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  1. inksane

    Project Blackflag

    looks killer! what font is that you used for the fx4 blackout? I like the look.
  2. inksane


    Looks real good, I agree scrap the vectorized text and retype.
  3. inksane

    First few cuts with the MH871

    looks good! I bet you had a fun time weeding those!
  4. inksane

    Using reflective vinyl for the first time

    I love the reflective look. I have never used it myself, hopefully someday I'll have someone want some so I can have a go with it.
  5. inksane

    fridays project

    I need to make myself a vinyl rack, currently all my rolls just sit in a box on the floor. I really need to do something better.
  6. inksane

    three color face palm

    forgot to put this in my other post, but you could get by with a 2 color decal and just use the black of the window for the black section. Would be a lot easier to see out the window.
  7. inksane

    Anyway i can do this text effect in Flexi?

    Do you have a picture before you started to remove it? You could just trace it and be done pretty quickly
  8. inksane

    I do more wraps than decals.

    Did you print that digital camo or is that just a bunch of tiny pieces of vinyl?
  9. inksane

    three color face palm

    looks good!
  10. Awesome job, I have never tried etching before, Now after seeing your work it makes me want to try it out. Maybe someday when I am not so busy Ill give it a go.
  11. i just sent a test cut fine from flexi when you go into production manager and then right click on the cutter and go to test cut. but when I try to send my own test cut of anything the cutter reboots. Update. I just installed Sign Blazer (i now remember why i switched to flexi lol) but It is cutting fine from sign blazer just not flexi. Im going to throw my computer across the room if i am stuck using signblazer. it is sooooooo outdated.
  12. I have a Pcut ct630 and it has been working awesome for years with no issues, well today I went to cut something and when i hit the cut button the cutter just rebooted itself and did nothing. this is on a win7 computer running flexi 10.0.1. Like I said I have used this setup 1000's of times with no problems till today. I do have an old crappy xp laptop and I sent a cut from that and it worked just fine so I know the cutter is fine. I need to get this working on my good computer again becasue that other one is about to die and is super slow. The cutter is hooked up via USB (there is no serial port on my cutter)
  13. inksane

    Mud Truck

    That looks bad ass!!
  14. inksane

    power supply

    what was your cutter doing that it needed a power supply? My unit just stopped turning on today, so i ordered a new powersupply, and i was curious what your machine was doing. Kyle
  15. My power supply just crapped out on me today so i ordered a replacement should be here in a few days, i just wanted to know if anyone could tell me how to replace it. i have never opened the unit up. Thanks, Kyle