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  1. shoopc1

    Vinyl Express R series

    Thanks! I did actually find a tutorial and did adjust the blade and it's MUCH better- however, now that it's cutting correctly the vinyl is shifting and ends up cutting the last part of it off of the vinyl. The roller bars are locked down in place- I am using 15 inch vinyl (the color I'm using, I can only get locally in 15 inch)- thinking that has something to do with it- but Sign Warehouse assured me that this cutter would do fine with 15 inch vinyl.... Is there a trick to make it not slide around and shift out of place?
  2. Having issues with my R series from Vinyl Express. I have been using a smaller craft type cutter but my business has grown and now need a real one. I purchased the R series from Vinyl Express and haven't used it very much. I am now working on a large sign order and I cannot get the pressure right. It either doesn't cut all the way through, or it chews the vinyl up and drags it. I am about at my limit of frustration and cannot keep wasting the vinyl on test cuts. Is there a way to set the pressure other than by 10's? 120 doesn't cut it clean and 130 is too much and destroys the vinyl. HELP!