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  1. Hi , I can do T shirt Vinyl - and sign vinyl, but if i want to do wall decals which type of vinyl should i use??? Thank you in advance
  2. h2ylm

    Cheerleader Horn

    let me know if you need any more - i have some, but if you google cheerhorn silouette - you'l get it . Hope that helps
  3. Thank you for all your replys Hayley
  4. Hi Just wondering if anyone had any preference of UK suppliers (preferably Scotland ) for T shirts and Vinyl?? Thank you in advance
  5. h2ylm

    Need desperate Help with Image

    Glad you got there in the end !!! i had to do that with Castope - think it needs done again !!! These pletters are great fun when they work eh..... Good Luck
  6. h2ylm

    Need desperate Help with Image

    hi i get that problem all the time - but now i've learned how to node edit - its a time consuming fix, what sostware are you using to convert the image to vector? - you should find node editing on that programe, also in the past i have scanned in a printed image to solve the problem, hope that helps hayley
  7. h2ylm

    help - white marks on black vinyl

    Hi thanks for your reply's i will try and post a picture - it looks like little scratch marks, but i think it is the wax from the grease proof paper? it's definately hot flex vinyl, i just don't have a heat press - so use my iron, Thanks again for your help
  8. h2ylm

    help - white marks on black vinyl

    hi can anyone tell me how to remove white marks from black vinyl?? i dont have a heat press and use my iron and grease proof paper, i don;t know if i leaned too hard,but now black vinyl is showing a couple of white spots - how can i get it off - i washed the shirt but it didn't come off!!! please help if you can Thank you in advance
  9. h2ylm

    cutable swirls ????

    hi does anyone have a cutable swirl, i made some tonight in inskape, but when you peel it - its rubbish, my 9 yeat old is desperate for a hoody and we need cutable swirls id be grateful if anyone could send me one thank you in advance hayley
  10. A great big thank you - It Worked !!!! Thanks again
  11. hi Thank you but when i open it as eps in castope lite - i get a blank square - no picture?? not sure whats wrong
  12. hi, sorry, i seem to be 1 step forward 2 steps back, i've learned loads since you guys last helped me - but im stuck on this and getting no where, when i trace it to vectorise - the head and rings go square - can anyone vectorise this and keep the gymnasts shape please. Thank you in advance P/S if you can do it - please let me know how you managed it, i don't always want to be a burden!! Hayley
  13. h2ylm

    what font is this and were can i get it lol

    Hi, I would try editing that in paint - if you only want the word, but here's a good site for fonts, based on all types of hand writing, you'l probably get something close. http://www.kevinandamanda.com/fonts/ i got some great ones on there - and they are free - and they have an idiots guide to install them (believe me - i need idiots guides for everything lol) Anyway hope that helps. Hayley
  14. h2ylm

    can anyone clean this for vector?

    thank you i will give it a go Thanks again