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  1. AshComputers

    Wow! Big Improvement!

    Yes, I notice the not being able to use emojis!!! Hehe! Since I use quite a lot of them because of my bubbly personality! Hehe Rodgers around Barely... he still text me every now and then when the misses kicks him out in the doghouse!!! I told him to get back on here! I've been SUPER busy with everything! Princess is 10 now and she keeps me VERY busy! Lol
  2. Because Slice, some of us are years old hehe! The tip sucked BTW! ;-)
  3. AshComputers

    Wow! Big Improvement!

    Well, you know...... WOMEN! ahhhh always been my weakness! Hehe
  4. AshComputers

    Wow! Big Improvement!

    Doing great man! Thanks! Hope your well also!
  5. AshComputers

    Wow! Big Improvement!

    Well, this looks like a big improvement around here lol! What's going on guy's? Everyone still alive and kicking?
  6. Yeah, Ken's on my FB. He's a really great guy! Never a dull moment around him that's for sure lol hope you guys are doing good!
  7. AshComputers

    Need a Yeti Rambler Mug

    He's wanting the 20 or 30 oz. .... How much for the 10 oz.?
  8. AshComputers

    Need a Yeti Rambler Mug

    Have a friend that wants one for Christmas and was hoping some of you guys would have one in hand. Thanks anyhow guys
  9. Any of you guys have any of these? Thanks guys !
  10. Need some t-shirt screen printed for one of my customers guys
  11. AshComputers

    Photoshop anyone?

    Hehe.... It's all about freedom man!!! It's all about our freedoms!!! Thanks a million man! You da man
  12. AshComputers

    Photoshop anyone?

    The guys LOVE it Skare... Thanks a million!
  13. AshComputers

    Photoshop anyone?

    You guys are the damn best!!!!!! Remind me of you ever need anything guys!!! I for one am in tears over this!!! Someone call 911!!! I need some damn oxygen!!! Bbbuuhhahaha
  14. AshComputers

    Photoshop anyone?

    Oh yeah! My thoughts exactly!
  15. AshComputers

    Photoshop anyone?

    Can anyone photoshop the rebel battle flag into this pic? Instead of the American flag... I can, just not at the present time. Thanks guys!!!