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  1. I am curious. If I paid for it on Friday the 22nd and it is being shipped to NC, how long should it take. I hope I don't sound impatient, I am just curious because it's the holiday season and I know mail is slower this time of year, that's all. Thanks in advance.
  2. mrkaine

    I need Signcut Help

    Greetings Gang, I have installed Signcut on my computer. The problem I am having is how the letters are being cut out, it may be a simple problem but it is a problem I am dealing with. What happens, is when I go to cut out what I want to cut out, I click the preview button and the preview shows the top portion of the design cut off and the lower portion is there, then the top portion is placed on the side of the bottom portion. So first the cutter cuts the lower portion and then to upper portion. I need to have it so it doesn't split the design and cut it out as a whole. Another issue I am having, which again may be a simple issue, is that I do not know how to make the cutter cut across the vinly as opposed to cutting down the vinyl. It goes down the roll of vinyl instead of going across. Can anyone help?
  3. I have put it together, the stand all. I have not put the blades on, I only placed it in the stand after assembling the stand. What I am needing from you guys is help in putting the blades in. I looked at it and I don't really like the instructions that came with it. Could anyone help me with the blades? I loaded the trial signcut but I am going to need help with, I am new to this and vinyl cutters period. Thanks guys. I am learning alot from you all.
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    I need Signcut Help

    hey, did u ever do the presentation on using vinyl for screen printing.
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    I need Signcut Help

    much obliged, will try this. thanks.
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    I need Signcut Help

  7. I found one on e-bay but it teachs techniques for applying the vinyl on surfaces, which is good. I am more interested in the actual machine. I will keep searching and give a heads up if I do find something.
  8. Greetings Guys, I am wondering if there are any training videos available for using cutters? I am interested in videos that show how to setup and actually use the cutter itself and videos on vinyl and how to apply it. Any one know where I can get that? Thanks. Kaine
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    since us cutters are so similar to rolands and graphtecs, i am thinking it is possible. i am interested in getting an engraving kit myself because i think it would be very beneficial. i am waiting on someone to try it as well to see if it is possible and to see if there are any drawbacks to the machine.
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    Cutting heat transfer paper.

    honestly, i don't think that is possible with any of these cutters. the cutter will need an optical eye to trace the design, as it stands now, they just carve out the design sent from the computer. with heat transfers, all you would have is the paper being cut out in the shape of the design but it will be blank, just an outline of your design. you need one with an optical eye, you are looking at roland and graphtec and a minimum of about $1500.
  11. The vinyl just may be your problem. Did you read the review from It suggested throwing the vinyl that came with it away, so that may be your issue. has a review of it but it is the ONLY review I could find on there, no reviews of any other machines, that I could find.
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    How long are these units supposed to last? With normal use, how long can I expect this unit to still be in good use?
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    how & where do i get a 4gb upgrade ?

    can u explain the purpose of an upgrade, like how would one benefit from an upgrade. also, am i limited with what is currently on the machine? as you may guess, i am new to this.
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    I heard about a discount for members

    what site?
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    Greetings people. I recently obtained a MH721 off e-bay. I searched the cutter brand and found this website. I know nothing about cutters personally, after I came across one and looked them up, I see that it can be beneficial to my company. I currently own a t-shirt shop and I want to branch out into making personal jerseys and using vinyl on t-shirts as well. As I stated I am new to cutters and their other potentials, I would like to learn from our members as many possible avenues as possible so that after I become familiar with the cutter I can look at other opportunities for growth. Thanks for any advice.