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  1. KrunkuliticusIII

    any idea about stencils

    maybe rubylith
  2. wondering about beyone vinyl, what can i buy that makes a nice stencil material either even flexible to cling on things or not so flimsy. Any ideas anyone?
  3. double check ur baud and com settings, make sure they match. otherwise in ur cutting software it will looks as though its cutting but the cutter will just show online with no action.
  4. have simple text i'm cutting out and just like five lines for a magnetic strip for my buddy's car. I've seen this before too, i'll tell it to cut and it will do like half the job and then go to waiting and nothing but a waste for good vinyl. I'd really hate to break it up and cut line by line ugh. i increased the baud rate on both pc and cutter and again it does cut but just stops and goes to waiting. The blade carriage is not on any of the red buttons and i've had this happen before on a job that couldnt be split up. Any further suggestions??? its really getting to me
  5. if anything hits the red button the job will stop, infact i am having the same waiting issue and your post about the red button just reminded me to check that hahahaha. Also are your setting the cutters begining point by taking it offline first?
  6. KrunkuliticusIII

    Quality of your cuts?

    i had the same problem and so i played with the blade offset value in my cutter software (signblazer). So far then only way i know what to put there is by the blade, on the case it come in will say the blades offset value, mine is .25
  7. KrunkuliticusIII

    MH 721 not aligment issue PIC

    EXCELLENT! will check it as soon as i'm with my cutter, she's kinda jealous that i'll be with my girlfriend tonight though haha
  8. KrunkuliticusIII

    MH 721 not aligment issue PIC

    i have the same issue but i use sign blazer, and it happends only when i have a important job that requires saving vinyl of course. Just wondering where i can find those settings for SB
  9. KrunkuliticusIII

    not sure where to ask ?????

    inkscape rocks for vector work, not to mention its free and does a really good trace if ur not into pen work.
  10. i'd say cut just 2-3 at a time, and weed em as ur awaiting the next batch.
  11. KrunkuliticusIII

    vinyl sticking to backing and not shirt

    i think i might have it, i was told a cold peel is like letting it sit for 5-10minutes, i really would peel like right after it sat long enough to where it wont burn my had prob like 2-3 minutes or something. so something else to try also. oh yeah 350c is liek 600+ f which explains why the myalr melted into the tee, forgot to say that in the last post. By that my press temp is more than likely accurate but still wondeing about the distribution ok enough posts, i grounded myself until friday so i'll post again with heaven or hell haha
  12. KrunkuliticusIII

    vinyl sticking to backing and not shirt

    yes i was thinking about that too, but i have had good projects too. Will try a temp test on it anyways though.
  13. KrunkuliticusIII

    vinyl sticking to backing and not shirt

    thanks for your tips, still having some issues though. really close to giving up this line of work due to all the kinks. i'm working very hard and it wouldnt be so bad if something didnt fail every time i attempt this hahah my fans wont let me quit though. btw i'm emailing that company to see what they gotta say too. anyways yes i got two tees done, it kept doing the same crap so i had to manually peel each letter off the mylar with my weeding tool and low tack tape to keep the curls in check then press. Really it souldnt be this difficult grrrrrrrrrrrrrr, the last one did the same and yes i did take ur advice on the pre press. Tried press it for a shorter time like 17 seconds, no change, 30 seconds no changes. hahah then though well maybe my press is really farenheit not celsis like the tag warned. yea, melted the mylar into the tee. I do have extras but after that one i had to quit for tha night and wont even touch it until friday. Hope i can find that i'm doing something wrong of if its just the vinyl. Thanks Again!
  14. KrunkuliticusIII

    vinyl sticking to backing and not shirt

    yes prepressing for like 20 seconds but it takes me so long to center my desighns with the tee square it may not make any difference
  15. KrunkuliticusIII

    vinyl sticking to backing and not shirt

    yes i am. even wiping it with a cloth to cool it faster, how long should i wait before peeling mylar for cold peel?