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  1. Just ordered the one from UK. Now that I ordered one from overseas, I am sure USC will get them back in stock today
  2. Actually, now that I compare the two. This is exactly what I need. Don't know if I want to pay all the extra and wait. Will check it out.
  3. Its 240V. Don't think we want that.
  4. What is shorting out on it? Does the power stay on consistantly or is that what is shorting out.
  5. not the same. thanks tho.
  6. It's this
  7. The actual power supply board inside the unit.
  8. Everyone is out of stock and I need a power supply for my 630. Does anyone have a spare or know where to get one. Thanks Matt
  9. I just added a photo to the thread. Thought I attached it on first post, but I guess I missed a button.


  10. interested in your shirt lot. just want to make sure that not all the shirts are like small or xsmall size or all white? I can use these for promotional items and with the cost of shirts now a days this is a good deal. Let me know. Thanks Ruben

  11. MattS

    Whats with all these oval stickers

    Just turn the stroke off all together.
  12. MattS

    Whats with all these oval stickers

    It looks like you have outline around all your ovals. They are small outlines and the cutter wants to cut on both sides of that outline which looks like the same line. I think I got it fixed. try this one out. wwjd.svg wwjd.svg
  13. Was wondering if there will any issues with applying heat vinyl on the back of a shirt that has been screen printed. Printed on front, heat on the back. Matt
  14. MattS

    Whats with all these oval stickers

    Here is one that was posted earlier in this thread by outbreak. you can make them easy enough. I just do a 3x5 oval with an outline and whatever graphic inside. Many people make different sizes.
  15. MattS

    Facebook hand?

    what are you doing with this? cutting??