeding tool set

    I use a gap brand weeging tool I got from fellers. It's an exacto handle with interchangable blade or pick. I got tired of switching the two so for a couple of bucks, I bought an exato knife and keep both in the plastic tube the weeding tool came in. I also have a pair of tweezers nearby for picking up very small bits of vinyl that stick to the grapic.
  12. dill

    wavy text line

    Use distortion, the icon with the arch, grab the top node and drag upward. Don :snow:
  13. dill

    Cursive Fonts Not Cutting Properly

    I had the same problem. Try selecting the text, then arrange, then weld and then weld all. Don :snow:
  14. dill

    signblazer se crashed

    I was in the middle of cutting a banner, before iit finished, the computor screen turned pale and the computor froze up. When I restarted it I could not start signblazer. I get an error mesage cannot start signblazerexe error code = 5. Please help Thanks in advance Don
  15. I think I answered my own question. I was using aq shadow before and I believe the extra cut lines are to help line it up. There are no extra lines in border. Thanks. :thanks: