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  1. Well on a good note I would like to apologize if I sounded like I was lashing out but this was very frustrating! I have tried everything on the threads and they did not work. I finally got a copy of flexi 8 and was able to cut very large and detailed graphics with so far no problems. the thing that is funny is that I noticed that in signblazer elements that when it was sending to the cutter and cutting that is where it would lock up(in the progress bar) then the cutter would stop! In my opinion since the software change I am going with the problem is a software issue. Now on another note it would still be US Cutter's problem with supplying this software into the cutter package. Maybe look into this. Thanks everone for any replies to figuing out this problem!
  2. Thanks for the promt attention Ken. I am going to try using Flexi Sign and see if it still does it with new software. I will keep you posted. thank you! Lou
  3. I have had the locking up issue now along with everyone else on this forum who purchased the cutter and would like to know how I go about getting this replaced. I purchased it less than a year ago and it is still under warranty. This is a costly malfunction and it needs to be resolved. How and when can I replace this with a new one. I am lossing $$$ on every job! Please advise with something related to this topic and not one of the million other things I have tried along with others with the same issue and they did not work. Thanks! Lou Roberto
  4. Ken, with all do respect I find it hard to belive that you want me to purchase another computer to run this machine after I already spent 400 + on this cutter. I am a business owner and if I told one of my customers that they would never use my services again. This is not an issue with our computers. I have been in the design feild for 13 years and never heard of such a thing. The problem is the machine. I have a top of the line computer for design and have NEVER had an issue like this before. I can not even cut a 18 x 24 inch sign out for christ sake. This machine is faulty and I would like to get it replaced. It is not even a year old and is still under the warranty so how do I go about sending it back and getting a new one? This seems to be a very bad situation. I hope we can get it resolved
  5. Well, I spent the weekend trying ways to clear this up. I was able to successfully cut this piece by piece. Meaning each line of text I cut seperately. I still think I should be able to cut this all at once. It did freeze up 1 time in this process but at least I got the signs complete. Hope we can all work together to help US Cutter or Sign Blazer clear this up! Thank again Lou
  6. I am in the same boat over here. My call is the manufacturer has a problem with the machines. Too many people having the same problem. Everyone is trying the same thing and getting the same results. Nothing is working. Hope that you bring us some good news real soon on this issue. until then i guess we just keep pickin at it huh!
  7. Thank you too all. The cutter has worked fine in the past. I have many successfull jobs so far. Here is the file I am trying to cut. My settings in blazer are. Baud 9600, data bits 8 stop bits 1, flow control- I have tried both settings. These settings were exact in the device manager also. I have tried 3 new usb cables and a fresh install of both the software for blazer and also the usb drivers. The only thing that I can see that is different is the size. I tried cutting an 18 x 24 inch from another graphic and it worked fine. Then I tried to break this design into sections but it was still freezing more often than not. I also downloaded the updated version of the blazer software. I have cut some other designs since this afternoon when this started but it is dominantly freezing with this one in particular. I have tried everything that is stated on evry post here like I said, nothing seems to work. I even tried recreating the whole file and it still does it. I am stumped on this one and it is driving me crazy!I guess because I am on a deadline job and can not seem to get this sucker to cut right! Yes I was ranting in my first post but that was hours of aggrevation with no good results. I am at a complete stand still here ! matt_proud.SBD matt_proud.SBD
  8. Hello, I am having a mother !@#$%&! lock up problem with my creation pcut. I searched high and low here and over at sign blazer forums but can not seem to find an aswer to solve this !@#$@#! problem. I have wasted almost 10 yards of vinyl trying to get this peice of !@#$ to work correctly. I have adjusted my settings, I have tried new usb cables, I have tried Hardware, xon x off everything that is here and on the sign blazer forums. I have downloaded the supposedly fix for sign blazer elements and did nothing but waste 7 hours with this crap! Sign Blazer says its hardware, US Cutter says its software! Does anyone have a fix for this. I have a big job to get done and have wasted too much time and now $$ with no success in getting my Issue resolved. The cutter will start cutting and just decide to freeze up. So far in 7 different location on the same or even diffent graphics. I have tried new files, I am running windows xp with over 2 gigs of ram and nothing!!!!!!!!!!! The cutter seems to do exactly what everyone elses' cutter from here that I read about is doing. This problem is all over this forum and sign blazer forum. What is the deal. Can someone please give me some advice that has not already been given because I tried everthing that is on here with nothing worked. What the !@#$ PLEASE HELP ME GET THIS RIGHT!! Thanks
  9. I took this photo from a shirt and can not seem to get it vectoized with sign blazer elements. Is the picture not good enough. Thanks for any help! Lou
  10. Where can I get these pinch rollers and how do I install them to my cutter? Thanks for any help on this! Lou
  11. louroberto

    Sign Blanks

    Cool thanks for the help. I also found this place... http://www.beacongraphics.com/ cheap and seem to have good customer service over the phone. Will keep posted when the blanks arrive as far as quality goes! Thanks again! Lou
  12. louroberto

    Sign Blanks

    Anyone know of a supplier who sells 18 x 24 metal sign blanks in white? Thanks. The need to be metal!
  13. louroberto


    Hey malachiind, Thank you sooo much! How did you get it to vectorize like that. What program did you use? Thanks a million!
  14. louroberto

    Need Help!!!

    I was able to get this to work but I think the font in the accept is a little off. Maybe you can still use this? Good Luck. ps. I was able to cut it in sign blazer MARIAH.eps MARIAH.eps
  15. louroberto


    I am trying to vectorize this with AI CS3 Live Trace but I am not having any luck. I know the image is crap but maybe somehere would have better luck! Thanks in advance! Lou