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  1. Need help vectorizing

    Thanks Skeeter.... I wasn’t aware they were copyrighted!
  2. Need help vectorizing

    Unfortunately I’m running out of time to do it myself (too many things going at the moment) that’s why I’m reaching out
  3. Need help vectorizing

    Hey Guys/Gals .... looking for some help on vectorizing the individual signs on these 2 files. Please let me know Willing to pay Thanks
  4. Coreldraw 2017

    Thanks for the response dcbevins There are definitely cut lines in the file as I have tried with success if I use the same file imported into Graphtec Studio and cut from there. The cut program I was trying to use is the print to cutter work around in Corel Draw. As there is no cut master that will work yet for 2017.
  5. Coreldraw 2017

    Hey Guys/Gals After a long hiatus I am back to cutting some vinyl. Recently purchased CorelDraw 2017 and .... you guessed it I am having some issues. If i design in software and send to plotter (Graphtec CE6000-60) it will cut with no issues. But if I import in this case a photo logo (bitmap) and do a quicktrace then send to plotter nothing happens. Any idea? please chime in, thanks Tomas
  6. Need help with this will to pay

    Yes the people here have always been good n helpful. From day one!
  7. Need help with this will to pay

    Thank You so MUCH
  8. Need help with this will to pay

    Send me your info.... Thanks
  9. Need help with this will to pay

    perfect on thicker2.......thank you
  10. Need help with this will to pay

    Could you thicken up the lines just a wee bit......then its perfect. My email address is send me your paypal info Thanks
  11. Need help with this will to pay

    thanks E L .....but I need it with less detail and smoother.....when I traced it came out choppy and grainy as well. Doesn't look clean when I did cut.
  12. Need help with this will to pay

    Just checking....stand buy...need to get in front of my computer.
  13. Hey Guys/Gals I need the hexacopter/drone traced in a clean cuttable vector, preference in a Corel format. Will pay! Just need your paypal address. As close to the image as possible but yet easy to weed. Hope I am not asking for too much
  14. Hi all

    Hello from CANADA. ....your in the right place if you want to learn and have some fun. Members on this forum are always willing to help.
  15. keep calm

    Thanks BCO....appreciate it.