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  1. I have tried to get a nice and clean vector of this logo, I have a customer needing 2 car magnets. Can any of the masters help me out? Any help would be appreciated! Thanks!
  2. Zal

    Latest tshirt: THANK YOU STORMY!

    Nice job Joe, you da man! Redcat makes some pretty decent inexpensive cars btw.
  3. Zal

    identify this font please

  4. Zal

    can someone help me ID this?

    it's a secret
  5. Zal

    Word of the day

    garbage that you boil or the enunciation of "gargoyle" by a lil kid
  6. Zal

    Got engaged yesterday...

    Lots of sunshine , lots of wealth Many children and to your health ! Corngrits Firemalt!
  7. Zal

    My new hobby!

    Joe! Are you sure you dont have your own paparazzi?? You have photos of yourself doing just about everything!
  8. Zal

    Just something ive been playin with

    Sweet shot, it looks like something out of a horror movie, very spooky
  9. Zal

    Saltwater Aquariums

    Gorgeous tank, I have always wanted a salt water set up. Is it a lot more work than the fresh water tanks?
  10. Zal

    Funny Video

    I am digging the kids hair, I want a doo like that.
  11. Zal

    OMG Gas prices are outrageous!!!

    Filled up yesterday @ $4.10 a gallon premium, reg unleaded was $3.90- Central Illinois
  12. Check out the pic, i know it is kind of hard to see it has xfer tape over it. It is the "JDC" font I am after.
  13. Zal

    Halp! What font is this??

  14. Zal

    Halp! What font is this??

    Thanks ! It is balloon! Does anyone have it?