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  1. double_down

    12 inch cutter ?'s

    Here is a sample I just cut. This is on a scrap of Oracal 341, and a 45 degree blade. With a little patience (and better vinyl and maybe a 60 degree blade), I think it would work fine. I rushed through the weeding, so it lifted some of the letters, but I feel the detail is there. Hope that helps with the decision making process.
  2. double_down

    MH721, which cable?

    The Ebay link you provided for the straight through cable should work to extend the cable that came with your cutter. If I read your post correctly, you don't want to extend the cable you have, you want to use a single longer cable instead. The USCutter cable is a null serial cable, where pins 2 and 3 are "crossed" and pins 7 and 8 are "crossed". So if you want to have just one cable, you would need to get a null serial cable. I put a how-to posting regarding my experience with an Ebay null serial cable, and how to make your own.,32718.0.html Hope that helps.
  3. Like some of you, I found the null serial cable that was included with my cutter to be too short to position the cutter where I wanted to. I need a ~15 foot cable to put the cutter in an ideal spot. After finding either 6 foot or 25 foot cables on Ebay, I settled on a 25 foot cable and figured I would coil the extra up out of the way. The cable arrived in a timely manner, but upon testing it with my cutter, the cutter was unrecognized by SignBlazer. It was time to get out the multimeter and see what was going on. While we know that the cable included with the cutter is a null serial cable, apparently there was a difference between the null serial cable included, and my Ebay null serial cable. The included cable had pins 2 and 3 swapped (Transmit and Received data), as well as pins 7 and 8 swapped (Request and Clear to send). The Ebay cable only had pins 2 and 3 swapped. While technically a null serial cable, it was no help here. I decided to make my own cable and take a slightly different route. I chose to use DB9 to RJ45 modular connectors, so that any length straight through CAT5 cable could be used to complete the null serial cable. That way if I wanted to use the cutter in a different location, I would simply swap out the CAT5 cable to something shorter or longer and not have to remake the entire assembly. To build a similar setup, has everything required. Qty1 Modular connector DB9 Male
  4. Paco, Thanks for taking the time to put the "newbie manual" together. Over the last few days, with the help of your manual, I was able to go from having my cutter in the box to setting it up and cutting my first sticker. Your manual will be a useful reference that I plan to keep readily available. Best reagrds, Kyle
  5. double_down

    Greetings from So Cal

    I was gifted a vinyl cutter for Christmas from my girlfriend. I think she got tired of hearing me complain about the money I was spending on vinyl stickers for my various hobbies. I have been lurking around for a few days and have already learned a lot. Good people and good info. I will mostly be cutting stuff for myself, but the few friends that know I have this tool, have already asked me to do some dirtbike numbers for their kids and windshield banners. Not really looking to make a career out of this, just have fun with it on the side. For those of you wondering, I don't play poker for a living. My screen name comes from a desert racing term where hazards on the race course are marked with an arrow pointing down, and really bad hazards are marked with two arrows pointing down, or, a "double down". Thanks for having me.